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Put them all together and mix it with a lot of ice. For big parties use more of each and mix in a garbage can.

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posted by TD @ 05:11PM, 6/22/06

Cheap, and tasty drink for a big party....

Add some sprite for an extra fizz...
Da Fruit!!!

posted by Joe Bob Fieny @ 10:24PM, 7/11/06

Cut the fruit up, and let it soak in the alcohol by itself. Then put the fruit in the mix. As you drink, eat the super alcoholinated fruit!

And I use Smirnoff...
Garbage can?

posted @ 04:43PM, 7/20/06

It's better to put it in a huge beer cooler... wash it out first of course.

posted by TORI @ 02:41PM, 8/16/06

We use 100% grain proof alcohol for this instead of Everclear.
A better kick

posted by Louie @ 04:32PM, 9/04/06

To add a better kick and more volume add more fruit punch and use the green hawaiian punch and add sum gin.

posted by RJ @ 11:44AM, 9/25/06

When I make hunch punch we use a bottle of everclear....2 handles of vodka and coconut rum. Cut up apples and soak them be so good!

posted by GCoop @ 02:11AM, 11/30/06

I made this for a party w/ an all black theme and I mixed a blue fruit punch and red hawaiian punch, w/ ice and, sprite everclear and it came out black. It was a big hit w/ everyone there and it got people DRUNK!!
A Hood Party Tradition

posted by ThaRealBigMike @ 05:34PM, 12/26/06

This drink is a standard at every hood party I've ever been to or thrown. I can't give it a 10 because I don't necessarily like the taste but IT'LL GET YA DRUNK! Plus the fruit is good. My roommates use pineapples and the everclear and Hawaiian Punch soaked fruit is great...
Want a kick

posted by Lee @ 12:38PM, 1/01/07

We used golden grain 190 proof, vodka 100 proof, cherry koolaid, we also soaked the fruit in the vodka. Wow, this will give you a buzz.
Dude wtf

posted by dramatic @ 11:27PM, 1/19/07

I got arrested because of this drink.
My first hunch punch

posted by baby @ 07:56PM, 4/20/07

90 something percent everclear
hawian punch
and strawberrys

i was so tore up

good drink though

have fun ;]
Outdoor parties

posted by andrea @ 01:09AM, 5/12/07

Put it in a keg. that's what the NGCSU folks do.
Hunch punch is good

posted by what? @ 11:51AM, 5/27/07

We did this with mountain dew instead of fruit, so you're all hyped up and drunk at the same time.
WAH DA....

posted by UGA kid KAPPA SIG HOE! @ 10:08PM, 5/27/07

Probably the best college drink in the world, because its so cheap and easy to make. PLUS it WILL lay you on your ass. Especially when you run out of beer and use hunch punch for beer bong, and flip cup.

posted by BM @ 01:06AM, 5/30/07

I'd like to remember what happened that night period!!! Awesome drink, but never to that extreme again...;))

posted by Steve @ 10:33PM, 6/04/07

Use 2 bottles of everclear to one gallon of fruit punch.
Improved recipe

posted by megan @ 06:54PM, 6/06/07

For a big party what we do is get a 5 gal gas/portable water container and put in:
one bottle of everclear/golden grain
one bottle of captain morgans
2 bottles of hawaiin tropic SUGAR FREE
one carton of SUGAR free sprite
one bottle of DIET sprite
fruit if you have time to let it sit over night and soak

All the sugar free stuff keeps you from getting dehydrated quickly and helps prevent that hunch punch hangover. You cannot taste the alcohol AT ALL, but two glasses will make even a grown man's speech slurred. I pretty much graduated college with a degree in hunchpunch.
Better than ever

posted by Vikky @ 07:22PM, 7/28/07

Cut into cubes
Watermelon (absorbs more than any other friut)
Grapes for color
1 bottle rum
1 bottle vodka
1 bottle Parot Bay
1 large bottle Hawwian Punch

Let fruit set in liquor over night. Put fruit with leftover liquor in either large bowls or cooler. Add punch until fruit is covered with juice.

To serve, scoop out fruit into cup and add juice ontop. Use a straw and fork!! I make this at every party and the people love it and there is never any left!

posted by n/a @ 07:16PM, 8/26/07

This drink will get you drunk. you will be nailin' fat girls in no time.
oooh yeah...

posted by Ashley @ 01:55PM, 10/17/07

We usually do this for BIG parties b/c its easy.. i usually use everclear, vodka, pink lemonade powder and hawaiian punch... everyone loved it and were wasted.. the lemonade made it not so sweet.

posted by andrew @ 10:58AM, 10/23/07

Is there any recipes for specifically orange colored hunch punch for a halloween party?

I want to make enough for about 10 people.

posted by C @ 03:09PM, 10/24/07

If it's made like on a thursday night but you cant put it in a refrigerator to keep it cold, will it still be ok to drink friday night? Or what about leaving it outside where it's cold over night?

posted by chris-o-tron @ 12:04AM, 11/05/07

I've never been so drunk. Nobody told me how much alcohol this stuff had in it and I had two glasses and a six pack and was on my ass.

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