Lava Flow recipe

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Blend banana, coconut cream, and pineapple juice in a blender and set aside. In the bottom of a hurricane glass, stir together both rums and strawberries.

Pour banana/coconut/pineapple mix slowly into the glass. The strawberry/rum mix should creep up the sides of the glass to make a wonderful looking (and tasting) summertime cocktail!

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The best drink ever

posted by Eric @ 09:43AM, 5/25/06

The best drink ever. Just got back from Hawaii and tried one over there. Couldn't get enough. My wife doesn't drink much but stayed lit all the time drinking lava flows. I am a beer drinker but could drink these all the time.
Bloody awesome

posted by Marc @ 01:06AM, 5/29/06

This drink is the shiznit.. best drink i've ever had.. only bit of advice is the make sure the drink is icy cold.. either make the 2 halves and put them in the freezer for a while, or just through some ice into the blender when your making it.. but like i said, awesome drink!
Instead of WOW say knnnnooooo!

posted by Dude in Hawaii @ 04:47PM, 6/02/06

Esta conjon la cosa. Dude this drink is totally knarly. Im drinking one right now and im totally rippped!
Hawaii's best lava

posted by The hawiian honeymooners @ 01:11PM, 6/09/06

This drink is soooooo good. We are just back from our honeymoon and this drink is the best ever. We had to look up this site to get the recipe so I could get my now husband to get the ingredients on the way home. Hope it is as good as we remember!!
Also in hawaii

posted by Kem @ 04:21AM, 6/14/06

Oh my, what a cocktail next time have it in a pineapple.
Back from Maui

posted by rj @ 09:55PM, 6/15/06

Awesome drink! We drank it the whole time we were in Maui, and we can't wait to serve it at our parties!
Hawaii resident

posted by Leah D. @ 02:24AM, 6/23/06

Ho Yah!! Lived on the Big Island of Hawaii ALL my life and only found the drink while living in Kona temporarily. Couldn't get enough of it!! For non-alcoholics, it is SO delicious without liquor as well!!
Da Best Drink Bra

posted by Drew 93 @ 10:49PM, 6/25/06

Dude I live in Hawaii and when I moved here I had no idea what the heck a Lava Flow was but then I went to "Paradise Cove" (a laua) and the bar tender recommended the Lava Flow, I tried it.......and HOLY COW it was like drinking heaven itself! I LOVE LAVA FLOWS!
Happily still married after 7 yrs

posted by CS&SS CT @ 03:25PM, 6/28/06

My husband & I were introduced to the delicuous flavors of the lava flow when we were in Hawaii a little over 7yrs ago on our honeymoon. Besides celebrating being married and soaking up the beauty of the islands lava flows are some of our great memories of the time we spent in the tropics!!! They are awesome!!!!
Best drink I've had

posted by Ronda in CoosBay, OR @ 06:19PM, 6/28/06

Just got back from Maui and after drinking it. Being a bartender, I decided to start promoting it.
You have to try this one

posted by S. Ives @ 01:59PM, 7/03/06

Just got back from Hawaii (this is my second time) And you have to try out this drink if you have never had one.. I discovered them when I was in Kauai a few years ago and they are the bomb!!
Hawaiian Anniversary

posted by Dave & Jean @ 10:34PM, 7/05/06

We went to Hawaii for our anniversary, and had this drink out there. The best tropical drink we have ever had. We are having a Hawaiian party next weekend and this is going to be the only drink served.
Hanging on Wiakiki Beach

posted by Canadian visitors @ 08:57PM, 7/08/06

Just got back from our first time in Hawaii .. these drinks are to die for ... its hot here today where we live so out we went for all the ingredients and we are going to sit back and enjoy......
Waikiki Vacationer

posted by MMF @ 01:44AM, 7/09/06

New Hubby is a beer drinker but LOVED the Lava Flow!!

