Whiskey Sour recipe

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Sour Glass
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2 oz blended whiskey
juice of 1/2 lemons
1/2 tsp powdered sugar
1 cherry
1/2 slice lemon

Shake blended whiskey, juice of lemon, and powdered sugar with ice and strain into a whiskey sour glass. Decorate with the half-slice of lemon, top with the cherry, and serve.

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Ice is Required

posted by blagdon @ 11:20PM, 5/28/06

All components should be mixed well otherwise it tastes grainy.
Whiskey sour

posted by mosneath @ 10:39PM, 10/20/06

What if you used sour mix instead of juice of lemons etc.
Whisky Gimmer

posted by Paul Jones @ 04:40AM, 12/05/06

I like Whisky Sour but prefer the Gimmer.

1 measure whisky
1 measure fresh lemon juice
3 measure tonic.
Sweet and sour

posted by Nelson @ 04:21PM, 1/23/07

One of my top 5 favorite drinks. Sweet and sour mix can be replaced for the juice of lemons (~1oz. or less of sweet and sour.) The sugar is a nice touch, but I prefer to go without.
Whiskey Sour

posted by subu @ 10:42PM, 2/26/07

I love this drink! Be carefull not to drink it too fast!
Pure and simple pleasure

posted by J.M.Paris @ 03:58PM, 4/22/07

An old favorite, still and always a winner.
Sweet and sour

posted by adam @ 03:03AM, 4/26/07

Sour mix is good but the recipe above is best for your more quiet sophisticated establishments.
Try it with Jagermeister

posted by Spanked Every Morning @ 09:14PM, 5/04/07

Substitute half of the souring juice (lemon, lime) with Jagermeister, two teaspoons of vanilla extract, one drop of chiptle tabasco, and 2.5 teaspoons of powdered sugar. Please please please shake very well.
Yes Sir

posted by Jack D. @ 03:41PM, 5/16/07

If I were to know anything at all, it would be that whiskey sours fuck me up somethin fierce-like.

posted by Rachel @ 11:09AM, 6/01/07

Dbl. Whiskey Sours are an amazing thing, they are delicious and they happen to be my favorite drink, except make sure you drink a lot of water after drinking dries the tongue out mighty fierce, dont want to be smooching and have a rough tongue.
Do the Right Way

posted by Richard St. George @ 10:38PM, 6/06/07

Sazerac Rye, 90 proof, in the beautiful bottle (right out of your favorite Western, the one the grizzled bartender sets in front of John Wayne) makes the quintessential whiskey sour. Damn good recipe. (Spanked every morning, by the way, shoiuld be spanked all day for that emetic he posted ... Jagermeister? tabasco? ... vanilla extract ... jeez I don't know what it is but it ain't a sour).

posted by Shelly @ 07:16PM, 9/25/07

I prefer to use jack with my whiskey sours who else does!?!?!
Drink of Choice

posted by Toby @ 01:11AM, 9/26/07

I drank a ton of these on a cruise ship. So darn tasty!

Sometimes I had a cocktail onion instead of a cherry.
Drink of Choice

posted by Toby @ 01:13AM, 9/26/07

I drank a ton of these on a cruise ship. So darn tasty!

Sometimes I had a cocktail onion instead of a cherry.
gammas sour cough syrup

posted by HesseWolf @ 04:10PM, 10/06/07

when ever i got sick as a kid my gamma would take a half lemon a half shot of whiskey and add honey till it was thick as cough syrup.
it all adds up too one happy seven year old woowooot
Wow wow

posted by renae @ 11:26PM, 10/08/07

I had this drink for the first time and then made it for my housewarming party and everyone loved it and now when we have get togethers everyone wants me to make them lol
Whiskey Sour

posted by Frankie @ 10:18PM, 10/17/07

Whiskey Sour was really good. I was not sure what a whiskey sour glass is to use.
Best Blended

posted by boss @ 11:29PM, 12/16/07

Get a blender... add 1 can lemonade concentrate and then refill the concentrate can about 3/4 full of whiskey (more or less depending on how strong you want it) and add. then refill the can about half full with 7up and add that to the blender. finally, crack a raw egg into the blender and mix it up. serve over rocks or blend with ice for a frozen whiskey sour. the egg makes it nice and frothy, delicious!
LAID BACK DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

posted by Joanna @ 09:03PM, 12/31/07

I think this is the best drink..but do not drink so fast because it will creep up on you.

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