Caipirinha recipe

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serve in
Old-Fashioned Glass
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2 tsp granulated sugar
8 lime wedges
2 1/2 oz Sagatiba Pura

Muddle the sugar into the lime wedges in an old-fashioned glass. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Pour the cachaca into the glass. Stir well.

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posted by mAIOR @ 01:22PM, 6/20/06

This drink will be better (more refrehing) if made with the ice smashed instead of cubes... Try it at home parties it's an instant success...

posted by jdsummers @ 07:14PM, 9/03/06

I find that the best way to integrate the lime / sugar with the Cachaca is to combine everything - including crushed ice - and then mix together in the shaker for about 2 minutes. Enjoy!

posted by Habs @ 03:38AM, 9/13/06

When I was in Spain I went to a bar that used brown sugar instead of regular sugar, and it was awesome. I highly recommend trying it that way. But either way, it's now one of my favorite drinks by far.

posted by REA @ 08:36AM, 10/27/06

Better than Viagra.
Wonderful drink

posted by B. Ulmer @ 07:29PM, 10/29/06

I tried it for he first time yesterday at a brazilian steakhouse and it was wonderful. Excellent flavor w/lime wedges
Better than

posted by Abiseid @ 03:23PM, 11/03/06

This drink is better than Viagra and not for the faint of heart!
Lisbon Nights

posted by Steffo! @ 12:31PM, 12/23/06

Tried this drink last september in Lisbon, Portugal, was incredible. Loved everything apart from the price, 5 euros a Caipirinha.
This way

posted by Gav @ 10:03AM, 1/05/07

Brown sugar cubes muddled with a whole, quartered lime.

Crushed Ice.

2 1/2 Sagatiba Velha cachaca


posted by Juicy @ 12:25PM, 1/08/07

Had this very tasty drink for the first time. WOW!!! What a tast sensation. I said the test would be the next day as I did have a few. And, it is approved. My head felt just fine.
Voted the best in town!!!

posted by Brasil @ 03:49PM, 1/10/07

Rafain Brazilian Steakhouse is the place to have a caipirinha, they are located in Dallas TX. I highly recommend you to try their caipirinha.
sin azucar

posted by Silly in Chile @ 03:06PM, 3/07/07

While I'm sure it changes the flavor somewhat, you can substitute the sugar for a liquid type of "aspertame". Better for us diabetic types.

I think this drink acutally gets better near the end because the lime flavor gets intense (note: never stop stirring).
My favourite drink

posted by Diablo @ 04:20PM, 3/09/07

I first tried it when I went to Switzerland and REA is's better with brown sugar. My favourite drink by faaaaarrr
I wish I could try the real thing

posted by Danielle @ 06:35PM, 4/21/07

I tried this at a Brazilian restaurant but what they gave me was salty instead of sweet :-/

posted by Suzi @ 11:49AM, 4/27/07

I had this for the first time at Cafe SO'Louro in Portugal and it was the best thing I ever tried :-)

posted by J.H. @ 09:49AM, 5/03/07

I just got back yesterday from Brazil and apart from anything else, Caipirinha is one of the reasons I'm crying, it's a wonderful taste from a wonderful place. Fortunately I have 3 bottles of "51" here, well two and a bit :) Cheers........
I'm from Brazil

posted by Patricia @ 04:32PM, 5/09/07

Here the right way to do it. Cut the limes like little circles with the skin. Put the lime, the sugar e 1/4 of the cachaca and muddle it. Put the Ice and the rest of cachaca. Fill with ice cubes and stir with a stick.

posted by Richard @ 08:42AM, 5/10/07

Sugar is the critical ingredient and explains why the drink always tastes best in Brazil. In Brazil they use a rough off-white cane sugar which 'muddles' easily and gives the drink its special flavour. This sugar is not as heavily refined as most cane sugars available in the UK/US.
European Caipirinha

posted by Illa @ 10:11PM, 5/10/07

Hi, I am from Germany and was bartender for many years. We used to make the Caipirinhas with two teaspoons of brown sugar and the lime wedges smashed, then you poor in the crushed ice, but the rum over it and shake it up. That is it!
Best drink ever

posted by Christian @ 12:54AM, 5/14/07

But the sugar and limes must be crushed before adding crushed ice and cachaca.

posted by Thussie @ 03:14PM, 5/22/07

Drank these in the Dominican recently. Very refreshing but watch out they can pack a punch! No hang over though!
Mandarin or vodka twist

posted by Casey @ 03:54PM, 6/05/07

Recently had some in Argentina with some mandarin slices thrown into the mix. Very tasty. We also had "Caipirodkas" made with vodka instead of cachaca, which is also really tasty, and a nice alternative if cachaca isn't available.
Using rum instead

posted by Kevin Strickland @ 08:09PM, 6/10/07

I am unable to get cachaca where I live so instead I've been substituting 10 cane brand rum (this is a lot closer than other rums for this drink because the process for 10 cane is quite similar to that of cachaca) and everyone is right, this is one of the best drinks ever. I could only imagine how great it would be if I can get ahold of some good cachaca.
Caipirinha slut

posted by mase @ 09:52AM, 6/21/07

I fell in love with Caipirinha's back in 1999, when i went to Rio for 14 days. If you're in Rio, find a bar called "top beer" and drink on the second floor balcony, over looking the beach and ocean. I have been drinking them ever since. I do not care if i am the only white guy in a brazilian resturant in some shady town. They are so yummy.