posted by Drea @ 12:33PM, 7/20/06

This drink is amazing....but the recipe didn't include the crushed ice. I suppose you can make it without, but it doesn't give the same effect.
Gone To Maui

posted by Claire @ 09:32PM, 7/20/06

Just got back from 3 weeks in Maui and loved Lava Flows!! Ordered them Virgin for the young kids for their daily needed calories!!!
The beaches of Waikiki

posted by MAC @ 03:50PM, 7/26/06

My husband and I went to hawaii in February, and we sat on the beach in Waikiki and had Lava Flows all day. They are soooo good. The best part is that you can't taste any alcohol so you keep on ordering them until you can't stand up tp make it to the bar for another. I love make them at home. This recipe is exactly like the ones we had in Hawaii!
Duke's Waikiki

posted by PMC @ 04:06PM, 8/14/06

Just got back from a trip with family, OMG what a great drink, tried to describe to friends here, so I will just make it instead. Great job Duke's!
Put it in your mouth

posted by THO @ 02:06PM, 8/19/06

Unbelievable drink, I am so glad I found this recipe. I have been craving a lava flow ever since I got home from Maui. Can't wait to make.
I Ruv Rava Frow ;-)

posted by sisa @ 05:21PM, 8/26/06

I as well would be a bigger beer drinker. But going to hawaii made me had one of these drinks EVERY day... while my friends and i were there, we would jokingly say "i ruv rava frow" instead of "i love lava flow".... so kudos to rava frows! i miss hawaii.......... aloha!
Hawaii I miss you

posted by iris @ 04:15PM, 8/29/06

THIS IS THE BEST DRINK EVER!!! I even brought it to a local bar here in Houston...its not the same.
My Hawaii Drink

posted by Amanda @ 05:51PM, 9/13/06

I love this drink and have been craving it since I got back from vacation! So happy I found a good recipie!! :)
Back from Hawaii

posted by damaof @ 09:22PM, 10/01/06

I just got back from our honeymoon in Hawaii. As a non-alcohol drinker, I started to love lava flow and was trying to search the recipe on internet - basically this is how I found this place.

Lava flow is to be mixed into my good honeymoon memory and I will definitely make some at party to share with friends.

posted by Cheryl @ 03:03PM, 10/12/06

Best drink I have ever tried. I don't like beer, champagne, wine, etc. But now have an aloholic beverage that just flows!!! It is so good. Wished someone would make me one locally.
Old Lahani Luau's Lava Flow

posted by Elizabeth Moreci New Orleans, La. @ 02:34PM, 11/02/06

Had my first Lava flow while at the luau. Had 5 more, and that's all I drank for the rest of the cruise. LOVE IT!!!
Waikiki Vacation

posted by Barb @ 11:34AM, 11/12/06

Just got back from Hawaii vacation. Tried this drink while on the Sunset Dinner Cruise - WOW!! I ended up drinking 4 of them. They as much of PARADISE as Hawaii is. Will keep drinking them now that I am back to the mainland.
Friday's Fantasy

posted by Lava Flow Lover @ 02:51AM, 11/21/06

I tried one at T.G.I. Friday's once and it was great. Definitely my favorite drink now, everytime I go back to Friday's I get one with the meal.
Ko Olina Honeymooners

posted by Colleen @ 11:47AM, 12/11/06

BEST drink that I have ever had. So good that you don't know when to stop drinking them.
Shaka bra!

posted by Rosso @ 12:09PM, 3/09/07

Yeah bra i lived on the island for a four year tour and wow, just cant get enough of them, now the only thing is to get the bartenders in florida to know how to make them.

posted by Elizabeth @ 04:37PM, 3/09/07

I also just got back from Hawaii and tried my first lava flow there. I am not much of a drinker, but i loved this drink! UMMM UMMM!
First time to Hawaii

posted by Sarah @ 10:20AM, 3/17/07

I went to Hawaii for the first time in December 2006 and the only drink that I was really hooked on was the lava flow..It was great. I tried other drinks but by far this one was the best. I am usually a beer drinker but I have changed to fruity drinks!! In fact I think that I will be making some tonight.
The Hawaiian Lava Flow

posted by Karretta @ 12:09PM, 3/31/07

I'm from Hawaii and now reside in Kentucky. No one here knew how to make the drink. The only thing I'd recommend changing is the Malibu Rum. I prefer Parrot Bay Coconut Rum. Alittle bit more expensive but much smoother and more of a quality rum.
Lava Flows are the bomb!! Enjoy people!!
Maui Rocks

posted by ryan @ 09:41AM, 4/19/07

This drink is amazing, i'm normally a beer drinker but when I went to maui I had one of these and loved it!!! This drink is a must if your heading to Hawaii!!!!
It's amazing!!!!

