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Pour Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Rum and Coca-Cola into a highball glass on the rocks. Mix until the coke fizzes at the top, and serve.

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The good stuff!!!

posted @ 06:37PM, 4/25/06

Its the way to go. Peace ...MooNDoG!!!
A classic

posted by iamrealhiphop @ 10:12AM, 6/03/06

You can't go wrong with this one.

posted by Grue Grimman @ 04:38AM, 7/13/06

Tastes just like Dr. Pepper!
Spend some time with the captain

posted by Newt08256 @ 04:02PM, 7/17/06

Don't forget the lime wedge! And diet Cola saves on calories...
H.P. Morgan

posted by Jack Sparrow @ 01:10AM, 7/24/06

I enjoy a good rum drink almost nightly, this is by far one of the simplest and most enjoyable rum drinks. Pepsi is a better mix, though coke works just fine.

posted by PS @ 01:39AM, 9/01/06

This is the best "classic" out there. I find if I'm drinking to get drunk, after a while I get "full". If you mix Captain and Sprite Zero it's good too....and bcz Spirte Zero has 0 cal's you don't get full as fast.
A+ Recipe

posted by TC @ 03:01PM, 9/30/06

This is the best ever! Try garnishing with lemon/lime (or add lemon/lime juice from concentrate).
Too weak.

posted by Cheese @ 01:25PM, 10/03/06

Bumping up the captains is the way to go, I do at least 1 part captains 2 coke, or 1 part of each.
Half & Half

posted by Captain Spiva @ 07:32PM, 10/18/06

4 oz Captain
4 oz Coke

That's how it's done.
Nothin better

posted by the captain himself @ 01:41AM, 10/22/06

I usually mix it to about 35%-40% captain. just go with what tastes good to you. If you mix it right, it shouldnt taste like coke. And it shouldn't taste like captain morgan. Just a perfect blend of liquid that is indescribable.
With Cherry

posted by Captain lover! @ 08:26AM, 12/22/06

Add a little grenadine for the perfect taste! Captain cherry coke!

posted by Dez @ 09:09AM, 1/09/07

Spiced Rum & Coke is better known as a 'Shipwreck' on the South Atlantic island of Ascension and St. Helena.
Just follow the directions for a little taste of Heaven

posted by Booze hound @ 01:33PM, 1/18/07

This is my #1 all time favorite drink. Generally, when I go to the bars they make it strong or weak and "high class" joints throw in a lime wedge. But every now and again I make this for myself at home just following the directions on the back of the Captain Morgan label and I am reminded how wonderful this drink is when it is made correctly. Nothing beats it.

"Captain lover!" above said it right. If done correctly, you cannot taste the Coke or the rum. It is a distinct flavor all its own.
Tastes great!!!!

posted by Captain Morgan from Detroit @ 10:00PM, 1/22/07

Captain and Coke is the best!!
I love it!!!

posted by Captain Merrill Stubing @ 10:05PM, 1/22/07

Rum and Coke is good.

Captain and Coke is awesome!
Party Starter

posted by captians parrot! @ 04:03PM, 1/31/07

Captain makes it happen!

posted by Bolans is my home @ 11:31PM, 2/03/07

Great drink to sit back shoot the shit and have a cigar or two.
3/4 rum and 1/4 coke

posted by nates68mustang @ 05:58PM, 2/04/07

I like my drinks tall and strong, so if you're at a party one of these drinks an hour is great!!!

posted by CaptainMARTiN @ 03:00PM, 2/12/07

Arrrrrgh I like this pirate drink! (:

posted by blob @ 01:22AM, 2/14/07

I don't get it, but my girlfriend says it tastes like vanilla extract smells. I tend to go with half and half and there really isn't another drink I like more.
Captain & his dog

posted by Jimbo-Cobourg @ 05:50PM, 3/02/07

If you like energy drinks then give this a try..
2 oz's of captain morgan spiced and then mix with red bull. You get feeling pretty good and don't get tired.

