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The Body Shot is a simple and fun shot ritual, designed to give a sweet & sour taste from the sugar and lemon. A similar method is to use tequila and salt instead of sugar (see Tequila Shot).

1 oz vodka
1 package sugar
1 lemon wedge

Using a partner of the opposite sex, lick their neck to moisten. Pour packet of sugar onto their neck. Place wedge of lemon in their mouth with the skin pointed inward. You first lick the sugar from their neck, then shoot the vodka, then suck the lemon from their mouth (while gently holding back of their neck).

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Sugar or salt?

posted by Jules @ 02:08PM, 8/06/06

I heard it was salt instead of sugar. That's how we did it. In any case, very fun and sexy shot!
Sugar and salt

posted by kris @ 12:16PM, 2/01/07

Sugar for vodka, salt for tequilla =)
Body shot

posted by Stephanie @ 06:55PM, 2/22/07

You use salt if it's a tequilla shot usually.
Sugar or salt?

posted by Kari @ 01:08PM, 3/12/07

Usually it's salt with tequila.
Salt and tequilla

posted by afdc @ 12:41PM, 4/17/07

Yeah, I heard about salt too, but i heard about tequilla instead vodka...
Belly button

posted by Don @ 04:55PM, 4/23/07

Pretty simple. It's more an atmosphere thing to get people riled up. We do the vodka , on girls only, in thier bellybuttons, the lemon in thier mouth and the sugar along the collarbone. Little less pg.
All wrong

posted by Slim @ 11:39AM, 5/20/07

The partner should lay down on their back. Then pour salt between their boobs and put the lemon in their mouth. Make them hold the shot. And then you lick, shot and eat lemon. Oh and you must do it with tequila. This is the proper way!
Right way

posted by John @ 11:41AM, 5/20/07

Salt instead of sugar. And the salt must be between the partners boobs! And dont use vodka, use tequila!
Come On!

posted by jenn @ 03:29PM, 6/14/07

Whoa first off let me ask this -k-; Why do the directions say "Using partner of the opposite sex" come on! That has nothin to do wit this drink. This drink was make for same sex!!! lol
On Come!

posted by Caboose @ 05:04PM, 6/21/07

In that case, use girls only.
Corrections to "All wrong"

posted by Mike911 @ 02:32AM, 6/30/07

the combinations are as follows
Tequila - Salt - Lime - which is technically a standard body shot
Vodka - Sugar - Lemon - still a body shot but basically just a sexy Lemon Drop, I prefer this

and lying on their back it goes like this, u just take a shot, then bite the fruit, then suck the salt/sugar off neck and go for the kiss it's also pretty nice to experiment w/ whipcream if ur w/ ur significant other ;)
Tried and tested

posted by YJ @ 11:44AM, 7/19/07

Did this last nite, but yea the lemon got mingled in between our tongues haha.
Any others?

posted by 23 @ 09:27PM, 8/20/07

What other shots can u do with someones body to make it more interesting?
Doing a body Shot with a buddy on a dare

posted by Hot Boi in miami @ 01:57PM, 8/31/07

Do it the same way as you would with a girl but do it on a guys stomach and have the guy hold the lemon in his mouth and none are allowed to use their hands to get it.

Drives the girls crazy and the boys hot......!
Buxom way...

posted by arduinna @ 04:49PM, 9/05/07

Stick the shot between the girl's boobs...if she has a low-cut top on.....
This is why I love drinking...

posted by St. Valentines Massacre @ 02:50PM, 9/29/07

Because of things like body shots. <3
The Right Way

posted by Stewy @ 07:09PM, 11/05/07

You put the salt on the upper thigh, the shot ion the navel, and the lemon in the mouth. That way you can work your way up. That's the way to get it hot up in there!!!

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