Walk Me Down (Sweet Jesus) recipe

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serve in
Hurricane Glass
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1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz triple sec
1/2 oz rum
1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz tequila
1 oz sweet and sour mix
1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
4 - 6 oz Sprite® soda

Shake ingredients (except Sprite) together in a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Add Sprite and stir. Strain into a hurricane glass over ice, and serve.

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posted by Anonimo @ 11:39PM, 10/10/06

I would probably write a really amazing comment about this drink... But I can't remember.... but I have a pretty good feeling I liked it a lot.
Walk me down, but not back up

posted by Chris @ 11:19PM, 11/20/06

This is one of the few drinks I've ever had that truly lives up to its name.
Walk me down = lay me down

posted by Matt @ 05:21PM, 12/24/06

This drink is like a long island ice tea, but more liquor.

After about 2-4 of these little babies you better be on the way to a bed, or be on the way to your car for someone to drive you cause you won't be awake much longer.
Same thing?

posted by Summer @ 02:06AM, 3/12/07

is this the same thing as a WALK ME HOME? cuz thats what they call it here and its pretty much the same thing..blue and amazingly good...
Oh, boy....

posted by Shelley @ 04:28PM, 4/17/07

My friend and I had these a long, long time ago when we were just out of high school. I don't remember much other than the fact that we had a real good time....lol
Walk me down

posted by JANAY @ 12:11AM, 5/01/07

THe name says it ALL.
Talladega nights party!

posted by midwest twang @ 08:22PM, 5/02/07

My friends and I call this the "baby jesus" when we have our Talladega nights themed fiesta's.
Walk Me DOWN fa real!!!

posted by you know me!!! @ 05:46PM, 5/03/07

I drink this all the time when I go to the Casino...I love it!! Gets me feeling good in no time!!!
Holy S*^T

posted by tashia @ 07:15AM, 5/09/07

This drink is the bomb, I cant remember if I took my birth control.
Kicks my ass

posted by ashley @ 10:00AM, 5/11/07

This thing kicks my ass every time I drink it. I love getting this drink because it only takes a few to get me hammered!
Memphis classic

posted by ed brown @ 12:48AM, 5/19/07

Memphis stand up. This drink is a Memphis classic .I watch this drink knock people on their ass. Peoplen who travel to Memphis try it and a drink that is called "Call me a Cab".
Walk me down.. not kidding

posted by emily @ 03:27PM, 5/28/07

This drink kicked my ass, I loved the color of it.
What happened?

posted by carmen @ 08:52PM, 7/12/07

This drink had me and a group of friends asking ourselves "what happened?" after only 2. Only drink this one at home.

posted by nessa @ 08:24PM, 7/21/07

I love walk me downs, it truely is a MEMPHIS DRINK!!! it walked me DOWN AND OUT!!!
Love at first Drink!!!

posted by sandy7479 @ 12:30PM, 8/16/07

This is probably the best drink out there! The first time I drank it I had 4 total. Let me tell ya it totally lives up to its name. If you want to go out, get drunk, and not spend alot of money this is deffinately the drink you want to buy!!!! AWSOME is all I can say!!!!!!

posted by Walk Me Down @ 12:23AM, 9/05/07

Love it, its pretty much the only thing I drink when I go out now, even though I wake up the next morning in strange situations, lol, like half naked on someones couch, or something like that, but thats the fun part right? Love it, the name says it all, there is nothing else to it!
More like kicks your ass... in a good way

posted by me @ 12:39AM, 9/15/07

This drink is the shit. i always get drunk as hell and have a really good time doing it.

posted by Finally legal BABY!!!! @ 10:46PM, 9/18/07

This drink should probably be called FUCK ME UP instead of WALK ME DOWN.. I loved it.. just turned the big "21" and had already had a vodka and redbull,and a vodka and cranberry and was a little buzzin (im a cheap drunk) and 1 a my girls bought me one and it tasted so good i slurped it down like koolaid.. so i got another one and i was GONE... W-A-S-T-E-D.. its quick and easy on the stomach to.. never threw up.. deff one of my favorites!!! AND the colors pretty.. but it turns ya tongue green.. lol
What happened??!!!

posted by Robert @ 11:47PM, 10/04/07

The heading says enough.
Who's got a handle on things?

posted by Straight instead. @ 01:17AM, 10/29/07

or you could just chug a bottle of tripple sec in a minute on the who's got a handle on things challenge. but yes I mixed this up after the handle challenge and I'm sure I would have been drunk if I wasn't already.

posted by Jessica @ 03:44PM, 11/09/07

The Fuck Me Up In A Cup...

Love it!
Walk me down!!

posted by Jane @ 12:16AM, 12/02/07

Whenever me and my friends go out this is what we mostly drink this is the best drink ever!!!! I'm sippin on one now!!
True Love

posted by SweetiePieFace @ 01:26AM, 12/29/07

When I go out this is all i drink now that i found the recipe for walk me downs me and my girls are goin to try some at home.
I can't remember

posted by Peppermint Patty @ 11:40PM, 12/30/07

The cool thing about this drink is that it tastes so good. The alchohol doesn' t hit you immediately. I had 4 of them back to back. Not my proudest moment.

Anyway, if you wanna get fucked up fast, this is awesome. Definitly one of my favorites :)

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.50 Caliber

Nutritional Information

(per 9 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

0 g
33.3 g
0.1 g


0.1 g
33 mg
31.2 g

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