Best drink

posted by alex d. @ 02:43PM, 3/09/07

Best drink, nuff said
Low Cal

posted by Banana @ 05:41PM, 3/09/07

I like to mix mine 4 oz Captain and 4 oz diet Coke... low cal and yummy!

posted by chris @ 11:41AM, 3/20/07

Fill a pint glass 3/4 full...splash of coke..thats how i roll...750ML in a night is a good challenge. On guard.

posted by Captain Cherry @ 03:44PM, 3/20/07

I'm with you on the captain and cherry coke bro.. simply awsome mix!!

posted by The captain's left boot @ 03:13PM, 3/30/07

Delicious, I go with about 45% Captain though.
My absolute favorite!

posted by CaptCoke @ 11:14AM, 4/10/07

Yeah, you definitely have to do equal parts captain and coke. Otherwise it's too cokey. In my opinion, Pepsi is much too sweet for mixed drinks. You need the tang of coke to counterbalance the sweetness of the rum. Adding Lemon is key. I don't care for limes in it.
I like

posted by Joe the Moe @ 11:37AM, 5/18/07

Captain and Diet Pepsi Man... !!!!! If you mix this often, then every time you drink Diet Pepsi it tastes like it has Captain in it... Sweeeett!
Shippit Crucial

posted by Readzie @ 09:39PM, 5/25/07

This drink is teh nutties.
Nothing better

posted by Danny @ 03:44PM, 6/18/07

By far my drink of choice. It has to be made just right at the bar. More liquor the better, too much coke doesnt do this drink justice. Half Gallons. Thats how I roll.

posted by SaMaThA MaRiE <3 @ 04:03AM, 7/25/07

This is a pretty good drunk, one of the first times i got trashed was by drinking this haha. Oh yea & hey diet coke saves you from gut rot..i learned that one =)

posted by Tracy Lynn @ 08:05AM, 7/28/07

My favorite in the whole world.
Party essential

posted by david @ 12:08AM, 8/23/07

Captain and coke is the way to go, i usually fill a party cup with ice on teh bottom, captain on the ice then coke, it also helps to add a drop of vanilla extract, really does the trick.
Yes indeed

posted by big_ben @ 10:14PM, 9/09/07

Probably my favorite drink.
Are you a Morgan man

posted by AYOTTE @ 11:56AM, 10/15/07

This has to be one of the greatest drinks ever created not only because it tastes great, but also it doesn't matter how drunk you get it's an easy recipe to remember.

posted @ 04:34PM, 11/05/07

Yeah Captain Morgan + Coca Cola is a great one.
You could add a slice if lemon also.
It is great to enjoy this drink if you are in a nice tropical bar, by the sea.
Oh Captain You are my saviour

posted by screwthat10 @ 11:46PM, 11/11/07

Classy Drink Right Here. gotta love it, always one of my favourites. still hungover right now from it last night. crushed a 26oz and a bit of my emergency back up one i always have :). One might say this drink float my boat
Great Starter

posted by Michael @ 10:57AM, 11/21/07

Great drink to start the night with, but I use 2 ounces of rum and 6 of coke instead.
Try this if you like Root Beer

posted by John @ 10:13PM, 11/23/07

Believe it or not, Captain is really good with Mug Root Beer. I was bored a few nights ago and decided I'd experiment a little, and this is one of the little numbers I came up with. I have yet to try it with Tattoo, its great with spiced Captain.

posted by Alex @ 07:18PM, 11/27/07

That's the way to make it. Hail Captain Morgan!

posted by Alex @ 08:32PM, 11/27/07

The best way to have captain and coke. It's a unique taste unlike either straight rum or coke.
The only thing

posted by Stabs @ 02:57AM, 12/18/07

It's pretty much the only thing i drink.

posted by breial @ 09:30AM, 12/29/07

Shiver me the timbers matey!

posted by Jenny @ 05:06PM, 2/02/08

Coke Zero is way better for you and it tastes the same as regular coke.. for me I like my Cap N coke about half and half! :)

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