Cuba Libre recipe

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serve in
Highball Glass
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2 oz light rum
juice of 1/2 limes

Pour lime juice into a highball glass over ice cubes. Add rum, fill with cola, stir, and serve.

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Wicked drink

posted by Jesse CoX (St. John's, NFLD) @ 10:15PM, 6/10/06

Good drink... supposed to be with Bacardi and coke. Highly recommended with bacardi gold or superior (white). Remember if it's not with bacardi it's just a rum and coke!
Cuba Libre

posted by Cheers @ 02:25PM, 6/16/06

Instead of ordinary rum use Havana club (much better) - explanation: the name of cocktail is based 'cuba' from cuban rum & ice cubes should be broken in small pieces if desired. You can add a little bit of sugar to lime.
Rum & Coke with twist

posted by BANned @ 02:51PM, 7/08/06

Well, I guess it is good with any kind of good cuban rum, but it is awesome with good golden jamaican rum, and my if you use 1 third of lemons and 2/3 of limes.
Puertorican style

posted by PeDrO PM @ 08:07PM, 7/15/06

People ya need to try it with Don Q..all day.
The serious side

posted by Sleepyhead @ 12:13PM, 7/30/06

If you pull your ice cubes out of the freezer, rinse them off with a little water first and the coke will maintain its fizz much better.

Get an old fashioned Mexican coke if you can...its made with sugar instead of corn syrup and keeps that old time flavor to it.

Any spirits made from sugar work well...just pick your favorite. Mine is a little Nicaraguan Flor de Cana.

Dont forget to add the lime wedge on the side.

Old time cocktails made the old way are the best!
Better with Captain Morgan

posted by Randym9 @ 04:22PM, 8/20/06

I've had this drink with most rums and Captain Morgan is the best for this drink. No Barcardi for it is too cheap. Go for the best and deserve it!
Not better with Captain Morgan

posted by Raul @ 11:22AM, 4/04/07

Clearly that poster has no idea what he's talking about. By far my favorite rum for this drink is the 7 years aged Havana Club. Sure it's more expensive, but the Cuba Libre is a simple drink and you will most definitely be able to taste the difference. Captain Morgan is not a pretty standard quality rum. It's only popular because of its clever marketing and amusing logo. Don't base your buying decisions based on factors such as these. Let your taste dictate your buying decisions.
Bacardi is a no, no

posted by J.M. @ 12:44AM, 5/03/07

Ask any Cuban, and they will tell you: Havana Club is the only rum that belongs in a Cuba Libre.

Bacardi, lime and coke is called a Miami Libre. :D
Puerto rican spice rum

posted by Amy @ 04:48PM, 6/02/07

I think that this tastes better with Puerto Rican Spiced Rum.
Use the private stock!

posted by tizzle @ 03:18PM, 6/05/07

Captain Morgan's Private Stock makes this drink tasty and smooth.
Captain Morgan

posted by madonna @ 04:42PM, 6/25/07

Captain Morgan is a puerto rican rum and is made out of Bacardi...just thought you might want to know :)
No Captain or Bacardi!

posted by mabruce @ 07:19AM, 7/13/07

Any good medium/gold rum will do... Adding Bacardi to this drink is a travesty... I was shown the light in Guatemala, unfortunately I can't get the same quality of rum for the price in the US!

posted by Marichu @ 08:41PM, 8/14/07

Dark rum preferably anejo (aged); juice from 1/2 lime ( using the whole lime is good, too... more citrusy); and Coca Cola (classic, of course!).
Mellow out...

posted by some guy... @ 09:11AM, 9/21/07

Chill all, and have another 'Libre will you? Geez...
Fantastic drink.

posted by Dan @ 10:08PM, 10/23/07

I like to use 2oz. Appleton V/X and half a lime's worth of juice and top off with coke.

The flavors just meld together so wonderfully. Puts the plain ol rum and coke to shame!
A rich person's way...

posted by Julie @ 12:28AM, 12/15/07

I've seen a million ways of doing this one... It works brilliantly with Appleton Estate VX! My co-worker sighed and said: "It's just a rich person's way of ordering a rum and coke"... He wasn't right - or maybe the chap was cheap, cause he didn't tip me...
Use brown rum if you want.

posted by mactobbe @ 03:02PM, 12/30/07

If you want the real sweet taste mixed with the sour lime, use brown rum of any kind! They tend to be "sweeter" cause they are not aged in steel containers as white rum is. I myself actually like it best with Bacardi Superior Rum, but thats just my taste ;P Cuba libre is a drink made in many variations, there are no rights or wrong here ppl!

If you want, use diet coke or coke zero :)

Havana Club - accept no substitute!

posted by Simon Bolivar @ 09:57AM, 1/13/08

Forget using any other spirit. Havana Club is the official base for this classic cocktail. I find the clearer unaged versions mix best with the sweetness of the coke.

Never, never drink this with Bacardi. Second thoughts, never drink Bacardi period!

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