Flaming Dr. Pepper recipe

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1. Fill a shot glass about 3/4 full with amaretto and top it off with enough 151 proof rum to be able to burn.

2. Place the shot glass in another glass and fill the outer glass with beer (right up to the level of the shot glass).

3. Ignite the amaretto/151 and let it burn for a while. Blow it out (or leave it burning if you're brave - not recommended) and slam it. Tastes just like Dr. Pepper.

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Tastes great

posted by Showstopper @ 01:04AM, 5/11/06

I had this one at a friends birthday. Best $6 I ever spent. The bartender got in my face and told me to chug it.
Use Yeungling Lager

posted by Diskurzion @ 11:23PM, 5/16/06

I've had several varieties of this drink, but the ones made with Yeungling were the best.
Down south

posted by b @ 02:40AM, 5/28/06

At the local bar, we get them with budweiser, amaretto and 190. They light the shots then drop them in a full mug, and you chug it.
Tastes like it sounds

posted by Cory T. @ 10:49PM, 5/28/06

I had this drink at a bar my friend (joey Mirable, great musician) was playin a gig at and they did a full shot of amaretto, bud light (almost a full bottle, also had one with miller lite) and 1800 tequilla and I dropped it into the drink to put out the flame. Great tasting, goes down smooth, and doesn't get you drunk easily.
Best shot!

posted by NightBoy in San Diego @ 11:18PM, 5/30/06

If you make this for other people, tell them they have to shoot it or it will not taste the same. Also, if serving to other people in your home, be sure not to allow them to dribble any of the 151 after you light it as it can cause damage you cannot see until it is too late. Had the tequila version in Mexico, didn't like it.
Oh yes! Great drink

posted by casey @ 03:26PM, 6/07/06

I love this drink. I had it at a bar one night, it really does taste just like Dr. Pepper. You have to drink it really fast!
I loved it!

posted by Adrian @ 12:02AM, 6/08/06

I had this drink several times back home in WV. Tried to get it in TX but it wasnt the same if it wasn't flaming! Go for it, its great.
Good stuff

posted by chase @ 12:28PM, 6/17/06

Tastes great... just dont leave the amaretto lying around.

posted by bernard @ 10:01PM, 6/18/06

Had this for the first time in the army and been loving it ever since. Ooooooooohhhh Yeeeeeaaahhhhhhh!
Almost Better

posted by Ernesto @ 11:39AM, 7/10/06

I had this one Modesto, CA for my birthday and it was soooo good that it has been years later and I still remember that drink and my fabulous night as well.
Light, Drop, Chug.

posted by Mark @ 10:08AM, 7/16/06

Heed Casey's advice, 151 will strip the varnish off of your friend's parent's table and when they come home from a two month vacation and find their heirloom kitchen table destroyed they will ban future parties and, likely, ground your friend for somewhere in the vicinity of three to six decades.

posted by avix @ 09:16AM, 7/23/06

In Houston Texas they've outlawed the Flaming Dr Pepper... they outlawed shots of 151 altogether! I was so mad... was my favorite drink. I got rid of the amaretto... full shot of 151, drop it in Bud light and the whole glass lights on fire! Guess you can call it a Texas Dr. Pepper... so good it's outlawed there. I believe because drunks were setting bars on fire...
Seriously, do it right

posted by mattjew @ 09:57PM, 7/28/06

To be a true flaming dp you have to serve it a little better.

Fill the shot glass with above state drink. Fill a pint glass halfway with beer of choise.
Set the beer filled glass on the counter, set an empty glass of the same size next to it. (Make sure it is touching.)
Set the shotglass balanced on the rim of both glasses.
Fill a bottle cap with a small amount of 151. Drizle 151 across the glasses and the shotglass.
Take a swig of 151, dip your fingers into the bottle cap, light fingers, blow 151 from mouth across fingers aiming at glasses, whole thing erupts in flame. Slam beer glass into the empty, the shot falls in, drinker slams drink.

Flaming dp is all about the show. That is how they serve it at the shots bar in Austin Texas. It rules!

posted by JoAnn @ 11:00PM, 7/29/06

Had 6 of them on night in a bar in Ft.Worth Texas best drinks I ever had!!!!!
Texas Best

posted by Texas Girl @ 11:48AM, 8/07/06

We fill the glass half full with Lonestar Light and then fill the shot glass with 3/4 amaretto and 1/4 151 and light it on fire. When you drop it in the beer, it extinguishes the flame and makes it fizz up. It is best if you chug quickly, but be careful not to crack your teeth on the shot glass as you throw it down.
Best Shot

posted by Rascal @ 04:35PM, 8/09/06

This shot will get you wasted in no time... if thats what you are looking for ;)
Love it, love it, love it

posted by Vipera @ 09:44PM, 8/23/06

It's one of the best drinks on Earth! Try it with Tequilla instead of rum, but make sure you slam it!

