Malibu Bay Breeze recipe

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Blend ingredients and serve over ice.

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posted by Joey @ 09:04PM, 5/10/06

Very Good! but you better be willing to drink a lot of them to feel it!
Want to get your lady loaded!

posted by Richie @ 12:27AM, 5/12/06

Tastes so smooth after 4 or 5 she wont know what hit her, but seriously it's my wife's favorite.

posted by Rainy @ 06:11PM, 5/28/06

Found a new favorite at a wedding recently - heard someone order it, looked good and I said "I'll have one of those too" and boy was I glad....I'm hooked! Delish.
Try it!!

posted by Ashan @ 09:31PM, 6/14/06

I drank this one few days ago when I went to NY. I love it so much and I miss it. So I search online see if there any recipe about it. Try it!
Line em up drink em down

posted by Skelli @ 09:37PM, 6/20/06

Excellent light taste, good mix of flavors, balanced by a complete ease of drinking.. smooth. Friend in Vegas ordered me one, and just kept them coming after that!
My favorite summer cocktail!

posted by Bee @ 08:44PM, 6/29/06

The combination of coconut rum, pineapple juice and cranberry juice is so delicious, it reminds me of the Caribbean. Give a few of these and a hammock on the beach, and I'm in heaven!
Malibu Bay Breeze

posted by Nancy Brideau @ 03:23PM, 7/17/06

Is there a drink called "Blue Suede Shoes" I heard of it and it was reg rum, malibu rum and diet 7-up.

posted by Sky 34 @ 12:28PM, 8/13/06

Can still taste the coconut-ish favour, the pineapple and the cranberry did not completely cover the taste...very nice.
You're all fags.

posted by Uncle Johnny @ 02:39PM, 8/18/06

It's's a girls drink guys if you're going to drink them all night...order them for your wife or girlfriend but you drink will save your manhood.
One after another

posted by yodie @ 12:05PM, 8/20/06

When I went to the bahamas with my friends, I couldn't stop drinking them! Yumm yumm yumm!
Another option

posted by Amy @ 02:10AM, 9/05/06

This drink is really yummy. If you have access to other flavors of the malibu rum, try it with the mango flavor! Even better!

posted by J&C @ 08:03PM, 9/07/06

Our new favorite! It's so good that we can't even remember what our fav drink was before this one. Love it!

posted by CGD @ 09:46AM, 9/26/06

Very good drink!

posted by Jess @ 10:23PM, 10/26/06

This drink is ALWAYS my top pick at the bars... PLUS it's easy to make... goes down smooth... and is enjoyable to drink!!! An all around awesome drink choice. PLUS... IT'S PINK!!!
The best cocktail drink for a girl!

posted by Mary @ 02:04AM, 12/10/06

I love this cocktail, I think that this is perfect for people who are not into the hardcore liquor, and it's also good for the young girls when they are at home with the family they can enjoy a little cocktail togehter with family. I think it's that this is the best cocktail ever, its very soft and smooth. I love it.
My Wedding drink

posted by Jonathan Santiago @ 05:45PM, 12/13/06

I had this drink served at my wedding 2 months ago. I think its one of my favorite if not my most favorite. Last night I prepared it, the only thing I changed on it was that I always use 2oz of malibu (it tastes a lot nicer).

posted by cdollar @ 09:07PM, 1/07/07

This is an excellent drink! It is smooth and not too strong.
Best drink there is

posted by G @ 07:24AM, 1/25/07

I love this drink!

posted by Ebuk @ 11:54PM, 2/06/07

I love love love this drink! It's so smooth and easy to drink. I love the fact you can't taste the alcohol!

posted by Tiffany in LA @ 03:55PM, 2/12/07

I had one the other night but it had grenadine in it.... try adding this to it.. it is soooo awesome, my favorite drink, you can also sub cranberry with orange.
Huge hit

posted by Jager @ 06:39PM, 2/28/07

Served this at a party, went over very well with everyone.. this drink is awesome

posted by rita @ 11:53AM, 3/06/07

I made pitchers for a superbowl party! It was the hit of the party!

posted by Kristin F. @ 08:19PM, 3/23/07

This is my favorite cocktail. I drink it on all occassions.
My New Fav

posted by Cheryl @ 01:49PM, 4/06/07

Started drinking this in Atlantic City.....and still drinking it back home in Ontario Canada....sooooooo good!!!
Very refreshing

posted by subhuman85 @ 07:42PM, 5/02/07

Great mix of flavors, sweet but not too sweet. I like to bump it up with a bit of white rum along with the Malibu.
Good stuff

posted by Andrea @ 08:35PM, 6/05/07

Try it with some Amaretto and Sweet and Sour mix for an added kick.

posted by Goomah! @ 02:32PM, 6/13/07

I tried it on my Vacation in Mexico and I couldn't stop... it was the best at happy hour cause they go down so smooth I could get a couple in before it ended!!!
Add something

posted by Jen @ 07:59PM, 7/18/07

If you add a little Triple Sec to this it is so much better and more potent as well.

posted by traci @ 08:59AM, 9/05/07

I recommend this drink to everyone and anyone.. it is the greatest. yum yum yum! try it, youll be happy you did.
Love It!

posted by Lisa @ 09:56PM, 9/05/07

Tried it at a wedding and now im hooked, theyre so good and they look very pretty also.

posted by heaven (Indiana) @ 04:32PM, 9/12/07

I usually dont do alot of mixed drinks, but I had this @ Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, and Im freakin hooked, its sooooooooooooooooooooo good!!

posted by Cheza @ 12:41AM, 10/04/07

Hmmmmm yummy yummy yummy a damn good drink!!!

posted by PT @ 11:41AM, 10/22/07

Had this yesterday at the Giants game tailgate. It's soooo good. I freakin' loved it!

posted by Big Moma @ 07:17PM, 10/26/07

This is a great drink. Malibu Rum is a drink that you can mix with basically anything. If you can handle it try it straight on the rocks.

posted by Smonique @ 09:53AM, 11/03/07

Tried this drink at a retirement party. This is a nice smooth drink that doesn't get you tipsy but keeps you smiling.
Can't go wrong!

posted by hans @ 09:29AM, 11/15/07

I went to an open bar recently, and had only these all night! I don't get tired of the delicious taste...not too too sweet but still girly and yummy! And after a few you can start to feel it :)
Love It!

posted by Big Momma @ 08:37PM, 11/23/07

like omg prob. the BEST DRINK EVERRRR!!! like me and my friends were just sipping on these and watching sex in the city it was like totally awesome OMG
You bunch of lushes..

posted by Joe Stalin @ 07:05AM, 12/14/07

All this shit about "I wish I was on a hammock in the Carribean drinking these"...what a crock. You'll probably be knocking these back in some after-work hell-hole where bad music is playing incredibly loud, and the television has the sound turned down -- and that's not paradise, that's oblivion, kids. After 5 or 6 of these, you won't care if the hammock is in Aruba or your mom's fucking yard!
Christmas Eve

posted by Cary @ 07:30PM, 12/24/07

I was searching for a drink for this Christmas Eve and found this recipe by chance. WOW, it is amazing! So pretty too...garnished with an orange slice & marashino cherry on a tinsil tipped pick...PERFECT & DELICIOUS and will be made for more than tonite!
Merry Christmas Everyone...Cheers!

posted by mike @ 03:19PM, 12/31/07

This drink is LAME.Most people order it because they dont know anything else.How can someone walk up to an OPEN bar and order this crap, Ill never understand.

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Nutritional Information

(per 5.5 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

0.2 g
24.2 g
0.4 g


0.2 g
0 mg
13 mg
10.2 g

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