posted by Roman @ 08:48AM, 6/23/07

Is it necessary to muddle? Or can you just place the lime wedges in along with some sugar and mix them up a good bit without making pulp of the actual lime slices?
A little secret

posted by carlos @ 03:16PM, 6/27/07

Try adding some triple sec before adding the ice and cachaca.
oh Brazil

posted by Kristen @ 03:51PM, 6/29/07

The best place for a Caipirinha is in Brazil with there sugar (finer) and limes fresher. just got back from Brazil with 3 bottles of hard to find Cachaca. The 51 is horrible, not the taste just for mixing, it was a good idea to spend about $5 on some good stuff. Another bottle for 30 reals is good to drink straight. Going to serve these up for the family and friends tomorrow. I am sure I will then start crying for Brazil. A month was not long enough, I love Brazil!!!!!!! Caipirinha is just one of a million reasons...
Simple syrup saves your arms!

posted by BX @ 04:12PM, 7/08/07

Yes this drink is the most refreshing and tastiest drink ever, but my husband uses simple syrup instead of granulated sugar. It tastes just as good and it makes the drink quicker to prepare. You can make the simple syrup beforehand, just bring some sugar and water to a boil and then you can store it for easy preparation. You can save the granulated brown (or white) sugar for decorating the rim of the glass. Enjoy!!
Easy, delicious drink

posted by Liam @ 12:25PM, 7/12/07

This drink was part of my staple diet throught Brasil. Very sweet at first but grew to realise just how amazing this drink is when drunk with the locals !!! brilliant - youve gotta try it !!! :o)
Raspberry or kiwi or watermelon

posted by Natalia @ 11:31PM, 7/20/07

All delicious!

My favorite cachaca is LEBLON.
Wicked good<<<

posted by Tercio @ 07:13PM, 7/23/07

Had this drink in Algarve Portugal and I fell in love with it... Quite possibly the greatest drink ever...Try it with greygoose too.. Also in my hometown of S.Miguel Azores, you can also have it with passion fruit and it's just as good...10 out of 10 for caipirinhas!

posted by Tiffany @ 02:01PM, 7/28/07

I would recommend this drink to anyone who wants a nice, refreshing change from the norm. I LUV IT! My husband is hooked too.

posted by Stefanowicz @ 12:04AM, 8/23/07

When drink Caipirinha at my local Lizbon bar (Hobart, AUS), they use sugar syrup instead of just sugar. It aint half bad either!
A Loyal Fan...

posted by Dianha @ 09:03PM, 8/25/07

I just came back from Rio (this morning), and I can't adequately describe my obsession with this drink. I drank it every day and made sure to bring bottles of Cachaca back with me. If anyone knows where I can buy it here in the States, please let me know.
Awesome drink

posted by Michell @ 11:36PM, 9/23/07

Hi, I'm brazilian and it's sad but true to let you know, it goes best with cachaca... with vodka (known as caipiroska) it's very good too, but it's just not the same... i had a few at the beach last weekend, it's just perfect, as it's refreshing, tasty, and you get quite drunk too... my advice is not to put too much ice, 2 cubes should do it (for a normal sized cup), as if you put more, the drink might get too diluted. Also, don't make a large amount on the same jar, pitch, whatever, for the same reason: the ice is going to melt and dilute the drink. Enjoy!
Awesome n missing it

posted by Jeremy @ 09:58PM, 9/30/07

OMG Caipirinha is like the best drink ever! It used to be Margaritas for me but the first time I tried it in Faro, Portugal (Made by Brasillians during some brasillian party), it just BLEW ME AWAY! Man, I jusst gotta have it soon again!
Leblon Caipirinha

posted by Stephy @ 04:55PM, 10/05/07

you can buy it at BevMo!!!
I am from Brasil and I live in Oregon

posted by Cris @ 07:14PM, 11/16/07

I found 51 cachaca in the liquor store in Sherwood ..Oregon $18.00.

posted by Ella @ 06:35PM, 11/27/07

I tried this drink for the first time in the Caribbean when a bartender insisted on it... and I'm so glad he did! I just wish I knew where to get a good one around here...
The perfect one!!!

posted by Mara @ 10:29AM, 11/30/07

I was in NY last summer and had dinner at "Plataforma" restaurant in Times Square. The food was superb and the caipirinha simply wonderful!! The bartender used limes and white sugar. She muddled both well and then added the ice cubes plus some smashed ice on top and shoke it. The result is unbelievable!!! By the way, here in Boston you can buy cachaca 51 or some other type at any liquor store.
Fruit versions and watch your eyes

posted by Brian @ 05:14AM, 12/16/07

Any fresh fruit version of this is usually wonderful. Just make sure to still use quite a bit of lime also or it's usually a bit on the strong side. I always muddle my sugar right into the limes, so much better than squeezing the limes for some reason. Be careful not to shoot any lime juice in your eyes though, while entertaining guests it's not the greatest idea to randomly yell swears very loud haha. I've had many different cocktails in my day, both tried and true and my own creations, but caiparinhas are the hands down best cocktail ever created. How something so beautiful can be so simple is amazing.
Great in Galapagos !!

posted by Micky the Fish @ 03:54AM, 12/28/07

Had my intro to this great drink in the Galapagos on a diving trip in November this year. Also had a great night on them at the Colonial Bar in Guayakil, Ecuador - the place is highly recommended the next time you're in Town - we left at 4am after a fantastic night dancing with the locals - great fun, and the Latin girls are HOT on the dancefloor. The Capirinha's kept us going!!
A different way

posted by Sunshine @ 12:13PM, 12/31/07

try it with brown sugar, it's awesome

posted by Marc @ 06:53PM, 1/05/08

Muddling is key as it releases the oils from the lime peel. I use half a lime and it is plenty. This drink is great year round but even better in summer at a nice bbq. Also many 'Brazilian Steakhouses" including Greenspot in California make a lousy version so buyer beware.

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