posted by Jennifer @ 06:29PM, 5/03/07

Oh my gosh! This drink is like totally amazing. I had to make do with what I had here at home, since I can't afford to go to Hawaii; I read about this drink in a book that I read, based on the show Monk. The book is called Mr Monk Goes to Hawaii. It sounded so good, so I decided to make it here. It was difficult though since I didn't have either light or the Malibu coconut rum. I had to make do with Bacardi Puerto Rican. I've made it maybe 5 times now. It's the most amazing drink. Every time I make and drink one, I think I'm in Hawaii.
T.G.I. Friday's

posted by mccall @ 01:18AM, 5/22/07

I loved this drink when i ordered it! OMG. It's a must AGAIN AND AGAIN.. this has got to be my favorite drink now.
Hawaiin paradise

posted by Tina -washington state @ 02:00PM, 5/28/07

I just returned from maui last night! Went there for my cousins wedding and loved it there. I could move there - I miss you hawaii....

I am not a drinker but I tried a lava flow on my first night in hawaii while everyone else had a different drink and I fell in love with it and am hooked. The rest of my party tried mine and they also were hooked and thats all we drank the rest of our 10 day stay. Best drink ever.......
Gets the juices FLOWING

posted by Joe @ 01:33AM, 6/08/07

Had this a couple years ago on my honeymoon in Hawaii. Simply the best. [ You can imagine the rest ;-) ]
Even Locals Love it

posted by Monica @ 04:53PM, 6/21/07

I'm a Local girl and have had a lot of drinks, but I had my first Lava Flow at Paradise Cove Luau when I brought some out-of-towners there. I ordered it first with the alcohol then decided to try the "virgin" version. Both versions of this drink were refreshing and some ONO!
BubbaGumps in Kona

posted by Dubbslayer @ 04:10AM, 6/24/07

I had my first Lava Flow at BubbaGumps while visiting my mom in Kona. That drink is awesome! BubbaG's in Santa Monica CA has good ones too. "The Islands Restaurant" also serves good Lava Flows and some other really good drink that is similar to a LF, but it tastes only like bananas and rum.. I can't remember the name of the drink, but it had the word Anchor in it!

posted by eileen m. @ 08:23PM, 6/28/07

Just back from the islands of hawaii - i am not a drinker - an occasional pina colada did it - these lava flows got me! So good - only thing a little better was the lava lava flow.

posted by Kim @ 02:03PM, 8/10/07

My husband & I went to Maui for our honeymoon in '93, the bartender @ Embassy Suites gave us his 'secret recipe' for the Lavaflow. I lost the recipe recently and found the exact same recipe right here, in '93 it was just starting, and now who would have known that it has become a very big hit !!! I would like to thank the bartender (whoever you are) that was in the Embassy Suites in 8/21/93 for this recipe !!! that is now know world wide. PS> my son loves the recipe without the rum.
Best flowing drink in Hawaii!

posted by Barbara & Alex @ 01:36PM, 9/02/07

My husband and I went to the Islands for our 25th wedding anniversary. After trying a few other drinks like the Blue Hawaiian, Mai Tai and The Itch, the Lava Flow became my favorite! I ordered the Lava Flow at every restaurant, bar and dinner cruise we were at (Kimo's, Duke's, Sonz', the Paradise Cove Luau, The Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Oahu - plus many more places). It truly made you feel like you were in paradise and pampered.

posted by Laura @ 02:15PM, 9/27/07

My husband and i went to Oahu in April for our 10th anniversary and tried the Lava Flow...Oh my gosh....To die this mixed drink i have ever had...If you ever go to Hawaii, get this drink....You wont be disappointed!!!
4 words

posted by Petros @ 03:18PM, 10/16/07

Duke Waikiki Lava Flow!
Kaneohe, Hawaii

posted by Marina @ 02:49PM, 12/09/07

I guess I have to pay attention more to my lava flows...for I never taste any banana's....and I live in Kaneohe. All I ever taste is the strawberries and coconut. I am starting to think they give tourists a different version than what I get...and I'm getting ripped off...

posted by DJ @ 07:51PM, 12/28/07

My husband and I just got back from Maui, celebrated our 30th. Had my first Lava Flow and they are simply the best drink ever. Even my husband loved it!!! Just found out how to make them so I will.
Favourite Cocktail!

posted by Mel @ 12:39AM, 12/31/07

We got married on Oahu, last year and went back for out first year anniversary. The best Lava Flows we had were at The Cheesecake Factory and die for!
Going to be making them for New Years Eve 2008, which is in about 7 hours....Happy New Years Everybody from Brisbane, AUSTRALIA.

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