White Russian recipe

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Old-Fashioned Glass
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Pour vodka and coffee liqueur over ice cubes in an old-fashioned glass. Fill with light cream and serve.

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Not bad...

posted by Daynger @ 01:58AM, 7/06/06

I just want to be like "The Dude" sooo bad that I have to like these.
Big Lebowski's drink

posted by avix @ 09:19AM, 7/23/06

I really like the drink, but I'm somewhat afraid of dairy drinks so it's rare I can drink them. Question: is this also known as a caucasion?
Feel like the dude

posted by The Dude @ 12:51AM, 8/06/06

It's like the best man.
'the dude'

posted by wanabe dude @ 12:59PM, 10/31/06

Yeah i agree to that comment the 'dude' is amazing i wanna be like him too =D

posted by janine @ 07:14PM, 11/01/06

This is one of my favorite drinks - I love it!
Dude or not

posted by Qualsiasi @ 11:33AM, 11/02/06

This is THE cocktail. Real men take it with little cream.
Love it

posted by Dj Mako @ 12:11PM, 11/07/06

"The Dude" has it right.

posted by Vodkadrinker @ 05:54AM, 11/09/06

...But i only wish it would improve my bowling!
Loved it.

posted by J @ 02:53AM, 11/23/06

Huge Lebowski fan. Never had a white russian until last night.. It was everything I dreamed it would be.

posted by Shaken @ 03:15PM, 11/26/06

...don't have tooo many of these as the milk-alcohol mix reaaaaally messes up your stomach...other than that I luv it.

posted by Spoof Master @ 09:06PM, 11/26/06

My favorite drink, I just forgot the proportions. This recipe is a good balance.
These are good!

posted by bjones @ 11:59AM, 12/04/06

Easy to make...delicious.
White Russian

posted by Fosh @ 06:15PM, 12/05/06

Try this with Vanila Vodka.

posted by Bob @ 08:20PM, 12/22/06

Without doubt my favourite cocktail. But better if used with vanilla vodka.
Mmmmm, so tasty.

posted by s.a. @ 07:19PM, 12/24/06

Can you do the Big Lebowski challenge? Drink one White Russian each time the Dude does during the movie--as well as smoke a joint every time he does. Hah! Good luck.
Re: Lebowski's Drink

posted by JimboGator @ 08:23PM, 12/24/06

It's Caucasian -- as in the anthropological name for white folks -- to distinguish it from the very different "Black Russian" drink.
The Dude

posted by El Duderino @ 09:20PM, 1/01/07

You know The Dude, or his Dudness, or the Duder, or El Duderino if your not into the whole brehvity thing.
"The Dude"

posted by Boyscout @ 02:40PM, 1/09/07

I call it "the Dude". I started drinking it after I saw 'The Big Lebowski"
Even better

posted by Kitty @ 10:14AM, 1/12/07

I'm a bartender myself and i find that shaking the ingredients up (in shaker with ice) then strain into chilled martini glass preferable.

posted by TheIceManDan @ 05:04PM, 1/20/07

Good drink, had 36 of them in one night......pretty rough night.
White russian

posted by Sergio @ 04:48PM, 1/21/07

Mamma mia! I love white russian 10/10!!! Very good! Ciao!
Only in the big lebowski

posted by idiot @ 01:25AM, 1/27/07

It's called a caucasian in the movie the big lebowski because that's what a pale skinned russian is. Pretty funny, i thought.

I love the white russian because it doesn't give you a low afterward. I once went ice skating in nyc and fell over and ended up with a permanent problem with my knee though. Don't show off if you decide to do what I did. :s

posted by matt @ 10:58PM, 1/31/07

I use skimmed milk, because thats what I have on hand and its just as good to me.
Far out man

posted by The Dude @ 03:43PM, 2/03/07

The Dude abides....
White Russian

posted by Jonny @ 08:30PM, 2/10/07

I've found that if you shake the cream and the vodka first (just a couple quick shakes) and then float it over the Kahlua, the presentation and the taste is twice as nice.
Sneaks up on ya!

posted by jarmor @ 02:59AM, 2/17/07

I did this with some baliey's irish cream and man...im soo drunk right now lol lol. Then I garnished it with some cinnamon just for presentation because once you shake up the cream it gets a good consistency so the cinnamon looks good on top of it. Of course I used more vodka than stated but hey...its a good drink!

