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Mix sugar, water and angostura bitters in an old-fashioned glass. Drop in a cherry and an orange wedge. Muddle into a paste using a muddler or the back end of a spoon. Pour in bourbon, fill with ice cubes, and stir.

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An old man's improvement

posted by Fletch Lives @ 08:09PM, 6/23/06

Instead of adding water, add about 2 oz Perrier. It adds a nice zing to a great drink.
Old Fashioned

posted by Old Mr. Boston @ 06:37PM, 7/15/06

Use bar sugar.
Sprite tastes better with everything

posted by Trayce2671 @ 01:39AM, 7/20/06

I think almost all drinks requiring water or whatever... taste MUCH better with sprite.
Old Fashioneds!

posted by Marlene @ 09:46AM, 9/09/06

My dad always used Old Overholt rye whiskey when making these and instead of water he used lemon and lime soft drink. These are the greatest!!

posted by RuneLancer @ 06:26PM, 10/29/06

Ahhh, finally someone posting the real, traditional recipe to an Old Fashioned. People who top off their cocktails with soda water should not be allowed to mix in the first place. ;)
A sweeter alternative

posted by 0ption @ 03:06AM, 12/17/06

Omit water. Top off with ginger ale.
Old fashioneds should not be stirred

posted by B. Kleinricht @ 09:52PM, 12/18/06

I was always taught to not stir an old fashioned. The beauty of the drink is to begin with the whiskey and finish with the sweet and bitter combination at the end of the drink.
Old fashioned

posted by ScottW @ 12:54AM, 1/03/07

This was Grandpa's favorite drink, and one I enjoy very much. I use essentially the same recipe, but I don't muddle the cherry, just use it as a final garnish. Use only enough water to dissolve the sugar, then add bitters and muddle w/ orange slice, then add the bourbon & ice. When I make them, the glass is just over half full. If you're only satisfied with a full glass, then by all means double up the recipe but for Gramp's sake, please don't fill it with soda water.

posted by Laura @ 12:44PM, 1/19/07

For some reason very few bartenders can make these... I should forward this recipe to the idiot that made mine last night with lots of ice and seltzer in a nice cognac glass... arg!

posted by me @ 06:31PM, 2/14/07

This is the greatest recipe ever.

posted by Bob @ 03:13PM, 3/30/07

That's not the original recipe. The original recipe had no mushed cherry or orange- it's a lemon peel and you should never use soda.
Old fashioned

posted by Jenni @ 01:26PM, 4/06/07

I prefer my old fashioned sour instead of sweet with Brandy, very tasty!
Recommend WATER

posted by Bill Spain @ 07:29AM, 5/20/07

My favorite cocktail, when made correctly (good luck finding a bartender that will). Why on earth would you want to make it sweeter with Sprite?! Just seems it would wreck the flavor of a good bourbon. I'd suggest trying this recipe with Labrot & Graham's Woodford Reserve, or the always reliable Knob Creek. I also suggest that you DO muddle the cherry, as the flavor of bourbon and cherry is a classic combo.

posted by Laura @ 10:01PM, 6/01/07

I liked thie recipe quite a bit, and will make mine accordingly from this day forward. I am a "newer" bartender myself, and find all the negative comments about bartenders that don't make old fashioneds "properly" to be disgraceful. Have we lost all sense of patience? In my bar book, it actually says not to muddle, and to top with soda - point being that drinks can be made SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS, and not all bartenders are taught all of them. If your bartender doesn't make you your drink the way you like, ASK THEM TO MAKE IT ACCORDING TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS! The good ones won't be offended, and you might just make every future old fashioned drinker a little happier by passing on your knowledge!
Simple Syrup

posted by SomeDude @ 09:59PM, 7/29/07

This is one of my favorite cocktails, I've tried it several different ways and this one is pretty close to the best. As with any good cocktail it provides a good frame for the liquor and enhances it's natural characteristics while reducing it's harshness.

I personally use simple syrup instead of sugar and water, and delay adding the cherry until after the muddling (mangled cherry corpse floating in your drink is not that appealing) and soda water should NEVER come anywhere near your Old Fashioned. It's a real shame that there are bartender guides that still include soda in their recipes.
Patience redux

posted by Steve @ 07:44PM, 9/01/07

Thank you Laura for posting what i wanted to say to all these Old Fashioned drinkers who are sooo dissatisfied, though apparently unable to communicate with a bartender what it is they would like different about their drink.
Best Old Fashioned recipe:

posted by J. Jeffrey Donahue @ 01:22AM, 9/09/07

Is the one at this site with 1 oz of sweet vermouth added. Don't laugh, try it. The added sweetness neatly balances the drink.

Under no circumstances should club soda, ginger ale, Perrier or anything else that sparkles be added. If your bartender serves you a sparkling Old Fashioned you have been cheated.

The best way to get an Old Fashioned you like is to perfect your own recipe then instruct the bartender on how to make "your" Old Fashioned. This will avoid you being served a Bourbon & Soda when you order an Old Fashioned. Also, ascertain whether the bar has Angostura bitters when you order. Relatively few bars stock Angostura bitters anymore and you cannot make an Old Fashioned without Angostura bitters. If your bar does not have Angostura bitters order some other drink besides an Old Fashoned.
Add sweet vermouth --> get a Manhattan

posted by JR @ 08:28PM, 12/08/07

I agree that sweet vermouth goes great with this. However, that drink is distinctly known as a Manhattan, minus the muddled orange.
muddle, muddle, toil and trouble.........

posted by Tomcat @ 09:04PM, 12/09/07

I muddle without the cherry and add later. Soda, yes, but just enough to top off (no more than 1 oz.). At least 3 oz. of Kentucky bourbon: Early Times has a nice bite that offsets the sweetness.

And please, have at least 3 or 4...
Vermouth "Additive" ?!?!

posted by Captain Stubing @ 09:12PM, 12/09/07

If you do that all you have is a skewed Manhattan. While it's an excellent drink, I believe an Old Fashioned should be left without it. However, I fully agree with everyone that if one is ordered and it's not to your liking, send it back. I've made an acquiaintance of many by talking to them about cocktail preparation.

Has anyone used powdered sugar and water in lieu of simple syrup? I prefer to enjoy my evening cocktail at home and don't use Simple Syrup enough for it not to spoil. It lasted about 3 months but I went to use it and finally saw mold.
Better than the one in my book

posted by Seaking @ 05:45PM, 12/11/07

I make an Old Fashioned with simple syrup and DO NOT MUDDLE oranges or cherries. I don't want bits of things in my drink. Instead, I peel an orange over the glass and express the oils into it. And add the orange peel and cherry last. Also, I add a dash or two of Regan's Orange Bitters (of course, don't forget the Angostura). Bourbon is always Maker's Mark. Never add soda.


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