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Old-style recipe for this popular drink. The coconut cream needs to have the right consistancy, some find the alternative, coconut milk to be too thin, however you can add condensed milk to coconut milk to bring up it's thickness. Add pineapple juice if desired.

3 oz light rum
3 tbsp coconut cream
3 tbspcrushed pineapples

Put all ingredients into an electric blender with 2 cups of crushed ice. Blend at a high speed for a short length of time. Strain into a collins glass and serve with a straw.

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Pina coladas are delicious

posted by ilda @ 12:12PM, 5/02/06

This is the bomb it is very delicious and it tastes wonderful, I love it!!!
Coconut Milk vs. Coconut Cream

posted by jbasil @ 10:44PM, 5/06/06

I made this using coconut milk, as in the recipe, and it was virtually undrinkable. When I blended it, the coconut particles separated out into a thick crust on top of the pineapple / rum. I noticed most other recipes call for coconut cream. I will try that next time.
Pineapple juice

posted by form the tropic @ 06:30PM, 5/07/06

Where is the pineapple juice? Add a tbsp of condensed milk also.
Finishing touches

posted by Tom Jacobs @ 08:57PM, 5/07/06

As per the coconut milk separating... try a few different things, one is light coconut milk, shake the can like crazy before you add it. (I think this drink is way better with it and don't put any ice in coconut milk, and less fattening.) Also, use frozen pineapple and much less ice. I buy frozen pineapple chunks and don't put any ice in. Last thing, add a squirt of fresh lime juice.

posted by Inalbis @ 01:25PM, 5/08/06

A nice drink. The second time I've done it, it came out just fine. I used chunks of fresh pineapple, and its important to blend all the ingredients together in the electric blender. I'll try diferent ingredients too, since the pina colada from the bottle tastes really better so far...
Compare and contrast

posted by Katey @ 08:19PM, 5/20/06

I've only had VIRGIN Pina Coladas. I had one sip of the this recipe and I must say, they can taste pretty good.
Captain Morgan

posted by Mr. Morgan @ 09:01PM, 5/20/06

Captain Morgan rum is the best for this!
Add vanilla ice cream

posted by Miata @ 08:39AM, 5/30/06

Add vanilla ice cream when blending and put in the freezer. It makes a very delicious pina colada ice cream. I reckon Malibu is the best to use because it has a hint of coconut. What else do you need?
Real recipe

posted by Rosie @ 06:27PM, 5/31/06

This recipe is all wrong. I'm from Puerto Rico where we know how to make good pina coladas. You need Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, lots of ice, pineapple juice, and coconut cream. The coconut cream is the key to a really good pina colada.
Modifications if you've already bought the ingredients listed...

posted by SimbaNala @ 07:01PM, 6/03/06

The original recipe as listed needed a lot of work to be served as the only mixed drink at a Hawaiian-themed wedding shower we threw. It was pretty tasty with 1 cup ice, 2 oz. rum, 1.5 oz coconut milk, and 4 oz. crushed pineapple. We agree with many of the other comments, including trying it with Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and cream of coconut.
Best recipe

posted by Mariah @ 03:36PM, 6/04/06

Pina coladas are really good. I went to my friends party one time and the guy used ice, pineapple juice, and coconut milk. It was really good. I think coconut cream is better but if you don't agree have it your way.
The Best

posted by Manuel @ 02:31PM, 6/07/06

Pina Coladas made our party go with a swing. I will be making them again soon!
If you're lazy and can find it...

posted by LJ @ 01:16PM, 6/14/06

For the coconut freaks, it really depends on taste.. some like more pineapple, some like more coconut.. here's a tip for the lazy who wish to use "additives" mixes... get TGI Friday's pina colada with rum.. then add more rum ( the rum you enjoy with it ) along with 2 tbspoons of diced pinapple, coconut rum OR cream OR milk, depending which agrees with you... then ice... then the fancy shmancy dressings.. and toss in the blender and give it a whirl...