Oh yeah I used godiva cappuccino for the coffee liqueur and lots more vodka which was Svedka whick is distilled 5 times, very smooth and not as expensive as you may think! Hell it has me up at 5 in the morning
I AM the dude of all dudes

posted by the dude of all dudes @ 09:46PM, 2/19/07

I think i win here because i discovered this drink on ACCIDENT, used to call it a TonTon(my nick name), and then someone was like "dude that's just a white russian"
and i felt so pissed that I didnt really invent it, but just accidentally discovered it...
Either way, fuckin good drink man.
Chicks with ----- drink

posted by Albert @ 03:43PM, 2/23/07

We love this one!

posted by Ashley @ 05:55PM, 2/23/07

Can u substitute the light cream for milk or something?

posted by Alies' @ 01:50AM, 3/08/07

That's our national drink. Belarus means White Russia and Belarusian means White Russian :)

I like to have it in the winter with warm cream.
Top cocktail

posted by Steve-o @ 01:31PM, 3/10/07

The Dude got me onto these, I take mine with half milk half cream, kahlua, ice, and WELL shaken, not stirred

posted by holly @ 06:29AM, 3/11/07

It's like the man says, I never seen the queen in her damned undies .
Kahlua the best

posted by pigor @ 05:26PM, 3/11/07

Not with a simple "coffee liqueur", but only with Kahlua is the best!

posted by Justin @ 11:49PM, 3/11/07

Has to be my favourite cocktail. I like to replace the milk with Bailey's.
The Dude Abides

posted by Keiran @ 06:47PM, 3/12/07

Best drink ever. Period.

posted by -=The T=- @ 04:38AM, 3/25/07

This one is soooooooooooo great..i love it..

posted by Princess @ 10:51AM, 3/29/07

This drink really is tha bomb! Love it!

posted by O'Ryan @ 07:20PM, 4/01/07

Excellent drink! Yes, AKA: a caucasion in The Big Lebowski. I noticed The Dude mixed a white Russian with powdered non-dairy creamer at one point in the film. Classic drink in a classic movie.
Smooth and Sexy, No not me, the drink

posted by Paulos the Greatos - UK @ 07:24PM, 4/01/07

Real men have this with full fat milk, it gives the drink a harder edge. The cream makes it too smooth, a bit like Baileys Irish Cream. Try it if you dare!!!!
The Dude abides

posted by Elizabeth @ 04:15PM, 4/05/07

Clearly, the Dude is the chief reason I've had one. And I liked it.
The dude

posted by crush @ 06:54PM, 4/07/07

Hey, careful man, there's a beverage here...
Another caucasion please

posted by the dude @ 07:18PM, 4/08/07

Man I hate the eagles.......
Hey, careful, man, there's a beverage here!

posted by Drou @ 09:54AM, 4/12/07

I can't drink these to get drunk, but they're fun. Like dessert in a glass.
The Dude

posted by T @ 11:53PM, 4/16/07

Awesome! That and the Dude is my idol
The dude brought me here

posted by Bill @ 12:55PM, 4/21/07

Rofl, I watched the big lebowski the other day and that's why I've come here like many others before me. I've now stockpiled vodka and coffee liqueur.
Real men

posted by nickchapman @ 02:47AM, 4/23/07

Seriously...if you are a tough guy...i'd say 1 oz vodka, 1/2 oz kahluah, and 1 oz cream. The vodka is so neutral that you can skimp on the coffee liqueur and still have a nice drink. Might even get by with 1/2 oz cream.

for a drink all seem to enjoy i do 1 part vodka, 1 part kahluah, and 2 parts 2%milk. i prefer 1 part creme, but when it is not available...
The best

posted by PrdiG @ 05:19AM, 4/24/07

The first time I had one of these, I fell in love with it so badly I had to drink it every mid-morning after my coffee... until I finished the bottle of Kahlua I had. Then I managed to restrain myself a bit better ;P
Little achiever

posted by jackvertical @ 06:45PM, 4/28/07

Having lebowski party tonight and going bowling, hope its good.

posted by Dani @ 04:39PM, 4/30/07

This is one of the best drinks I had at Spring Break 07!
Too sweet

posted by subhuman85 @ 01:40AM, 5/09/07

I'll never understand why people like these.
Dude's the man

posted by dude's brother @ 01:59PM, 5/10/07

Great drink as drunk by a great man.

posted by Dedicated follower of cocktails @ 10:53AM, 5/12/07

Substituting coffee liqueur for Baileys irish cream or Dooleys toffee vodka is a yummy way for non-coffee fans to enjoy the White Russian with a twist!
Like, thats just your opinion, man

posted by jon. @ 09:37PM, 5/25/07

Smokey was just a consciencious objector.

Either way, i'm about to have my first caucasian. Premixed, man, but i'm sure i'll get the jist of what its like to be the old duderino.
Use milk powder

posted by Joe @ 01:45PM, 5/28/07

Loads of ice and milk powder, a spoonful of sugar. Don't stir it with your finger like the Dude, blend it to an icy slushy consistency. If you've done it right it's thick and COLD. Best ever.

