Dry Martini recipe

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1 2/3 oz gin
1/3 oz dry vermouth
1 olive

Stir gin and vermouth with ice in a mixing glass. Strain into a cocktail glass, add the olive, and serve.

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Twist, please

posted by vmwrites @ 09:25AM, 5/27/06

A true dry martini tastes best when served with a twist, rather than an olive. This is largely a matter of taste, and there are many schools either way, but a bit of lemon rind, twisted over the top of the martini imparts a gently spray of lemon oils to the surface. Olives, on the other hand, add an olive taste, salt, and water, of course.

But a great martini is the way you like it.
Lingo matters

posted by vicki @ 03:16PM, 6/15/06

If you are a bartender and someone asks for a dirty martini...put an olive in it...a lemon is a request only type of thing...don't let this comment above confuse you. If you ask for a dirty martini in any bar anywhere you will get olives. If you want a twist of lemon ask for a vodka martini up with a twist. they call it a dirty martini b/c the olive juice makes it look cloudy. Bottom line.
Good, but not dry enough....

posted by angrynorwegian @ 01:31PM, 6/17/06

I prefer this drink even "dryer".

Start with adding just one bottlecap worth of vermouth (I prefer noilly prat) Gently turn the shaker to coat all the ice vith vermouth, and strain out the excess. Then you add the gin ( I use 30cc of tanqueray) and stir until cold. Strain into a chilled coctail glass and garnish with an olive or a twist.

Or enjoy it any other way you prefer.
Lovely classical cocktail!

posted by RuneLancer @ 01:09AM, 7/14/06

Why strain out the vermouth? Leave it in there. ;) Of course, it's entirely a matter of taste.

I use Stock, personally - it's extra-dry and blends in very well with Tanqueray. There's a place near here which sells olives stuffed with almonds. Very delicious. It's an interesting variation on the typical pimento-stuffed olive.
The driest yet

posted by Martooni Man @ 05:19PM, 7/26/06

Put a half cap of dry vermouth in a frozen double old fashioned glass. Coat the glass with vermouth by swirling. Pour out excess, add ice to the brim and fill with gin. Tanqueray or Citadelle are my personal preferences.
Shaken not stired

posted by bartender of the year @ 10:30AM, 11/10/06

Thanks to james bond who helped shape the modern martini that is always shaken not stirred.
A traditionalist - with flavor

posted by mark richmond @ 03:03PM, 12/27/06

A dry martini is one with very little dry vermouth in the gin. I keep my bombay sapphire in the freezer, swirl 1/2 or less cap of vermouth around a martini glass (I also prefer Noilly Prat). Now comes the twist - no, not that twist - I use anchovy stuffed or garlic stuffed olives (usually 3, but then I tend toward large martinis).

Perfect Dirty Martini

posted by Catlady3 @ 02:09PM, 1/03/07

I make mine with Beefeaters and definately use the old fashioned amount of extra dry vermouth (I use Martibni & Rossi Estra Dry). This recipe is from The Martini Book and try it first before you criticize the amount of vermouth. 6 parts gin, 2 parts dry vermouth, 1 part olive brine, Cocktail olives. I use 3 super huge ones stuffed with pimentos. I shake it for a long time till I can't hold the stainless steel shaker anymore. Yum!
Good to the last drop

posted by Louis Emond @ 01:56PM, 2/01/07

I used to put too much vermouth in my first Martinis, I now only coat the glass. Pure heaven! I exclusively use Plymouth Gin, I find it better than Beefeater or Booker.

Bookmarked this site by the way.
Suggestions needed

posted by Harry @ 07:42PM, 2/09/07

I need to know which brands of Vodka and Vermouth will make the tastiest of martinis. Any suggestions?
The Perfect Martini is...

posted by Markastic @ 04:38AM, 2/13/07

Garnished with whatever the customer wants. This is a recipe for a DRY martini, not a dirty, so the option is there for either an olive or lemon twist... or a combination of whatever the guest asks for. A dry martini, in 2007 means at the most a splash of Dry Vermouth (usually followed by spill) at the MOST. Typically... none. Just make sure the drink is as cold as is possible - chill the glass first, then start with the shaker and vodka or gin.
Dry = More or less vermouth

posted by Chris @ 03:50PM, 3/03/07

When I went to bartending school I was told the extra dry meant very little vermouth (1/16 oz) and some bartenders would just wave the bottle of vermouth over the shaker. Was this incorrect? I was a bartender about 10 years ago and did it through college. I never had a martini sent back.
Excellent stuff

posted by Slowie @ 12:25PM, 3/23/07

I like it as described, but if I make it to myself I add 3-5 olives depending on glass size. :)