It is hard to find mixes that taste good... also it's hard to find someone who knows how to make a real good pina colada... i'm still trying like mad to make the best i've ever tasted..

Oh yes, watch out for mixes that smell more like shampoo than something edible.

posted by EO @ 09:04PM, 6/17/06

Great with Flor de Ca±a Gran Reserva (7 year).
Help for the Pina Colada Recipe

posted by Joan @ 07:36PM, 6/22/06

The recipe is basically good and adding condensed milk makes it creamier but try adding 5 tbsp of pineapple juice or crushed pineapple instead of 3 and you can use almost any rum you have as I used rum from the Virgin Islands which had a strong flavor and it was only slightly detectable as it should be.

posted by Pina gal @ 09:19PM, 6/23/06

I absolutely love pina coladas!!
For a lighter version

posted by Jenny @ 10:18PM, 6/30/06

I like the sweeter taste of the cream of coconut but not the calories. So, try coconut flavored non daily coffee creamer instead. Its a little harder to find than the more common flavors, but persevere. I also add a splash of sugar free cocunut syrup for a little stronger coconut flavor. I agree with those that like a little more pineapple too.
Pina colada

posted by Dianna @ 03:50PM, 7/07/06

I make the BEST pina colada around!! I put coco. milk or coco. cream [doesn't matter which] and chunks of pineapple with the juice and vanilla icecream and ice into a blender and whiiirrrllll . It's a guarantee you're gonna LOVE it!!
Add vanilla ice cream

posted by Dianna @ 04:08PM, 7/07/06

The secret to a creamier pina colada is putting in the vanilla icecream. I think the pina colada I make is the best there is. I simply put in coco.milk or coco. cream (doesn't matter which) along with crushed pineapple w/ the juice and ice and blend it on high! YUMMYY. I don't put alcohol in it as I don't drink alcohol but you can put some in if you like.
Virgin Pina Colada

posted by Rosio @ 12:54PM, 7/14/06

Vanilla Ice Cream makes a big difference. I tried several recipes. The best of all is crushed pineapples (very cold or frozen), vanilla ice cream and the one and only coconut cream. Blend together and enjoy! YUMMY.......
Can you use coconut rum?

posted by ard @ 10:26PM, 7/15/06

I was wondering if it tastes the same with coconut rum?
Don't Let Komo Make Pina Coladas...

posted by Josh @ 07:02PM, 7/20/06

...although he's a bartender he really sucks balls at making pina coladas. What the fuck is his problem?? God damn it!
Not sweet enough :(

posted by ecoMaus @ 05:22PM, 7/27/06

Tried this recipe with fresh pineapple and it turned out not sweet enough. The rum dominated. Better try with coconut cream and pineapple juice next time! Believe me!!!
Coco Lopez

posted by Freshuan @ 07:56PM, 7/27/06

Use COCO LOPEZ for all coconut drink recipes, you will never even try anything else. Oh, and take it out of the can and put it in the fridge so it hardens a bit before blending. Enjoy the heavenly paradise
Try this!!

posted by David M. Haff @ 10:57AM, 7/29/06

Use Bacardi Dark Superior. This rum has an old fashion flavor is is a really smooth sipping drink. Use a 2/3 a cup of crushed pineapple, 4/3 a cup of Coconut cream, and 8 Oz of the rum. my blender is a little over six cups and just put it all in ther and keep adding ice until the blender, on its highest speed appears to stop bleninding. These are not stong drinks and the blender is usually full to max when finished.

posted by flo @ 07:00AM, 7/30/06

Serving this drink

posted by Bartender Bill @ 03:45AM, 8/03/06

Get a coconut shell for serving in, and an umbrella for looks... then put it in the fridge and serve cold with shaved cocunut and small chunks of pineapple thrown on top. And for sure use the Coconut cream. NO ICE CREAM.
Cup of Frothy Goodness!

posted by Pina Hoover @ 03:07PM, 8/05/06

My man just made me a pina colada, and damn is it good! It's just as good as when my man gives me something else I love. Creamy! White! Delicious! I could drink these all day every day. In fact, I think I'm going to do just that.
Great combo

posted by Dave Harlow @ 03:11PM, 8/05/06

Try the above recipe and add some spicy chicken wings to snack on while watching "Animal House." It's a great way to spend a saturday morning!!!
Bacardi Mixers in your frozen section

posted by Stepha @ 04:27PM, 8/06/06

I think these are pretty good too! I like to add some ice cream and pinapple rings to float on top for me to chew on.