posted by Brittany @ 02:36PM, 8/24/06

It's the best....tastes just like the imperial cane sugar dr pepper down in texas.
Best thing you will ever put in your mouth

posted by chris @ 03:20AM, 9/04/06

Best drink ever, the most slammed you will feel in your life is after 3 of them.
French Quarter

posted by Marc @ 01:12PM, 10/06/06

We have been doing flaming Dr. Peppers for years. We usually get them at the Gold Mine bar in the French Quarter in New Orleans. They are the only bar locally that will make them. Most places refuse to make them b/c they say it's too dangerous. I think they are just lazy.
Everything tastes better in the Bahamas

posted by John @ 07:29PM, 10/06/06

Me and 2 other guys were on a cruise to the bahamas and we were served this and about 5 others, this was definitely the best! We slammed it on fire, definitely tastes better that way, hot as a b*tch tho!
The best cocktail drink EVA!

posted by juan miguel @ 02:18PM, 10/26/06

I always get this drink at cable car bar in the philippines. The coolest drink that I ever had.

posted by Awesome @ 11:36PM, 10/28/06

Man had it for the first time, just love it.
O baby

posted by James @ 03:43PM, 11/20/06

Maan I cant wait to get my grandma drunk off this drink for good ole thanksgiving! She's gunna love it.
The Party Town of Amercia

posted by Babino&Henderson @ 05:03AM, 11/22/06

The gold mine in new orleans has the best I bet money on that.
The Best Ever

posted by "The" Billy Pickering @ 07:03PM, 11/24/06

On my 21st I had this for the first time.....ABSOLUTLY AMAZING. I don't care it cost 20 bucks....every penny was worth it.
Good stuff

posted by Jokerswild @ 07:47PM, 12/08/06

Yeah this stuff is good I had it at a party the other day and man I had a great night that night.
My version

posted by A. Patton @ 02:55PM, 12/31/06

Instead of using 1/4 of 151 as the topper we use 1/8 of Everclear. Works the same, same great taste.
Awesome Dr.

posted by Moe @ 11:47AM, 1/04/07

We had these for New Years. It was just like going to the bar!
Better flame (The Dr. pepper)

posted by sharon @ 07:19PM, 1/09/07

Tall glass 2/3 of beer of choice. Shot glass of rootbeer snapps. Tablespoon rum. Drop shot glass into beer. Add rum. Set aflame. Blow. Chug.

Get a group of people together at the bar and do this at the same time. Before long everyone at the bar is doing it.
Flaming dr. pepper

posted by josh @ 02:26PM, 1/14/07

I read a comment that it doesn't get you that drunk - well, use more 151 such as: take a 3/4 or full shot of armaretto put it into a rock glass then take bud weiser and fill the rock glass but leave enough room for your shot of 151 now take a full shot of 151 and light it on fire and drop it then slam it. Try that out!
The brave

posted by ruthven78 @ 12:32AM, 1/24/07

The way I had it was the glass of beer was close to full, the shot was placed on the bar next to the glass of beer. The shot was lit and you had to carefully lift the glass off the bar and drop it into the glass of beer and then chug.

posted by xz @ 09:37PM, 1/25/07

Best drink you ever had, that is until your hair catches on fire and you end up with 2nd and 3rd degree burns over half of your body like a guy here did. Only a dumbfuck would drink 151 on fire. Blow it out.
Bowling Green, Ohio

posted by arb @ 06:53PM, 2/09/07

Campus quarters at Bowling Green State University in Ohio is known throughout the state for it's flaming dr. pepper. They won't give away there recipe, but you honestly can't taste a difference even if you have a dr pepper right after your shot.

posted by Mike @ 02:15PM, 2/20/07

I just had one last night... thank god for this drink.

posted by Loni B. @ 06:51PM, 3/01/07

151+amaretto+beer = Genius of a Drink!!
Heck yea

posted by YUM @ 12:24AM, 3/02/07

Had this with the roommates....passed out on the kitchen floor. The drink tastes just like DP you end up getting really drunk.
Blue Flaming Dr. Pepper

posted by Meg @ 11:52AM, 3/16/07

There's a different version served up here in Austin at one of the bars down on 6th street. It's there own version of it. It's Sminoff Ice, with something I can't remember to make it blue, and a shot of 151 balanced over two mugs. The bartender acctually sets it on fire by taking a mouthful of 151 and blows it out over a torch, just like at the circus. You drop the shot in the mug and chug. It's a great drink with a great show.
Can't get it right

posted by ballamode @ 06:10PM, 3/17/07

I can't get it to taste like dr pepper. I had these at the bar and decided to make them at home but the ones i make at home dont taste right, too much like beer. Suggestions?
Never again

posted by MM @ 10:06AM, 3/23/07

The devil in a blue dress...my version was 151, amaretto and sparks...i chugged 6 of them in 1 hour and ended up with alcohol poisoning..dont get me wrong...i wouldnt have chugged 6 unless i was already under the influence of about 12 rum / vodka shots...i almost gave up alcohol...because of this drink. Thank god i have irish blood.
Fuck yeah

posted by blah @ 07:36PM, 3/23/07

Hell yes, best shot posted here ever.
This drink rules

posted by the_offset @ 02:06PM, 3/30/07

This is the "official" drink of my 4th of July fireworks show.

