Mojito recipe

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Place mint leaves in bottom of glass. Add crushed ice, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, sugar, and lime juice, and muddle. Add soda water and garnish with mint leaves.

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posted by feener @ 07:42PM, 4/27/06

Great summertime drink. Very refreshing.

posted by David Crowe @ 08:33PM, 4/28/06

Best summer drink I have ever tasted. Thank God for Pierce Brosnan ordering the drink in Cuba in the James Bond movie "Die Another Day".

posted by Vegard Solberg, Norway @ 10:34AM, 4/29/06

Best drink ever!

posted by Cheryl @ 01:24PM, 5/04/06

Mojitos are a fabulous summer drink. For a twist use mango flavor rum! They are great!
Tastes like heaven

posted by M.M.Siraj @ 06:33AM, 5/06/06

Summer, winter, autumn or fall what does it matter? As long as you have a mojito by your side.

posted by Bartender nate @ 09:50PM, 5/07/06

The drink is good but a real Mojito is always made with lime not lemon.
Lime indeed

posted by tina @ 08:27PM, 5/13/06

A real mojito is indeed made with lime, NOT lemon... whomever concocted this one, ain't cuban... that's for sure.

And another thing, mojitos taste even better with gold rum, not light rum.

Here's a great recipe... give it a shot and then tell me which you like better...

1 cup gold rum
1/4 cup lime juice
1/2 cup sugar in the raw (that's the brown NOT the white)
1 1/2 teaspoons lime peel
3 cups club soda
mix in blender for about 15 seconds
pour into cup full of ice

You got yourself a REAL miami mojito.
Also try..

posted by Dagny @ 08:45PM, 5/16/06

Agreed. Lemon is no good. Try using sugar cane juice (guarapo) in lieu of the sugar. It will not be quite as sweet. Also use a couple drops of Angostura Bitters or another type of bitters.
The missing element

posted by marcovino @ 04:22PM, 5/19/06

3 drops of Angostura Bitters.

It makes all the difference.
Drink of choice

posted by NY approves @ 10:03PM, 5/27/06

Discovered it in the caribbean, it is now at the top of my favorite drink list. Refreshing.
First Time Mojito

posted by LHAnthony @ 12:25PM, 5/30/06

Very good summer drink. I love the hints of mint taste with the mix of the lime!
Year-round Goodness

posted by B23 @ 01:12PM, 6/03/06

Anybody ever use bar syrup (or a simple syrup) instead of the sugar? I've tried it both ways and actually like the syrup better. Takes a little more effort, but it is worth it!

Gotta have limes!
Mojito madness

posted by deraye @ 03:53PM, 6/03/06

I first fell in love with the drink in south beach, miami, where they made it with sugar cane juice. I returned home, and have tried it with turbinado sugar and golden rum (actually Bacardi Anejo from Mexico is another very fine option) and am selling all my friends on it. I do like the taste of lime (though I mix both lemon and lime) My problem is making it by the jug full ... and keeping the ratios right!

posted by 53 @ 10:04AM, 6/09/06

Think the lemon is a typo as lime is in the ingredient list.

Soda type good in a mojito, just use the crushed ice to lengthen. 10 good sized mint leave in the bottom of a glass, 1 sugar cube, 1 large measure lime jucie 1 large measure of good rum, muddle. Add crushed ice and stire drawring the mixter through the ice, add more crushed ice, mint to garnish. Crisp and pure.
Strawberry mojito

posted by tothebar @ 02:50PM, 6/15/06

Try adding thawed frozen strawberries, makes for a fabulous twist
Mint syrup

posted by BK @ 04:56PM, 6/15/06

Anyone tried to add mint to the mix while making the simple syrup? Thus making a simple mint syrup...
Another Option

posted by Southern Bell @ 10:58PM, 6/17/06

I actually had never heard of a Mojito until now. I was reading a SOUTHERN LIVING magazine and saw a recipe for Mojitos. I was having a cook-out and decided to try it. This recipe called for sugar/water, lemon-lime soft drink, (I used 7 UP), tequila and mint leaves. Everyone loved it. Now I can't wait to try the real deal! Thanks!
Sugar Cubes needed

posted by crockets @ 09:38AM, 6/19/06

Start with 1 -2 cubes of raw sugar, fresh lime juice, a few pieces of lime and 8-10 mint leaves. Use a mortar to grind it lightly. Add CRUSHED ice, good rum, soda water, stir, enjoy. One of the greatest drinks ever......
Sugar syrup only...

posted by Philip @ 05:28PM, 6/19/06

I think this site is American so you may not have been to Cuba! I recently went. I don't remember anything other than syrup being used. It's really easy to make. Just dissolve equal parts sugar and hot water. Mix until clear. It will stand for ages waiting for you to make the mojito!