The best pina coladas ever though where on Grand Bahama Island across from the Westin Resort, they chopped the coconuts in half emptied them out and made it w/ all fresh ingredients and gave u the coconut to chew on as a snack.

Freshest is always best - but I think those frozen ones are best.
Fresh is best

posted by Das @ 06:57AM, 8/22/06

Best pina colada i had was in cuba and made with fresh coconut and pineapple mixed with ice the just add as much rum as you like !!
The Bahama Islands recipe

posted by Lawman @ 05:12PM, 8/22/06

1/4 cup each of;
Meyers dark rum
pineapple juice
half and half
coconut cream

Toss mixture into a blender, and add 12 ice cubes. Top it off with a cherry. Guaranteed to FUP.

posted by Amanda @ 10:27PM, 8/25/06

My favourite!!
Pina colada recipe

posted by Rachel @ 02:53PM, 9/03/06

I absolutely love pina coladas. When I go to my private club, the bar maid doesn't have to ask what I want, she already knows. That's all I drink. I absolutely agree with the person from Puerto Rico who takes credit for her country being the originals in Pina Coladas. I changed the first recipe to the Puerto Rico one.
Still have not found it

posted by Shorty @ 01:22PM, 9/23/06

I have tried this recipe and it still does not taste right. Everytime I make it, it taste watery. I will try the condensed milk. For some reason when you order it in the resturants it is much creamier and coconuty. I have yet to find an excellent recipe.

posted by Dude @ 12:59AM, 10/06/06

I cut up a fresh pineapple and used fresh coconut milk from a coconut.

I used about:
5 tbsp of pineapple
4 tbsp of coconut milk
1/3 cup of Bacardi superior
1 and 1/2 cups of ice.

Blend it up, pour it into a glass and let it sit for a minute. Then enjoy!

posted by dude @ 04:02PM, 10/06/06

The coconut cream truely is the secret ingredient. Last week we couldn't find it so we just used the coconut milk from the recipe... needless to say we were dissapointed after having several restaraunt pina coladas. This week we finally found coco cream and it is MUCH thicker than the milk. Not the same stuff at all.
Ah yes...

posted by ozzzmmr @ 03:13PM, 10/15/06

Pina coladas are delicious, expecially luigi's italian ice pina coladas... they're so perfect, so flawless, and I hear if you consume more than 50 of them you can get drunk so it's just as good. And who wouldnt want to have 50 luigi's italian ice pina coladas? I know I would... pina coladas are god, tied with the shirley temple (non-virgin of course). It's a shame that tupac considers revenge the sweetest joy next to gettin' pussy, cuz pina coladas are better then sex.
Pretty good

posted by Weekend Experimenter @ 11:57AM, 10/17/06

This was okay but I agree it's best with coconut cream. For a quick and good Pina Colada, although not authentic; Bacardi Frozen Pina Colada and follow the recipe but use Bacardi CoCo rum instea of light Bacardi. Then put Edys Pineapple/Coconut Ice Cream and serve with fresh pineapples & of course a cherry. Like I said not authentic, using store bought frozen PC but it's effective.
Slight improvements

posted by Flycastin1 @ 06:03PM, 10/18/06

Use cococut cream instead of coconut milk and top it off with whipped cream outta the can, perfecto.
Needs coconut cream

posted by subhuman85 @ 05:01PM, 10/25/06

Without coconut cream, it's not a Pina Colada. Use about 1.5 oz of canned coconut cream, 2 oz of rum (white or dark, your choice) and 2 oz of pineapple juice or 1 cup of pineapple chunks. That's all you need.

