Woo Woo recipe

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serve in
Highball Glass
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1 1/2 oz peach schnapps
1 1/2 oz vodka
3 1/2 oz cranberry juice

Pour all ingredients into a highball glass over ice cubes, stir, and serve.

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WooWoo...where did THAT come from?

posted by D.S. @ 11:00PM, 5/19/06

I tried this one, its ok, but nothing to write home about. Its good to get a buzz started, but next time I'm going to try some Petrone in it as well.
That's only in the mornin'...

posted by Bubb Rubb @ 02:33PM, 5/30/06

It's just for decoration... that's it and that's all man.

I love woo woo!

posted by Cheshire @ 01:18AM, 7/01/06

It's called woo woo because it makes you go, "WOO WOO!!!"
If you can take it ladies

posted by jennifer bentz @ 10:52AM, 7/14/06

I can drink this all night ladies! Looks like your a party girl, and you get a nice and tipsy after 5 shots of it...

posted by Trish @ 08:59AM, 7/18/06

If you're not one of those that is into heavy drinking and just like a light mixer every now and then, this is the drink for you. My friends and I are all hooked, and just got my mother hooked as well.
I love it

posted by angie @ 01:03PM, 8/01/06

I tried this recipe and I changed the cranberry juice to cran-peach and its wonderful!!!
A bartender named Kelly created it!

posted by Rob @ 05:03PM, 9/20/06

I met Kelly back in the early 90s when she was bartending on a riverboat operating in the Stockton, CA delta. Unfortunately, I didn't get Kelly's last name. Kelly was definitely a real Woo Woo party girl!! Her drink will also make you go Woo Woo if you drink a couple!!
Woo Woo is great

posted by CzA @ 03:11PM, 9/30/06

I love shots of woo-woo, this stuff is delicious.

posted by lucee @ 12:10PM, 11/03/06

Good with girls... gets you wasted.... all good!

posted by SP @ 06:38PM, 12/02/06

You supposed to be up makin breffast anyway. Woo Woo!

posted by Lea @ 05:06PM, 12/12/06

I love it as it gets me rather drunk!!!
Woo Woo

posted by Jenn S. @ 02:39PM, 12/20/06

LOL I agree with Jennifer B.....I've said the same thing for years about this drink....and it's yummy!
A definite Creeper

posted by ashlynn @ 12:50AM, 12/26/06

You can sip on woo woo's all night and you'll get a buzz if your sitting down but as soon as you get up and start movin you realize why its called a woo woo. I love it we have it everytime we go out
Woos all night

posted by Sabrina @ 01:21PM, 12/28/06

I love this drink I actually got served this drink by a guy across the bar and i have been hooked ever since he said the reason he sent it to me is cause its pink and its my signature color. Haha, well now me and all my girls are stuck, i drink a double and put it on ice to drink it better and boy after about 2 doubles im good to go for the whole night!
My third drink

posted by New to the game @ 03:08PM, 12/31/06

My buddy Tim introduced me to this one. Only my 3rd ever alcoholic drink, and I enjoyed it immensely (mind this was after 35 jello shots).

posted by Ms Mysterious @ 05:12PM, 2/23/07

My friend Jenny is a real woo woo girl! This drink makes her strip and do the time warp naked!

posted by woo lover @ 05:15PM, 2/23/07

Woo woo 4 me n' woo!

posted by JenJen @ 12:37PM, 4/06/07

I love vodka, love peach and love cranberry...so its the perfect drink for me. I'm going to a cocktail party tomorrow night and will be taking the ingredients to get everyone drunk!!

posted by meg @ 03:40PM, 4/14/07

I love these things!!! I could drink them all night!!! wait... i have!
San Antonio Party Girls Love Woo Woos

posted by Melissa @ 05:48PM, 4/29/07

This red drink is loved by me and my party friends who wear red. If you put it in a martini glass, it becomes a potent, but dainty-looking drink.

posted by gemm1291 @ 02:09AM, 5/05/07

On a hot day Woo Woo will quench your thirst and before you know it you have a great buzz going bbbuuuuzzz!

posted by jema @ 04:45AM, 5/06/07

The best cocktail around.
Woo woos rock

posted by carol @ 09:03PM, 5/16/07

I wonder if that Kelly chick got around... I drank these circa 1990/91, in Manchester VT, when I was working for the Orvis Company... okay, not DURING work, I would have been fired for intoxication on the job... they taste absolutely wonderful, all fresh and fruity, and two practically put me on the floor (notorious lightweight that I am).
I love Woo Woo

posted by Crystal @ 08:41PM, 7/24/07

When I first drank this drink I love it!!!! I never want 2 drink anything else!!!! You don't get to drunk to fast drinking woo woo's, but after a few you will be staying WOO WOO!!!!!
Woo Woo Creation

posted by peter Manina @ 10:09AM, 8/01/07

The Woo Woo shot was first created in 1988 in Leysin Switzerland in a bar called Whispers. Cranberry juice was first imported into Switzerland for the purpose of this drink. Since me and my co-creator where heavy on the Rolling Stones in our Bar, the name comes from Sympathy for the Devil and is dedicated to the Rolling Stones.
Loose hours....

posted by woo woo lover @ 11:44PM, 9/03/07

I love this drink, tend to loose a few hours on it though, but gain in boys.......

posted by Jamoui @ 11:14AM, 9/09/07

I made these for about 35 people at my beach house, in a a few pitchers, and now it's almost a traditon to have them at every party....we found out that if you wana get drunk faster....put all 3 liquids in equal parts instead of putting more cranberry juice.
The memories from this....

posted by ro @ 03:53AM, 10/02/07

A drink that tastes great and gets you laughing at the sound of trying to say woo woo!! first time i had it didn't actually intend to get drunk but hey thats life. It caused a long line of embrassing and happy moments that night. never watched the film at the cinema that me n mates actually intended to do .
Woo Woo is Weally delicious!

posted by woo woo lover @ 02:27PM, 10/10/07

I make a huge glass and just sip on it for hours. I love the taste and do not like to getting smashed at home> When I go out it's a whole new ball game. Making it back home is a real chore.

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Nutritional Information

(per 6.5 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

0.1 g
23.4 g
0.4 g


0.1 g
23.2 g
0 mg
2 mg
26.8 g

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