Sex with an Alligator recipe

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Add sweet and sour & Midori to a shaker w/ice, shake and strain. Layer in razzberry liqueur and jager. Razzberry should go to the bottom and jager should float on top. Works best in Martini glass.

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Wow big but pretty

posted by nikki @ 09:58AM, 8/01/06

It's cool how this is layered all nice and all it comes in a martini glass and is layered brown yellow red. I tried this for the first time the other day and it was great but I couldnt even finish the shot all at once so the 2nd time around I had pure jager. It's very good though.

posted by Vicky B @ 11:36PM, 8/25/06

With the Melon mix, Malibu & pineapple--mix the sour..shake/chill, put into shot glasses...then layer the other liquors ;) Holy Yummy---ppl at my bar LOVE THEM.
Scratching head

posted by K. Warren @ 02:51PM, 9/02/06

Where does the Midori come into the drink. It's listed as an ingredient.
This is a different recipe

posted by Brett Henley @ 05:46PM, 9/19/06

This is what we called a masturbating butterfly...
Must try!!!

posted by Jeremy @ 04:30PM, 11/16/06

These taste like candy. Literally. Very easy to do several and then they hit you like a bomb. All of my friends that I've made try these are hooked. Very excellent!!
Great shot

posted by miss @ 09:48PM, 2/15/07

Best ever fo sho!
Best shot

posted by ADAM @ 12:07PM, 2/24/07

I just turned 21!!! First shot i had at the bar at 12:00AM.
Best ever

posted by Katie @ 03:36PM, 2/26/07

Best shot I've ever had! But you have to know how to layer it right or it will not taste the same! Love this shot!!!
The Itch is Gone

posted by S Murphy @ 04:30PM, 2/27/07

It's what you mix with the sweet and sour in the shaker.

posted by Gary Henderson @ 04:05PM, 3/07/07

I've had sex with many alligators and this is sure as hell better ;]
Skipped the Midori

posted by Sarkar @ 01:05AM, 3/31/07

I skipped the midori. Its fucking smoothe. I mean like good jazz smoothe.
Scratching head

posted by Len Estrada @ 04:10PM, 4/06/07

Mix the Midori and sweet n sour together. (shake and strain)
Scratching head response

posted by Brandi @ 01:12PM, 4/10/07

You put the midori and sour mix together shake and then strain...pour in the chambord and then float the jager

posted by Sex is cool @ 02:26PM, 6/01/07

Wow - you have never had an orgasm till you have had sex with an alligator!
Change it a bit

posted by swaf @ 12:47PM, 6/22/07

Try Chambord, Midori, and Jager it will taste like a Jolly Rancher.

posted by Mandybluegator @ 08:46PM, 7/17/07

I'm not a shot kinda girl--yet! This was the first layer shot I tried making at home and it was very good.
Not Bad

posted by zach @ 01:09PM, 10/26/07

My boss made this for me last night, especially good when the jeager and melon hit your lips at the same time!!
Couple of Q's

posted by markusdt @ 07:48AM, 12/28/07

1. Are the Midori and Sweet&Sour mixed in equal amounts?

2. I've seen this one in bars, and the layers are very distinct. When I made this at home, the layers are very fuzzy... What am I probably doing wrong? All of the ingredients were cold when I made it. I poured the raspberry and the jaeger along the side of the glass.

The most complex drink I've ever made before this was a rum and coke, so, if there is a trick to this, I'd appreciate it!
Couple of Q's

posted by markusdt @ 10:10PM, 12/29/07

I've got a couple of Questions:

1. When I've seen this drink in bars, it has three very distinct layers. My layers were very fuzzy-edged. Is there a trick to "layering" the raspberry and jaeger?

2. Are the midori and sweet & sour mixed in equal amounts?

The most complicated drink I've made before this is a rum and coke, so any assistance would be appreciated!

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