posted by yea @ 10:57AM, 11/02/06

Try coco lopez coconut cream instead, it has a good recipe in the back too.
Red Lobster Pina Coladas

posted by Sherry Clark Thomas @ 11:52AM, 11/14/06

Can anyone tell me what goes into the Pina Coladas that they make at Red Lobster?

posted by bunny @ 04:49PM, 11/16/06

I love this drink. I use bought pineapple & coconut mixed juice for when im in a hurry!
Pina colada

posted by eric ortega @ 03:58PM, 11/20/06

This is great it was so good man. I loved it more than anything. You have to try it and you would die for it.

posted by Mr. Smee @ 08:03PM, 11/22/06

This recipe is simple and very tasty!

posted by Robert @ 08:06PM, 11/22/06

I really drank it. It was GRRREEEAAAT!
Condensed milk

posted by Ray @ 06:14AM, 11/23/06

Try adding 3 tbsp of condensed milk to make it thicker and sweeter.
Add Strawberries

posted by M.S. @ 02:28PM, 12/03/06

I added 5 frozen strawberries, reduced the ice to 1 cup, and used pineapple juice(about4 tblsp) instead of crushed pineapples. This made a great drink!
Good and easy pina colada with flavored rums

posted by joyfromGa @ 02:19AM, 12/08/06

2 oz coconut rum and 1 oz pineapple rum (I like Cruzans) add as much or little pineapple juice, cream or condensed (to ur taste).. pour over ice in blender and blend.. delicious.
Ice Cream

posted by Apolonia @ 10:34PM, 12/23/06

I agree with the vanilla ice cream suggestions, it definitely made the pina colada frothy and sweet...not watery at all. The recipe listed is ok for a mediocre pina colada but for an awesome one try pineapple juice, vanilla ice cream and coco Lopez. The ingredients will not separate as they do using plain ice in the ingredients.

posted by Jack @ 04:00PM, 12/28/06

Great recipe but it would be helpful to give liquid measurements in mls because nobody other than Americans know what you mean by an oz.
Lovely Jubberly

posted by Del Boy @ 04:30PM, 12/30/06

Instead of some rum, you can use Bacardi.
Some chunks of pineapple, Followed with some coconut cream or milk, plenty of ice, throw all that in the blender. Pour into a glass, and top it with an umberella, PERFECTO!!! Lovely Jubberly.
Pinas recipe

posted by barista @ 02:06AM, 1/03/07

Fab cocktail... also you can add a splash of triple sec to add some kick to the drink... yummy!
Milk vs cream

posted by Thunderchild @ 03:40PM, 1/21/07

I think they taste better when mixed with Coco Lopez cream of coconut. The coconut milk makes the drink too thin.
Too much ice

posted by samsneed @ 06:05PM, 1/25/07

Use fresh ingredients. If you have a good blender, add coconut shavings. Almond slices also give it good mouth feel for nutty people. But the fresh pineaples are required. I also tried the condensed cream. Will be using this recipe in my resturaunt instead of the bottled stuff we have been using. Will let you know success in the summer.....
Secret Ingredient

posted by Monique @ 11:25AM, 1/28/07

Sangster's Coconut Rum Cream - Do yourself a favor and replace the coconut milk in this recipe with rum cream.
Best drink

posted by Ryan Mills @ 06:34PM, 2/16/07

This is the best drink i think i have ever had, it was nice and sweet but also was smooth. very good.
Try this variation

posted by yesuthasen @ 09:06AM, 2/19/07

Put the soft flesh of a tender coconut through a blender and substitute for coconut milk and add a dash of tender coconut water... delicious and creamy.
Pina Coladas

posted by Clifford Duffy @ 04:17PM, 2/19/07

Awesome drink. I'll have lots of it!

posted by coconut @ 05:35PM, 3/03/07

oooh la la this is one spiffy drink! alli could say was yummy!!!!
Pina Colada recipe

posted by JKB62 @ 08:34PM, 3/07/07

When in Mexico, we had Pina Colada's served in a whole pineapple, garnished with toasted coconut and sprinkled with cinnamon. Yum!
Great combo indeed

posted by CocoBreath @ 10:28PM, 3/08/07

"Try the above recipe and add some spicy chicken wings to snack on while watching "Animal House." It's a great way to spend a saturday morning!!!"

