Bloody Caesar recipe

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Rim tall glass with celery salt, fill with ice and ingredients. Garnish with a celery stick, straw, and lime.

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Bloody Caesar

posted by Donna A. (Manitoba) @ 03:26PM, 5/26/06

Another option: Use Mott's Extra Spicy Clamato, then you don't need to have Tabasco or Worcestershire on hand. A tasty addition is 2 or 3 shakes of celery salt, and the same of lemon pepper. Add lime juice to taste. Rim with celery salt fro more Canadian authenticity. Other garnishes: dill pickle (my favourite), spanish (green) olive, pickled asparagus shoot, etc.
Bloody Caesar

posted by Andrea @ 08:48PM, 5/26/06

This is one of my all-time favorite drinks. It's much smoother tasting than a Bloody Mary. When I was in Canada, I remember they added a lemon wedge instead of lime since the lemon compliments seafood (juice) better.
Bloody Caesar

posted by Chuck @ 05:34PM, 6/03/06

I first encountered this on a train in Canada. A real eye-opener with the spicy sauces! I make it often now.
Bloody Caesar in New York?

posted by CG in New York @ 02:54PM, 6/07/06

Where can I order a Bloody Caesar in New York? I can't seem to find a place and it's almost Canada day!
Bloody Caesar Brian's way

posted by Brian Hannon @ 06:02PM, 7/26/06

The problem is that most folks do not know how to make or even drink this drink. You have to have it spicy and passionate or not at all. Don't be shy to put in at least 1.5 oz of a good mixing Vodka (preferaby Stoly) and make sure to only use the spicy Motts clamato mix. Rim the glass with a lime then celery salt and plenty of it. Use a few drops of Tobasco and a teaspoon of Worchestershire sauce. You have now the best aperatif drink in Canada. From Brian Hannon of Montreal.
Baby Clams

posted by Roman @ 04:56PM, 8/30/06

Add a spoonfull or two of baby clams. Thats how it is served in Mexico. Tastes great!
Pepper flavoured vodka

posted by TheMac @ 09:13PM, 11/09/06

I make this cocktail with pepper flavoured vodka, it gives it even an additional spicy kick.
Add lemon

posted by rach @ 10:08PM, 12/25/06

Make sure to add lemon.
Horse radish

posted by the_durhams @ 09:06AM, 1/12/07

Try stirring a small amount of horse radish sauce into the drink. Sounds like an odd combination but if you like seafood/shrimp cocktail sauce, you will love this!
Caesar Teaser

posted by Mike @ 02:29PM, 1/13/07

As well as the traditional ingredients, try 1 tsp. of olive juice (not oil).
Col's Caesar

posted by Colette @ 06:54PM, 1/20/07

If you like things hot, a minimum of three shots of Tabasco are required. Avoid the salt and include the celery salt, with a garnish of cucumber, green bean, shrimp, jalapeno pepper &/or celery to classify this as healthy drink! Enjoy...I know I always do!
Bloody ceaser recipe

posted by helen canada @ 12:28AM, 3/09/07

It is really good if u add a couple of tablespoons of dill pickle juice to the vodka & clamato juice.

posted by Colin C. @ 01:30PM, 4/08/07

A more Canadian and much tastier version (at least according to my taste buds) is to use rye instead of vodka. In fact I had been drinking the rye version - which I was introduced to at a football game at St. Mary's - for a couple of years before I asked for a Caesar and got the vodka type. I was startled but not pleased.
Calgary born

posted by Teddy Bear @ 12:26AM, 5/30/07

Gin is another tasty Caesar option. The Caesar is one of Canada's finer inventions. One is looked at askance ordering one on any American Airline. Huh? Y'all must be from Canada? and they give you a tinned bloody mary which admittedly will do in a pinch. Invented at Westin Hotel, Calgary. The Caesar is the unofficial libation of the Calgary Stampede and the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry. A big fat Garlic olive, a spear of hot pickled asparagus or a hot green bean are now great substitute for the ubiquitous flaccid celery stick. Bullseye BBQ sauce or Horseradish can jazz it up a bit as well.

posted by BCDrinker @ 12:57AM, 6/13/07

I've started adding wasabi powder to my caesar's now too (basicly horsradish but it mixes better) to add extra kick and a great taste.
Fuck it

posted by jo jo @ 05:27PM, 6/13/07

Out here in Winnipeg we just add about 1 parts clamato to about 4 parts beer....great for fishing at 8 in the morning.
Red eye

posted by JD @ 08:57AM, 8/12/07

1 part clamato to 4 parts beer is a red eye, not a caesar.

I wasn't aware this is a Canadian drink. Awesome.

posted by Hakim Amir @ 04:49AM, 8/28/07

hey, i just saw this in the David Tuterra show over on Travel & Living channel... pretty awesome! cant wait to try it... hopefully i can find clamato juice here in Kuala Lumpur.
Red eye Caesar

posted by Duss from montreal @ 11:32AM, 10/07/07

You guys need to try this mix in a pitcher

2 parts beer
1 part vodka
4 parts clam juice
Pour in a usual readied caesar glass with lemon
Spice to your taste spicier the better

posted by Seanmhathair ~ Saskatchewan, Canada @ 02:36PM, 11/25/07

This has been, bar none, my favorite cocktail drink form many years. It takes a certain knack to make a good Caesar ~ no pansies! Extra spicy is the way to go. When adding your ingredients, think of adding a bit of the asparagus juice along with the asparagus shoot ~ yummm! Fine ground sea salt is also very good on the rim of the glass.
Tabasco Rim

posted by Donna @ 03:48PM, 12/28/07

A tall glass

In a flat dish pour tabasco,

tip the glass down and dip the rim of your glass....

then in another dish put your celery salt,

and coat the rim of your glass with the celery salt. You don't need too much!

-2 oz. vodka
-ice if you like
-7 drops of tabasco
-1tsp. worstershire sauce
-plain motts clamato in a high glass
-1 wedge and some of the juice of the lemon
-a dash of black pepper

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