I use 1/2 Amaretto and 1/2 151 and do 2 in a row. Leaves you with a nice mellow buzz that will stay with you for the rest of the night.

Corona beer works best, in my humble opinion. And so does Coors Light, for some reason. Don't use a heavy beer, like Sam Adams, Bass, Guiness, etc...their flavor is too strong and it will kill the DP taste...
Kick ass

posted by Flax @ 08:45PM, 4/01/07

I used to drink this over 19 years ago in Providence Rhode Island. We dropped it in the mug still lit and chugged it until it hit our teeth. Best drink ever!!
Does the flame matter?

posted by NCL Beverage Specialist @ 09:40AM, 4/02/07

This is a great party shot that everyone will enjoy whether they are a beer drinker or not. And to the question about the flame changing the taste why not do a blind tasting, light one up and not the other and see if you can tell the difference...bet you can't. We add the 151 for the show and a kick, not to create the Dr. Pep flavor...that comes from the amaretto.
Tastes great

posted by Jen @ 02:40PM, 4/20/07

Had it for the first time, very goood!
Have a drink on me.

posted by VINNYHC - USD27 @ 09:34PM, 5/10/07

As a Marine who drinks heavily, this is the only drink that has ever made me black out. If you wanna get fucked up, try one of these on me.
My first In Dr. Pepper in AK

posted by kagex500 @ 01:46PM, 5/22/07

This drink is the $hit, i went to the bar's the other day and in some areas there are not allowed to make this. Enjoy it where you can...
The mix you can't remember

posted by Mike @ 04:21PM, 5/27/07

It's called 'Blue Curacao".
Gold Mine, New Orleans... WOOHAA!

posted by Pyr0TeK @ 02:36PM, 6/06/07

Gold Mine in New Orleans definitely has the very best Flaming Dr. Peppers on the planet. Had my first one there and will be back there tomorrow on a business trip and that is the first stop from the airport!
Great Fun

posted by John @ 07:52PM, 6/30/07

We drank these a lot in Germany. If you spill some 151 on your hand/arm while mixing, make sure that you wipe it off before lighting......
The bomb

posted by bullfred @ 12:38PM, 8/07/07

I drunk that sh8t and got married to a stranger.
Taste like college... in a good way

posted by Pam B @ 11:43AM, 9/04/07

mmmmmmmmmm.... my most favorite college drink! Heading to the liquor store now to get some amaretto and celebrate getting my cast off (hopefully) hahaha.
More dr pepper flavor

posted by mike reid @ 01:18PM, 9/06/07

If you want you drink to taste more like dr pepper then you take a pint and fill it half way with bud light, add a splash of coke into the pint glass. have a shot glass on the side filled with amaretto and then some 151 on top, light it on fire, let it burn for a few seconds and then blow it out. now drop the shot glass into the pint glass along the side and chug it. that is a flaming dr pepper.
Better with coke

posted by Natho @ 09:00PM, 11/13/07

It is indeed better with coke. Here is a way to serve it which is much more stylish...

Get a highballer glass, put a shot of amaretto in the bottom, fill it up about 2/3 with a beer of your choice (pure blonde works well) then a splash of coke.

Cut a whole slice of lemon big enough to sit flat on the top of the glass. Now get a wine glass with some 151 in it, heat it and flame it up.

Pour it over the drink/s, being careful not to knock the lemons in. The aim is to get the lemons flaming.

Here comes the flashy part, while the lemons are still flaming, shake some cinnamon over the top, and it sparks everywhere and looks flashy. Blow it out, drop the lemon in and skull.
If your a game bartender you may also want to do a bit of fire blowing as well with 151 in your mouth.
Try kahlua

posted by Ray Rios @ 11:26PM, 12/01/07

I think kahlua makes it taste more like dr. pepper, amaretto makes it taste like diet dr pepper.

posted by Slightly Hungover @ 11:31PM, 12/09/07

... these shots are just crazy. me and a bunch of other people were doing these the other night, and you have to be careful. these shots taste great but get you completely wrecked! possibly because we were using double shot glasses. this stuff is unbelievable, everyone should try it
I don't remeber New Year's Eve 1992....

posted by krawl70 @ 04:04PM, 12/30/07

because of Flaming Dr. Pepper's...good times

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