Gin and Tonic recipe

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Highball Glass
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2 oz gin
5 oz tonic water
1 lime wedge

Pour the gin and the tonic water into a highball glass almost filled with ice cubes. Stir well. Garnish with the lime wedge.

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Gin and Tonic

posted by Dana @ 05:12PM, 8/23/06

Daaamn what a good drink.
Great Classic.....

posted by Crx_adam @ 04:32AM, 8/25/06

Great simple drink, just avoid salty snacks with it.
Gin and Tonics!

posted by Egan L @ 06:42PM, 10/12/06

Refreshing especially with a little extra lime and a bit of lemon too. I prefer a really dry gin and suggest most fans of bitter and sweet mixed drinks should do the same. I like Beefeater or Mrs. Smith's Sloe Gin, but if you like your gin a bit more "fruity" try Tanqueray or Sapphire
Martinez Bacardi Geezer

posted by MartinezGeezer @ 12:50PM, 10/15/06

Thank god for this.

posted by danno @ 01:46PM, 12/22/06

Classic, I cannot see why people say gin tastes like pine needles, it tastes like lime to me. Add a little tonic, bruised mint leaf and a lime to garnish and you have one delicious drink.

posted by chronic tonic @ 06:59PM, 12/24/06

Too much tonic in this, try a 2 tonic: 1 gin ratio. Add extra lime to turn this 5 into an 8.
First time making it

posted by stickbugg @ 09:18PM, 12/30/06

I didn't have any ice to pour this over, but the drink is bitter. Is it supposed to be so bitter?

I was using Schwepps and Bombay Sapphire.
Pine needles..

posted by sodomeister @ 04:24PM, 1/12/07

In my opinion bottom shelf gin does taste piney.
Great, a classic

posted by tonicwater @ 02:10PM, 1/27/07

Very refreshing and just perfect. I cannot believe how something so simple tastes soooo good. I like a muddled lime in the bottom of the glass for extra kick.

posted by Cre @ 01:08AM, 2/02/07

This can be the best drink if made with the best ingredients, especially high quality gin. My favourite is bombay saphire and squeezing the juice from 1/4 of a lime into the gin before mixing with the tonic gives the drink a tang but a smoother finish.
One of my favourites

posted by Marty @ 06:18AM, 3/01/07

Either plain gin & tonic, or with added bitters or lime juice. Has anyone else noticed that tonic water glows under UV light?

I guess some people might associate the juniper berry flavour of gin with pine needles, as they're both conifers.
Mmmm... Gin Tonic

posted by Capt.Morgan @ 08:49PM, 3/03/07

Not "Gin and Juice" but what a classic drink. This is a great ratio, enough to taste the Gin but not too strong.

posted by chloe @ 06:20PM, 3/18/07

Gin tonic is probably the shit right now.
Drink up!

posted by Drou @ 07:33AM, 4/12/07

My fave during hot weather. Mmmmm refreshing.

Sometimes I like to add a dash of Angostura bitters, and always use plenty of lime.
Great for hot summer nights...

posted by C4U @ 12:08AM, 5/02/07

Great and yet so simple !!! Absolutely loved it !

Idea: if you have a sweet tooth try 7UP instead of tonic ))) Can be nice for a change ;)
Refreshing club drink

posted by sayhellonsmile @ 10:22PM, 5/25/07

I fell in love with this drink at a club in chi-town called p.s. Chicago. This drink goes down smooth and is really refreshing when you need it. I like it made with plymouth gin.
Great even with cheap mixes!

posted by WKM @ 07:24PM, 6/23/07

Although I defintely prefer this as Tanq and a high quality tonic like schwepps, this drink tastes good with cheap parts as well! Seagrams gin + walmart tonic water is still good! And for a more limey flavor one can use a lime twisted gin.
Too much tonic

posted by JB @ 01:58PM, 7/07/07

I agree with the other dude who said this recipe has too much tonic. 2:1 works for me. Some of my friends even like it 1:1.
JT classic

posted by Serj @ 06:25AM, 7/25/07

Classic drink! I call it Jt. Actually I've got my own way to fix it. Hi ball of course, slice of a lemon, 4-5 ice cubes, 4 drops of lemon juce on ice, then pour Jin Gordon's only, make 2 inches level and top up with only Sweep's tonic! What a wonderful drink!!!
Make 'em 1:1

posted by Dave @ 02:47PM, 8/23/07

I GTs with extra tonic. I personally like making 'em with 2 shots of gin and 2 or 1 1/2 shots of tonic. I guess I just love the taste of the gin.

posted by Dave @ 02:49PM, 8/23/07

Oh yeah, I always use Beefeater dry gin. Its the best!

posted by Eddie @ 09:02PM, 8/25/07

Make with tanquers rangpur and tonic add no lime. Pour over ice. You don't have to spend drinking time cutting limes. Just drink and enjoy.
Use real tonic and not too much

posted by g thang @ 05:55PM, 8/29/07

A lot ot tonic in the usa is now 'diet' with aspartame instead of sugar--insipid. Get real tonic and just add a bit of that to your gin. For gin use gordon's or beef....bombay sapphire has a great color, but it ain't for a GT, amigos!
shalom, biyaches!!!!!
Reverse It

posted by Zach L @ 01:38AM, 9/06/07

Do about a half cup of Tanqueray to a splash of tonic water. It's just as good, and much more potent!
Try 10 & Tonic

posted by zackly @ 02:56PM, 9/18/07

I love Tanqueray 10 & a good tonic, especially in the summer. Fill a tall glass with crushed ice, squeeze 1/2 lime, making sure to invert it so the oil from the peel is released, pour in gin to about half filled & top with tonic. Fire up a big Monte Cristo and count your blessings!
Need the lime!

posted by superturnip @ 09:42PM, 9/21/07

For me, gin and tonic is only good with lime. Most brands of tonic are too sweet for me, the more bitter the better.

@ stickbugg: yes, it should be bitter.

@ Marty: Quinine, the chemical that makes tonic bitter and makes it tonic, is what fluoresces.
Perfect G&T

posted by brainfreeze @ 03:45PM, 9/22/07

Discovered that after putting in the ice , gin , tonic and lime and giving a stir, put a MICRO splash of gin on top.. A flavor explosion on the 1st taste..
A little more lime

posted by Joseph007 @ 03:48PM, 11/12/07

I really like these, but I prefer more lime. I generally put a half of a lime in mine, then mash it all up.
Tanqueray and Schweppes

posted by asdf @ 01:48AM, 11/27/07

Nothing beats the heat quite like it

posted by Mice @ 11:40AM, 12/11/07

the worst drink in the world. i'd rather drink booze strait up than GT.
GT and a fine cigar...heaven come to earth

posted by Joe @ 10:34PM, 12/28/07

I love Gin and favorite drink, hands down. But, add to that a nice quality cigar, a dimly lit room and some smooth Jazz music...well, need I say much more?

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22.7 g

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