Also- the recipes above make it much weaker than the originals. There should only be a slight dash of soda - it just lifts the flavour!

Lemon should be nowhere near a mojito...

posted by NW guy. @ 08:49PM, 6/19/06

Made a batch for two and it was way too limey. Try less than 3 tbsps a serving... and more rum.
Not too shabby

posted by Carrion Crow @ 08:44PM, 6/20/06

This is a very refreshing drink. I'll agree that raw sugar or cane juce is best. Its good using either gold or light rum. With gold, the sugar should be cut back a bit. Light is best.

posted by Katelyn @ 06:15PM, 6/21/06

I love it! I have not tried it my mom says its the best drink and that it comes from the Carribian. If she likes it than I will love it. But right now I am too little to try it. ihola!
My Mojito

posted by Jolly Drinker @ 12:14AM, 6/24/06

I can't get enough of that refreshing cool mint taste. Someday I will make the Mojito the official drink of the entire world.
This recipe has no taste or kick

posted by Victoria Stevens-Stoklosa @ 09:52PM, 6/24/06

Juice of an entire large lime, use a reamer.

2 oz white rum
5 teaspoons sugar
8 mint leaves, crushed (I use the end of a wood rolling pin)
2 ice cubes
Seltzer or Club soda

Use a Syrup, Not Sugar and Less Lime

posted by JH @ 09:26AM, 6/25/06

The mojito can be a sublime summer refreshment but not with this exact recipe. Try using a lot less lime than what is given here. It must be a typo, since 3 TABLEpoons is equal to 1 1/2 fluid ounces--and that would make a 1:1 lime/rum ratio which is way too tart. Even at 3 TEAspoons, you're at a roughly 1:3 ratio which is still too limey. Try a 1:4 ratio then adjust to taste.

Also, using a simple syrup instead of sugar dramatically improves the drink. To get the amount of sweetness right, you'd otherwise have to try and mix in a quantity of sugar large enough that it will not completely dissolve in the liquids. Making a simple syrup of 1 cup of sugar (the use of Sugar in the Raw is a great idea!) slowly added into a cup of boiling water, then cooled, will do the trick. Then add it taste (try a 1:2 syrup/rum ratio)--you'll know when you've got the right amount in your mojito. The syrup will keep in the fridge for a month or two and can be used in other drinks (if you have extra mint from your mojitos floating around, you're all set to make mint juleps). Also, make sure to prepare the syrup ahead of time for your get-together--you definitely don't want a guest knocking your boiling sugar onto themselves or someone's in for a new definition of pain! You may still want to add a little sugar to the bottom of the glass to assist in muddling the mint (the large granules of Sugar in the Raw are excellent for this).

Finally, you definitely need to scale the recipe up, what's given produces about a shot glass of mojito. Try using 4X the recipe. Then, if you follow my ratios you'll get an easy-to-mix 1:2:4 lime/syrup/rum ratio and a drink of around 8 oz before ice.
Low Carb Mojito

posted by Sebae7 @ 09:45AM, 6/25/06

If watching your carbs, use fresh lime juice and Equal or Splenda sweetener. 2 packets to the recipe above. I also use diet 7-up instead of the club soda. I prefer a dash of lemon lime soda over club soda in any Mojito recipe. Viva Mojito!
Extra kick

posted by jlchristensen @ 02:29PM, 6/28/06

I just came home from Mexico where we had Mojitos with champagne. Try this
mull a few mint leaves with raw sugar and lime juice;
a couple ounces of rum
a couple ounces of vodka
fresh lime
...and top with champagne instead of soda. Very very good and refreshing with a little extra kick.
Thank you Sebae7!

posted by Chicago @ 11:08AM, 7/02/06

The ratios worked extremely well!!
Diabetic version

posted by cristip01 @ 05:49PM, 7/02/06

Diabetics are always looking for something fun and refreshing to drink, but low on the carbs. This means no liqueurs, fruit juices...etc. Makes drinking tough. My Mojito is made with the artificial sweetner, Splenda. Always lots of fresh lime, fresh mint, and club soda. I can actually order it directly from the bartender and have them made when I'm out now, not just at home. The other sweetners work, but they don't always disolve as well. The Splenda hardly alters the taste, and most bars keep it on hand.
Brown Sugar

posted by Island Girl @ 01:47PM, 7/03/06

Had this drink in the Islands... Brown sugar is better.

