Four Horsemen #2 recipe

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Pour straight up.

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Four Horseman

posted by nick @ 12:30PM, 9/12/06

Wow, I had this as my first shot on my 21st birthday. Put me on my ass. Great time.
A Crowd Pleaser

posted by joiless @ 11:41PM, 9/13/06

Deeelesshus. Okay, really, it just tastes like horrible burning but it -will- put you down when you least expect it.
Good Shot

posted by -Josh @ 03:06PM, 11/23/06

Hell of a shot for birthdays, Sauza Commeritivo Tequila is good as well.
Four men of death

posted by Leslee @ 01:17AM, 12/28/06

The first shot I had on my 21st and I remember nothing after ingesting it. I saw pictures of the night's events of which nothing I can recall.... yikes. If you want to get drunk- here's the solution.
Bad bad bad

posted by tex @ 05:06PM, 1/09/07

When I had this it was a ounce of each. Worst idea ever. Do not remember the rest of the night. If you wanna get fucked up this is the shot.
Four horsemen

posted by me @ 10:29PM, 1/10/07

I started my halloween party with one of these and 15 minutes later i was good to go... a good drink if you can take it.
Whoa.. just whoa.

posted by Rachel @ 03:14AM, 1/18/07

I had this at a club with friends one night - taste is awful but it DEFINITELY gets the job done!! If you want to get fucked up fast have a few of these!!

posted by Sarah @ 08:25AM, 1/23/07

Well I love whiskey so that's probably why this is one of my favorite shots. Feel the burn! You'll always have fun with Jim, Jack, Johnnie, and Jose!
A Wedding Reception Disaster!

posted by Johnny Red @ 03:28PM, 1/23/07

After ingesting a number of beers and sissy-sounding shots... I asked the bartender to pour me something a bit stronger... he suggested the Four Horseman... After four of them (double shots) I was on my ass.... Great shot!
Not for the weak of heart

posted by TWM @ 03:49AM, 2/20/07

Only for those that ENJOY gettin piss-hammered... it'll put hair on your chest and make your boobs grow a full cup size.

posted by Josh @ 03:52AM, 3/04/07

This stuff is the best... I love the burning spice, it tastes great and its amazing bang for your buck at the bar. It will get you drunk for relatively cheap, I recommend it to anyone.
Rule of thumb...

posted by JP @ 08:00AM, 4/23/07

Yes this shot will put you on your ass. Had two of them for my 21st and out of all I drank that night, those two were the worst and did me in. Rule though: Don't give this shot to anybody unless you've had one yourself, thats the only way you'll actually enjoy that person taking it.
I am Invincible

posted by Dumbass @ 01:41AM, 5/21/07

After two double shots I thought I could take flight. So I launched myself from a two story window. Needless to say the ground won that fight.
Birthday suit Marathon

posted by Lacey @ 04:23PM, 6/13/07

We bought my friend 5 shots for his 21st and he escaped from our house butt ass naked and ran around the neighborhood with us trying to catch him. We couldnt find him until in the morning when a cop came to our door b/c the next door neighbors found him passed out naked in their house...
Alo, Nebula. Komo Kepeltu.

posted by Timmyah @ 04:57PM, 6/29/07

This is great for watching David Firth's Salad Fingers and Spoilsbury Toast Boy. These will get you hammered fast. They are kinda like the old school sleeper shots that hit you all at once. It's great.

posted by Mauser @ 12:56PM, 8/27/07

Some indian dude bought me this on my 21st birthday. Was yelling, "YOU A MAN YET, BRO?!" And I was like, "OH HELL YEAH!" So he ordered me one of these and everyone was telling me not to. Drank it, no problem at all. Actually had two before I switched to vodka and sprite, but the entire night, I never felt drunk enough. I've been drinkin' since before my parents were born though. ;D

posted by lucimansz @ 02:26PM, 9/28/07

HeHeHeHeHe!! Thats what I kept doing after I had 3-4 of them one night!! Not for a very long time though! You eventually crash. 1 horsemen, 2 horsemen, 3 horsemen, floor!
Great Memory

posted by Stout @ 02:03PM, 10/23/07

We had all had a good bit to drink when the bar tender graciously gave this shot free of charge to my loud mouthed buddy. I have never seen anyone fall like a tree in the middle of a bar before. It was about 10 mins after he slammed it down, proclaiming his supreme manhood, he went face first into the floor. Thank God his hotel room was just across the street. He had to be carried away. Great drink.
Wrong recipe

posted by Tim @ 01:17PM, 11/04/07

It's supposed to be the 4 J's: Jack, John, Jim, and Jameson.

posted by Bimmer @ 02:55AM, 11/06/07

This drink is good, taste is not great but g'damn will it get you. It will hit you when you least expect it and they gang up and hit hard lol.

This drink is def. a good one to have atleast 1x when your out.

posted by Lush @ 06:48PM, 2/02/08

I drank 3 of these one night. Never again, I blacked out for hours. The four horsemen will fuck you good.

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