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In a shaker half-filled with ice cubes, combine the gin, lemon juice, and sugar. Shake well. Strain into a collins glass almost filled with ice cubes. Add the club soda. Stir and garnish with the cherry and the orange slice.

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Tom Collins

posted by jobonster @ 03:54PM, 5/12/06

Good recipe, however, a bit too bitter.... something needs to be adjusted.

posted by dinnybit @ 07:01PM, 5/24/06

Makes a great drink, just added a little more sugar. Very refreshing for a summer cocktail.

posted by moe @ 09:39PM, 5/28/06

Is missing grenadine 1 oz.
Syrup, not sugar

posted by norwegian @ 07:33AM, 5/31/06

Um, we actually make it a bit different in Norway. We use something that we call "gommesirup" (sorry i caní‚´t find an english term for it, but it is not sirup because it is thinner). It is an alternative to very fine sugar, and can be used if you do not have superfine sugar at the moment (however you actually have to make it...).

This is how to make it:
2 parts regular sugar, 1 part water. Warm up till the sugar is melted. Cool down and keep refrigated in a bottle.

Of course since it is 2 part sugar, and 1 part water, i guess that you have to use 1/3 more in this drink.

The pro side of using this liquid is that it mixes better. The con side is that you have to make it first. Make sure that you make enough for several drinks and keep refrigated for later use.
Ask a Pro

posted by Greg Wible @ 10:53PM, 6/10/06

"gommesirup" is called simple syrup in the U.S. Bartenders use either "collins mix" from the Bar Boy or sweet & sour and one ounce of gin.

posted by trety4y @ 12:44PM, 7/21/06

This drink fuels the fire in life.

posted by Ray @ 04:18PM, 8/04/06

Very nice drink when I made it, maybe even one of my favorites. Not too strong and not too weak either.
Need help

posted by Jessica in Charlotte, NC @ 08:49PM, 9/10/06

I love Tom Collins. It's always my drink of choice at any restaurant or bar. However, I tried the recipe myself from this site and it doesn't taste quite the same. Not near as good. Not quite sure what it is. How can I get the Tom Collins I order from the restaurant. That's the taste I want. When I make my own, it just tastes like lemon juice and gin.
Gin Fizz

posted by Gin Fizz @ 01:13PM, 9/15/06

In aus the way I have been taught is that this is the right recipe but when shaken it is called a gin fizz and when stirred it is a tom collins.

posted by mike @ 01:02PM, 10/01/06

In the UK it's just called its french name "gomme".
An addition...

posted by CraftBartender @ 02:02PM, 10/04/06

Hey Greg,

How can you go and suggest using collins mix or sweet and sour? You should specificy... "bad bartenders use collins mix or sweet and sour." Good bartenders always use fresh ingredients.
Yum yum

posted by Barlot @ 09:23PM, 10/23/06

Ahhhhh!!! much better than water for a thirst quencher! I use 7Up instead of club soda and ooh YUMMY!!!
Ummmm - not so great

posted by JustBastet @ 05:40PM, 10/29/06

Maybe it's just not my thing. Guess I like my martini's but this drink didn't do much for me.
re: syrup not sugar

posted by philboi @ 09:31PM, 11/29/06

Yeah, we use gomme syrup too in uk. We order it in premade though ;)

posted by Geoff @ 11:31AM, 12/12/06

I believe grenadine is called "New York Style" if I'm not mistaken, but is not used in a traditional Tom Collins.

posted by Tippy @ 03:41PM, 12/17/06

I second the grenadine. I use just under 1 oz.
So delicious

posted by Yummy @ 04:17PM, 1/01/07

I like it alot its soooooo delicious.
Forget the lemon juice

posted by Brendan @ 12:29PM, 1/21/07

I'm giving it a 10/10 because, well, it's a Tom Collins, and I'm a Tom Collins kind of guy! Try replacing the lemon juice with lime juice, that's the difference. A true Collins will use lime juice, not lemon.

posted by renox @ 04:59PM, 1/25/07

Favorite drink for the SUMMER.
Tom collins with lime?

posted by missed the boat @ 01:21AM, 1/28/07

Here in the great white north (canada) tom collins usually are made with lime insted of lemon. A mix of fresh lime juice and simple syrup to make a simple bar lime mix, plus gin (bombay!!), plus soda water = THE tom collins
Tommy girl

posted by liss @ 10:01AM, 3/03/07

Tom Collins is always fab, if and only if, made properly. Its also a lady's drink. Remember ladies, the sweeter-the better! (Wink) I appreciate the grenadine suggestion! I'm a maraschino girl but either will do! Applaudes to the 7up idea!

posted by renox @ 07:05PM, 3/07/07

This drink is my life.
Tom Collins

posted by George @ 09:12PM, 3/28/07

Perfect drink for lazy hot summer day. Lay down on a beach chair under the sun
wear your sun glasses. Watch the nice chicks pass in front of you and instead of lemon use lime juice, powder sugar and mineral water, mix, drink and relax......ahhhhh!!!!