Dirty to me is when you add a bit of olive water to it as well to make it even saltier.
The Bombay

posted by John @ 02:53PM, 3/25/07

Why waste the vermouth. Just use Bombay sapphire, the olive and the ice. Great for the Atkins or South Beach. No carbs.
Suggestions needed - reply

posted by E3 @ 06:08PM, 6/01/07

For the person looking for a vodka martini, I prefer Kettle One vodka, little dry vermouth, shaken, strained with a half cap full of olive juice (dirty = good). I also prefer the anchovy or blue cheese stuffed olives. Enjoy!
South Texas Martini

posted by JT @ 03:23PM, 7/02/07

Vodka or gin, whatever happens to be in the toolbox, pickled pepper or cocktail oniion, no vermouth (doesn't travel well in the heat). Oh, and ice if available.
Dry = Less Vermouth

posted by Cory @ 06:44PM, 8/20/07

I have worked for years in a fine dining restaurant. The clientele is that of an average age over 60. These people in my mind are the true martini drinkers. After many discussions and reading recipes in the older drink recipe books, THE DRYER THE MARTINI, THE LESS VERMOUTH IT HAS. Ask any martini drinker over the age of 70, trust me.
Gin Sot

posted by elliot cooper @ 02:15PM, 9/01/07

My friends and I always argued about the correct amount of Vermouth to put into a Dry Martini until, after much argument, we came up with the following recipe. Take a bottle of Blackwoods 60 (you aren't going to find a better gin for a Dry Martini) from the freezer and pour it into a cocktail glass also from the freezer. Then, and this is the important bit, face in the direction of Trafalgar Square (if you don't know where/what this is then you are not a gentleman and should not even be considering anything as decadent as a martini), hold the glass up to the side of your face and whisper, not too loud mind as you don't want to over do it, "Martini" in the most alluring voice you can muster. You are not holding the perfect Dry Martini. There is no need to ruin the superb gin with an olive or other addition.
Use good quality Gin and you'll never go back to Vodka

posted by Winston Churchill @ 12:08PM, 9/26/07

Seriously. Try Bombay, Bombay Sapphire, Boodles, Plymouth, Citadelle, Magellan, Tanqueray Ten, or any premium quality gin. It makes a huge difference. Crappy gin is only good for a G&T.

I prefer 2.5 oz Boodles with .5 oz Noilly Prat, both at room temperature, combined with ice in a shaker, STIRRED gently for 10-15 seconds, then strained into a chilled cocktail glass. I like olives, but this is good with a twist, too.
Suggestions needed - reply

posted by t @ 09:57AM, 10/15/07

i work in a vodka bar and find the best vodkas to use are either Ketel One or Grey Goose vodkas.
Martini for two in a frozen crystal glass - Beefeater's deserves crystal

posted by the count @ 01:46PM, 10/29/07

I keep a 12 oz. crystal glass in the freezer with four ice cubes and a teaspoon in the glass. My martini glasses are also kept in the freezer. Into the crystal glass, I pour Beefeater's to fill the glass about 90%. About three drops of Martini & Rossi Dry Vermouth is the absolute maximum! Next, I add two teaspoons of olive juice from Roland's Anchovie Stuffed Olives - these are stuffed with white anchovies. La Espana brand is better but difficult to find.

Gently stir, moving the spoon up and down for about ten seconds and pour into the frozen martini glass. Add three anchovie stuffed olives speared on a small metal olive skewer.

Evidently, James Bond liked his vodka watered down - because that is what happens if you shake the gin with ice. Don't bruise a good gin and dilute it by shaking. When pouring from the crystal glass into the martini glasses, the spoon is used across the lip of the glass to prevent the ice cubes from entering the martini glass.
To repeat: this is a martini for two people.

Note: at 94 proof, Beefeater's ranks with the high alcohol gins. The crystal glass and the martini glasses will actually "smoke" when the gin is poured.
Note: the metal teaspoon conducts heat out of the glass of gin, cooling the gin even more.
Dry Martini

posted by Ashok/Bombay(India) @ 03:33AM, 1/04/08

3 Oz Tanqueray Gin, half a teaspoonful Neuilly Prat dry Vermouth, shaken with the largest ice cubes you have so as to minimise dilution, strained into a pre chilled large Martini glass with TWO stuffed olives on a stick after they are rinsed in water to eliminate the salty taste - now THAT is the perfect Dry Martini !! Made any other way it might taste great - I wouldn't know - but it will NOT be the perfect Dry Martini.

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