Drinking one now.
Love em

posted by Ash805 @ 03:18PM, 6/01/07

This drink is the shit!
Try this

posted by j_boy @ 07:53PM, 6/01/07

I make them with goldschlager instead of vodka and it tastes like cinnamon toast crunch.

posted by ima @ 05:42AM, 6/16/07

the BEST dudes!

posted by Big Pete @ 10:36PM, 6/16/07

In several ours of making these things, you easily get a hang of the ratios. So delicious. I got my entire vacation house hooked on these things. The Dude was right in choosing this drink.
Top 5 drinks, maybe number 1, maybe

posted by me, not you, me.. @ 04:13PM, 6/23/07

What a great way to become an alcoholic.
The best way

posted by hands down @ 09:35PM, 6/28/07

Once you try this with the Starbucks coffee liquer, you'll never drink anything else again.
Life is a bear.

posted by Homer jay "D'oh' @ 05:39PM, 7/04/07

Hey, Im from holland. Still need to try the drink dude's. Dont know if I should cause not drinking to much beer is allready a mission that is quite hard to accomplish. Love the Dude, love the simpsons and love my dad.
Like dude

posted by Valerie @ 09:50PM, 7/18/07

Yes, white russian = caucasian.
Ever hear of the Seattle seven?

posted by wait...what? @ 12:19AM, 7/22/07

yeah, that was me.

and... six other guys.

/great drink
You're all wrong

posted by head bartender AUS @ 04:48AM, 8/03/07

That is not a white russian. Try 30ml kahlua, 30ml 42 below vodka or a lower shelf one if you dont have it. This with 1 tsp of freshly wipped cream should be shaken n poured into a tall cocktail glass and milk added 2 desired strength. Garnish with dollop of cream and a chock wafer.... thats the s h i t......
First Time...

posted by Oat Soda @ 05:53AM, 8/19/07

Am gonna be having my first white russian within hours whilst watching football! wish me luck! THE DUDE ROCKS!
This is the king of mixed drinks

posted by Crimson @ 11:48AM, 8/25/07

I had my first white russian the other night at a party.

1 part vodka
1 part kahlua
1-2 parts milk or cream (depending on desired strength)
Top it off with some ice.

Mixed ingredients in a shaker lightly and served in a chilled glass.

Best drink I've ever had.
Use creamer powder in a pinch

posted by Dude Jr. @ 05:48PM, 9/05/07

The Dude uses coffee creamer powder when the real thing is not available.
Something different

posted by arbe @ 07:39PM, 9/14/07

Has any one ever had a Red Russian?
I use equal parts of half and half and skim milk

posted by Eva the Diva @ 04:21AM, 9/28/07

These are my staples anyway and skim milk alone sucks! If you want to get bombed double up the recipe and add bailey's like the other guy. Black Russians also do the trick if you are lactose intolerant. Enjoy DUDES!!
The dude abides...

posted by Peter @ 11:24AM, 9/28/07

Turned 21 earlier this week, never got around to having one. I think tonight will be filled with more then one for me!

Fortunately, I'm adhering to a pretty strict, uh, drug, uh, regimen to keep my mind, you know, uh, limber.
Yo Dude

posted by Keith @ 08:52AM, 10/14/07

1 part Kahlua, 1 part Vodka, 1 part milk. Mix and enjoy. A simple drink to make and even simpler to enjoy. Great for breakfast.
White Russian

posted by The Dude @ 04:12PM, 10/15/07

The dude abides.
Vanilla Stoli a must.....

posted by Ivangorod @ 11:02PM, 10/31/07

A few people here have suggested using vanilla vodka instead. Listen to them. Without a doubt this makes the drink a 10 instead of a 9. Just make sure to find a vanilla vodka you like. Personally I would suggest Stoli or Smirnoff. UV sucks horribly!
Kahula? Tia?

posted by M @ 02:42PM, 11/05/07

What would you guys say is better for a WR? Tia Maria, or Kahula?
The Ultimate Sipping Drink.

posted by Dano @ 04:04AM, 12/02/07

The White Russian isn't meant to be a "let's get drunk on this" drink. It is a drink to sip and enjoy in all its goodness. Just like The Dude is laidback so should you be with this great drink!
Oh yeah...

posted by Hidee @ 05:54PM, 12/12/07

I like this drink with Van Gogh Espresso Vodka, Kahlua and cream...yummie. And my husband enjoys my buzz as much as I do...

posted by A Northside "Dub" @ 07:29AM, 1/14/08

Great fun last weekend drinking pints of WR. The best ever!

posted by robert @ 02:36PM, 1/30/08

Nice just to sip and relax, looking outside and enjoying the fire inside.
Missing light cream?

posted by Anonanomie @ 11:42PM, 1/30/08

3 parts milk
3 parts vanilla ice cream
(microwave and stir until melted)

3 parts vodka
1 part coffee liqueur

(optional) very light topping of chocolate syrup

posted by Bobo @ 12:25AM, 2/02/08

Try it with your french vanilla coffee creamer (ie CoffeeMate). Good schtuff.

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