That's life.......
A great summer beverage.

posted by Dan @ 02:45PM, 5/05/07

I have long loved the Tom Collins and it's good ol' buddy the Gin & Tonic.

Here's how I make mine...

2oz Gin
1oz Lemon Juice (Freshly squeezed, baby)
.5oz Simple Syrup

Combine gin, lemon juice and simple syrup in a shaker, shake, and strain into a collins glass filled with ice. Top with seltzer and briefly stir. Garnish with maraschino cherry/orange 'flag.'
Tom Collins.

posted by Roddy,two @ 07:48PM, 5/16/07

I drank this when I was 17. Moved South. All these people knew was bourbon. Now, 45 years later, I am trying to find the Tom Collins of my youth. The closest that I have come to is Mike's Hard Lemonade. I remember Gin, lemon and Lime. Of course, the sugar is always powdered (confectioner's) sugar. No need to make a simple syrup.

posted by The one The only TOM COLLINS! @ 09:55AM, 6/11/07

I have yet to try a Tom Collins and my real name is "Tom collins" No middle names, and its jus tom :D

I did have a litre of gin but didnt think to make them

Suppose i am bit of a binger!

posted by Annie 50 @ 07:10PM, 6/24/07

Tried it today and had to have 2, could have gone for more but no fun drinking alone, I also used 7 up as ddin't have club soda on hand. Yummy! I sat on my patio and looked at the lake and felt like a million bucks.
I like yours better

posted by WIlliam Rockford @ 07:16PM, 7/10/07

Most people above appear to like it sweeter. I prefer your recipe over the typical more sweet Collins with syrup. I hadn't had one in awhile. It is very refreshing, an excellent beverage.
No way

posted by Randeman @ 03:53PM, 7/12/07

No grenadine! Never, ever, EVER!
Alot of Tom's

posted by Tom (not collins) @ 01:43PM, 7/17/07

When you have 1.75 Liters of Bombay Sapphire, you're bound to drink more Tom Collins and Gin and Tonics than you ought to. These are the most perfect drinks known to man!
Bombay Sapphire and Simple Syrup

posted by Justin @ 01:51PM, 7/21/07

Tom Collins is a great summer afternoon drink. Probably the most refreshing drink I know. I strongly disagree with the "lady's drink" comment. Gin is the drinker's drink and anything made with it is a man's drink in my opinion.

To make the perfect Tom Collins, I use simple syrup instead of confectioner/superfine sugar. Very easy to make--2 pts sugar/1 pt boiling water and will store indefinitely in your fridge. I also recommend Bombay Sapphire gin. I use lemon juice although lime works well too. This is a drink where the ice really matters; probably the smaller cubes the better. (The smaller cubes provide greater surface area to cool the drink and keep the soda water fizzy.) I also recommend the orange/maraschino cherry garnish.
Party Tonight

posted by New York Babe @ 06:36AM, 8/02/07

I just Googled "Tom Collins" because I'm having a party tonight and wanted something special to offer my guests on this ( what will be a ) hot summer night - little did I know there was a strong following of TC fans out there in the world. I first enjoyed a TC in Florida overlooking the ocean. Someone made it for me and it was lucious! Can't wait for tonight! You're all invited!
Its a great drink....girls love it

posted by David @ 06:03PM, 9/22/07

That bitterness is easily fixed with 1 Oz of grenadine.

posted by bestdrink in the world @ 01:52AM, 11/04/07

I asked the bartender at a wedding dance how he makes it and he said that they use 7 up or sprite. It actually has no bitter taste to it i think, when you do it this way. Had about 8 to 10 of those got myself completely trashed from it.
tom collins

posted by sirlance @ 08:45PM, 11/04/07

1 small bottle 7up
1 oz lemon juice
2 oz gin
2 1/2 tsp superfine sugar
1 wedge lemon
2 maraschino cherrries

Shake the crap out of sugar, gin and lemon juice. In large glass filled half with ice add crap you just shook add 7 up stir till bubbles are large and slimy looking throw on lemon wedge and cherries...voila chix love this drink
Shake the gin?

posted by Natho @ 09:21PM, 11/13/07

You shouldn't really be shaking gin.
Billionaires drink it

posted by Xander Crews @ 01:41AM, 1/04/08

And you should too! Definitely agree with the grenadine and citrus-pop ideas, though not at the same time - experiment and find what you like
#1 Sizzurp

posted by Mace @ 09:59PM, 1/31/08

If you take the time to make the drink rite "no funkey over sweet syrups" its a great drink. Ill slap a bartender who trys to cheat this dank recipe with mother #$@%in syrup!

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