Colorado Bulldog recipe

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In a shaker mix Vodka, Kahlua, and milk. Pour into a rocks glass and add a splash of Coca-Cola.

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Mmm Mmm Good

posted by Airmex @ 12:37PM, 5/13/06

One of the best mix drinks I have ever had. It has great taste and makes my tastebuds go Mmmmmmmm.
Colorado Bulldog

posted by Rosie @ 10:29PM, 8/01/06

You can also add Baileys Irish Cream!!

posted by Schifferle @ 11:43AM, 8/23/06

Another version that I like much better: instead of milk, use vanilla ice cream and eliminate the coca-cola and whip up all ingredients in a blender. Pour over ice.
Great drink

posted by Tedra @ 03:09PM, 8/27/06

A great drink . . . kind of like a white russian with a twist!
Mmm Mmm Tasty!!

posted by Jermaine @ 08:28PM, 9/22/06

It's like a party in my mouth and EVERYONE is cumming!
It's like a party in my mouth!

posted by Kevin @ 10:10PM, 10/11/06

And EVERYBODY'S coming!

posted by Kristen @ 03:40PM, 11/01/06

This is so good, but if you're not careful it catches up with you real quick.
Good stuff

posted by phatsack @ 07:47PM, 11/11/06

I like this drink with half and half as well.

posted by Janine @ 07:25PM, 12/09/06

So yummy... tastes like coffee ice cream with a mocha twist. YUMMO!
Good drink

posted by Anonymous @ 12:04AM, 12/19/06

I love this Drink. It's better if you add extra kahlua to it..

Or even better, theres a shot called a B52, and if you put that in it, it's gooood.
A litter of puppies

posted by ben @ 06:37AM, 12/21/06

Nothing like a shake with an attitude!!!
Should it look this bad?!

posted by pcBaktus @ 03:46PM, 1/26/07

Ive just made it, and it looks really crap.. but tastes like "hell-yeah!" a good 8!
Real Quick

posted by Jennifer @ 09:26PM, 3/09/07

They taste so good, you loose track of em, and they do catch up really quick. The big downer with this nummy drink, is that it is pretty fattening. That really sux, cuz I love these!!!
A sneak up on you drink!!!

posted by Ms. Red @ 09:16PM, 3/15/07

This is one of the best drinks I have had in a long time. But be careful with this one because after 2 or 3 of these, it is a hard drink to put down, because it taste sooo good.
7 in a row will make you sick

posted by J. C. @ 09:03PM, 5/25/07

This drink is GREAT! In college they were served in hurricane glasses.
Mike the Bartender

posted by mike @ 10:29AM, 5/28/07

At christmas time add egg nog instead of milk....we call it a "christmas dog"!
Fat Man in an Overcoat

posted by Fred @ 08:13PM, 6/16/07

By far my favorite drink. I'm having one right now!!! I like it with a fat chick sitting next to me so I can poor it on her.
One of the Best

posted by mikeitaly07 @ 02:55PM, 6/20/07

One of the best cream drinks around, if you haven't had one yet, get to your local bar or make one at home. Delicious!
Colorado vs. Russian

posted by Yersin @ 02:12PM, 6/24/07

The recipe above is good, but is for a Russian Bulldog. A Colorado Bulldog uses vanilla vodka.

posted by 3goldens @ 03:05PM, 6/28/07

I am not much of a drinker, can't stand the smell of whisky, beer, etc, but this---gracious, it is great.

posted by brandon @ 12:11AM, 7/02/07

I love the hint of carbonation during the aftertaste the coke provides. All my friends made fun of me for odering one, now they all drink em religously
Colorado bulldogs are creamed.

posted by bartender @ 02:20AM, 9/08/07

Correct recipe is a cream drink served in a bucket, its basically a white russian that you have rolled and put a splash of coke on, add more coke, whipped cream and galliano, and put it in a collins glass, and you have the classic root beer float.
Colorado bulldogs are wonderful

posted by Elaine @ 02:46PM, 10/27/07

I use half and half and diet coke and always kahlua and they are great. We alwyas drink them when the 10 of us are together. Our favorite drink.

posted by Uncle Merlin @ 06:44PM, 11/21/07

...or perhaps it was the roller coaster...Whooaaa....WHoooaaa
Fantastic drink that keeps em cumin!

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