What are ya, an alcho?
Like it

posted by Emily @ 10:47PM, 4/04/07

If you like the syrupy sweet pina coladas most restaraunts serve than you might not like this recipe. Personally, I think it's great. With all natural ingredients and no added sugar it's better for you than the premixed crap. I used light coconut milk, not as much ice and a few drops of vanilla. Yum.
I've had better

posted by tom @ 08:42PM, 4/05/07

The recipe tasted a wee bit watery, added some coconut cream and dark bacardi then it'd be better. Bet even coco rum might be tasty in it.
Add the orange juice...

posted by Cobbweb @ 10:32AM, 4/06/07

I learned from locals on Eluthera to use equal portions of PC Mix or Coconut Cream, rum, orange juice and pinapple juice and a few fruit pieces, with the condensed milk. Blend with ice. Add the touch of the cherry.
Needs sugar? Vanilla extract

posted by c_girll @ 06:41PM, 4/15/07

I was surprised to know I already had all the ingredients in my house! I mixed it up.. Needed sugar.. Then I added some vanilla extract and then it was PERFECT!
Good stuff

posted by tyler @ 03:06PM, 4/26/07

I'm a sucker for pina coladas! and this was pretty good! (and to make it really good, use twice as much dark rum)
Better (for you) recipe!

posted by dncrgrl23 @ 03:18PM, 4/30/07

The best way to make this drink is with crushed pineapple, light rum, light coconut milk, simple syrup (sugar & water solution), and coconut extract for extra flavor. Then freeze it in the freezer (scraping periodically) or use an ice cream maker to get the slushy consistency without diluting the drink with ice. This is MUCH healthier than using cream of coconut and also very tasty. One can of Coco Lopez has 75 grams of fat, 67 g of those being saturated fat!! More fat than you should consume in a whole day in just a couple of drinks. I make pina coladas for my friends all the time with this recipe and they love them.
My first pina colada

posted by Neil @ 08:18PM, 5/01/07

This friday i'm gonna make my first pina colada, just bought a new blender for this purpose, so im excited, anyways. After reading all the comments, i can see what is wrong with some of the methods. First off, the reason some methods are watery, or separation occurs, is because you need at least ONE ingredient that is thick, and/or creamy, this will give you the right consistency. The options are coconut cream, and some others such as, ice cream, half and half, condensed/evaporated milk. The coconut cream seems like the best choice here, and its what im gonna use, or i may try half coconut cream, and half coconut milk, and adjust from there.

Second, you need an ingredient that's gonna make it taste good. I would use the pineapple and its juice, plus either coco cream, or coco milk, or both. I'll throw some ice in the blender too. I will use the suggested light rum, i think. For presentation, you could add a pineapple slice to the rim of the glass, and throw a cherry on top, and serve with an umbrella and straw. Those are my thoughts, i'll come back friday or saturday with the results.
Another version

posted by Charlotte @ 10:08AM, 5/08/07

5.5 oz can of pineapple juice
3/4 c. half and half
1/2 can cream of coconut
10 ice cubes

Rum as needed.

posted by Pina Colada Fan @ 05:54PM, 5/17/07

I added a bit of Splenda and voila, it was perfect. Otherwise it all depends on the natural sweetness of the pineapple, which is crucial for an excellent Pina Colada. Taste before adding sweeteners of any kind though. I also used a dry and light premium rum.
Not too bad...

