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1/2 cupplain yoghurt
1 1/4 cupscold water
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tspfinely crumbled mint

Blend in a blender for 3 seconds. Serve cold.

Lassi is a south indian drink, and one of the easiest things to make. There are many ways of making it, but essentially it is buttermilk (yoghurt whisked with water), and you can choose almost any consistency that you like, from the thinnest to the thickest.

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Lassi is a not south indian drink

posted by Ann @ 05:03AM, 5/04/06

First of all, Lassi is not a South Indian drink. It is a Punjabi (North Indian) drink. Secondly, almost all versions of Lassi contains sugar, which is even not mentioned here :-( , and thirdly, lassi is usually thick.

I think the one mentioned here in the recipe is the "Sambharam", or the buttermilk drink.

posted by Tamil Nadu @ 03:14PM, 6/04/06

I spent four months in Chennai, and I was under the impression that lassi IS a South Indian drink. Those South Indians love their curd. But I'm sure they might have simply appropriated it from the North.

Down there it was either "Sweet" or "Salt"...up North I had "Banana", "Chocolate", and any number of other fruit Lassis, which I much preferred to the traditional sweet and salt lassis.
Lassi is now more a south indian drink

posted by Paris H @ 03:36AM, 6/26/06

Lassi originated in punjab and still popular in north india. But now it is more a south indian drink. In south india a lighter salted lassi is almost a staple. sweet lassi is a recent invention; it is heavier and almost a small meal by itself.

posted by Kerala queen @ 07:29AM, 7/20/06

Had lassi in Kerala and Goa sweet, salt and fruit. I was assured that lassi is a south indian drink.
Udupi Lassi

posted by Gavin @ 02:20PM, 7/29/06

If it isn't south indian, they certainly make them the best in the south. The best variation come from Udupi (mecca of S. Indian cuisine). They make a salt lassi with a very small amount of finely chopped green chili along with the cumin seeds, etc. The crisp, flavor and burn of the green chili balanced out by the coolness of the lightly salted yogurt is heavenly. I think I'll go make one right now.....

posted by tafti @ 11:15AM, 8/17/06

As far as my knowlege of Lasi goes, it can be sweet or salty and if salty obviously will not contain sugar. My father ran a Restaurant in Bombay for 40 years and that's how I can say with confidence.
Lassi in Malaysia

posted by Rani @ 12:52PM, 9/12/06

I have had Lassi in Malaysia. It was made with yoghurt, water, cumin, salt, finely chopped onion and finely sliced green chillies, delicious chilled.
Origin of lassi

posted by sam @ 04:50AM, 11/21/06

When you say its from north india you are saying it originated there.

Lassi is found everywhere of course even in bangladesh and pakistan, but the origin remains the same.
Lassi and Chaas

posted by Abhy @ 09:47AM, 5/06/07

Lassi (north Indian) is normally sweet or salted, but both types are thick. The one mentioned in the recipe, if made thin is called "Chaas" , if made thick would be called "Salted Lassi". The Lassi in north India...on Dhabaa is very thick, and as rightly mentioned almost a meal in itself.

posted by Nishal, Kerala @ 12:45PM, 5/14/07

It's 100% south indian and is popular especially in Kerala..
Lassi, lassi, lassi.....

posted by Daniel @ 05:38PM, 5/28/07

Oh, the mango lassi's I've had during the heat of summer all across India...... delicious. Does it matter if it's north or south, east or west? It's something every Indian can be proud of!
You are all wrongggg

posted by curryh8r @ 12:42AM, 6/02/07

Lassi is a pakistani drink which is the most delicious in pakistan....
Who cares?

posted by Jim @ 03:16PM, 6/22/07

Don't you have better things to do than bitch about where this drink is from? None of this is constructive.

Try it. If you like it... great. If not, don't make it again. It's as simple as that.
How unfortunate

posted by Eknath @ 03:34PM, 6/26/07

Too bad the first commenter had to derail the comments section with her false know-it-allness. The lassi drink originated outside of india thousands of years ago, as the drink "ayran", or "tan". probably coming about as a way of trying to lengthen the life of yoghurt with salt. When it made its way to india, it was, like all things assimilated into india, taken and made into its own wonderful and different thing. Long live the lassi.
lassi is indian, no distinction :)

posted @ 10:11PM, 7/17/07

I'm from the Philippines and all i can say is that I love lassi. Got to taste it in Mumbai, KL and Singapore and now i'm looking for it here in Manila's Indian community.
Lassi-A God Idea- Stop bickering

posted by George-Toronto @ 01:09PM, 8/05/07

Stop fight about Lassi's origination. leave pride, selfishness and bickering where it belong. Cow, milk and mango and whatever else is God's idea.. Its not a Paki idea, a blackie idea, or a whitie, a philipe. Just enjoy the blessed drink and thank God for it.
can also be made sweet...

posted by california_zin @ 06:20PM, 8/21/07

... or with mango or other fruit.
Bhang lassi

posted by J bhai @ 02:43PM, 9/15/07

And for those of you who aren't living in a country where this is illegal....grind up some of your best indica ganja...mix in with the other ingredients (preferably as a sweet lassi).....drink and and sit back and watch the sunset blur into the rest of the sky.......... boomsh!
Rice drink

posted by James @ 07:12AM, 9/25/07

Is there an indian drink that is derived from Rice ?

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