posted by Tryn for the first time @ 05:53PM, 5/27/07

We used 4 shots of coconut milk, 4 shots of rum, fresh pineapple, vanilla ice cream and ice, and blended it together in the blender. Not terrific...but not too bad, either.
Where is the pineapple

posted by alwaysworking! @ 10:38AM, 5/28/07

You do not need pineapple juice if you use fresh pineapple. I use the juice from fresh pineapple after cutting it up! This was a great recipe, and my husband also enjoyed this one!
Wrong Glass

posted by rabbit @ 08:53PM, 5/28/07

I think its meant to be served in a colada glass not a collins glass.
Vanilla ice cream!

posted by Kim @ 06:07PM, 5/29/07

Add a little vanilla ice cream and it's more like dessert! I found this to be the big secret at Grady's who use to make the best pina coladas around... less ice and add ice cream.

posted by Kris @ 02:56PM, 6/02/07

Try a sprinkle of fresh grated nutmeg on top, that's how they do it in the British Virgin Islands. Yumm!
Better Recipe

posted by Big Bartender @ 10:27PM, 6/10/07

Instead of gettin all that hard stuff, I just use Malibu Coconut Rum, half/half, some sugar, and pineapple juice, tastes great.
Block Party Runner-up

posted by BP @ 04:27PM, 6/14/07

I followed this recipe for a block party competition & nearly won!! I only lost because my presentation was baad (and yes presentation counted). Anyway, that was last year, I'm coming back this year with a BANG!!

Same recipe, just eyeball it, you'll be fine. I used a few real coconuts just to say "It has real coconut milk" but I also used the canned coconut milk. I can't see how people are messing this up?!
The Best Pina Colada Ever

posted by SLH @ 06:17PM, 6/24/07

I just came back from Puerto Rico and had the best Pina colada ever. The birthplace of the drink is a restaurant called Barrachina back in 1963. It is still up and running right in Old San Juan. Why mess with a good thing. It was great tasting, equally coconut and pineapple and just right in the sweetness.

posted by joe @ 07:42PM, 8/06/07

Whats the best way to get it nice and frothyyyyyy???
My version works for me.

posted by Kiwi @ 06:48AM, 8/11/07

In a Blender,
2 Cups of Ice (less or more depending on how thick you like it)
1 oz Bacardi Light Rum
1 oz Malibu Coconut Rum
1 oz Coco Lopez Coconut Cream
2 oz Pineapple Juice
1 oz Heavy Whipping Cream (put in last)

Blend well, makes enough to fill about a 16 oz glass.
Give peas a chance

posted by magnus sex-question? @ 04:33PM, 8/11/07

Great drink! We didn't have any ice so we garnished it with frozen peas...was grand.
A little something.

posted by Tom @ 02:03AM, 8/23/07

Main ingredients: (RUM), chunky pineapple can, coconut cream (milk), and sugar (cane juice). Take the coconut cream and boil it on medium fire. Add sugar until the cream taste sweet. Make it a bit sweeter because the pineapple will dilute it. After the coconut cream is ready, pour in ice and pineapple and the sweet coconut cream. Cooking the cream will make the coconut finer, so it isn't thick.
Barrachina in Old San Juan

posted by nanomatrix @ 07:10PM, 9/01/07

We were down there about 5 years ago. I still remember sitting under those green umbrellas in the courtyard in the late afternoon. Those were the best Best Pina Coladas I have ever had. I also remember how completely smashed we got. They were so smooth and refreshing in the late heat of the day...
Pino Colada

posted by Bill @ 04:19PM, 9/12/07


posted by Ben @ 03:04PM, 9/17/07

Try using Malibu Tropical Banana for the rum. It makes the best pina!
The Best Pina Colada

posted by mpd @ 07:45PM, 9/24/07

Pineapple juice
dairy cream

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Nutritional Information

(per 6 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

8.4 g
93 g
4.9 g


10.8 g
0 mg
52 mg
34 g

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