Also you can change it up with tablespoon of chopped fresh fruit in each glass along with the mint (strawberries, mango, etc.)
Mint Syrup

posted by BH @ 11:03PM, 7/06/06

This is my twist on the mojito. I make a Mint Syrup by mixing 1 cup of sugar with 1 cup of water. To this mixture I add 1 cup of chopped mint leaves, the zest of 1 lime and the juice of 1 lime. Bring to a boil and simmer about 5 minutes. Allow to cool to room temperature, and strain through cheese cloth.

Add 3/4 to 1 oz. of the Mint Syrup and 1-1/2 oz. light rum to a glass of crushed ice. Top up with chilled club soda, stir and garnish with a slice of lime and a mint leaf. This mojito will get you rave reviews, and no little green bits sticking to your teeth!
Hotel nacional Cuban mohito

posted by MC @ 07:16PM, 7/09/06

Just back from havana..the mohito they make is with raw sugar at the bottom of the glass. about 2 tsp ...they put an entire mint sprig in the glass. 1 jigger of light rum, club soda is the topper with crushed ice. Awesome!!
The Original Mojito...

posted by Mandi @ 04:26PM, 7/10/06

I have actually researched the National drink of Cuba, the "MOJITO" so I could have the best experience when I threw a sensational dinner party, please let me share with you, the right way to mix and serve a delicious Minty Mojito. You will most definately ENJOY!!!

fresh mint leaves
ice-crushed best, small cubed okay
white/light rum
guarapo(sugar cane juice)
club soda

Muddle 5-6 mint leaves, 3 drops bitters, & 3 lime quarters in bottom of tall (mojito) glass. (be sure to push and twist down w/ flat part of muddler, and get the oils out of the limes skin). Fill glass to top with ice. Add 2 oz of light rum. Fill remainder of glass with guarapo, leaving 1/2 inch at top of glass-top off with club soda. Cover glass, shake vigorously 4-5 seconds. Serve w/ straw and garnish with lime wedge and sugar cane stick or stirrer.

A real MOJITO, everyone will enjoy, at its original BEST!
Mint, mint, mint! And lime.

posted by Unkie Tripps @ 09:35PM, 7/16/06

This recipe is pretty tasty for new mojito drinkers or non-believers, and I agree with lot's of the ways mentioned above to make it better--but not the suggestion to cut back on the lime.

Also, it is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to put too much mint in this drink. The best mojito I've had was at a Cuban bar in Chicago where there was almost a mint BUSH in every drink. And you have got to grind that stuff! You can't just drop in mint leaves and expect any flavor. You certainly can't muddle satisfactorily in a glass with a swizzle stick (or fork).

I think the simple syrup is a great idea for dissolvability, except the granulated sugar makes it easier to muddle the mint and really grind out the flavor. For best mint flavor, make it by the pitcher, so you can use a mortar and pestle.

Finally, I like turbinado sugar, for health reasons, but you can't convince me it will change the flavor of the drink.
For non-rum drinkers

posted by AA @ 09:37PM, 7/16/06

This is the only rum drink I like.
Patron Mojito

posted by ken @ 11:18AM, 7/19/06

I found this drink to be quite good but much better if you substitute the rum with Patron Silver!
Spit or swallow?

posted by funugy @ 10:11PM, 7/19/06

What do you do with the mint leaves when they either clog up the straw or end up in your mouth?
The Czech Way

posted by Alistair Gellatly @ 04:33PM, 7/20/06

The best i have ever had were in a bar in Prague in the Czech Republic.Every bar there make it roughly the same way and they are amazing:

Two bar spoons of demerara sugar, three quarters of fresh sliced limes and around 8 - 10 fresh lime leaves all mixed in the bottom of a highball using a wooden grinder. Fill glass with crushed ice and then pour in light rum till the glass has only around an inch spare. Add a full mint leaf (one the length of the glass) and the remaining lime slice. Fill to top with sparkling water and stir from the bottom up using the bar spoon so the lime, mint leaves and sugar sit all the way through the glass. A strong version but an absolute winner.
Cuban Mojito

posted by DAS @ 01:37PM, 7/24/06

Such experts....oh my. Yes, many of us do possess a passport/visa and use it often, as well.
Sake Mojito?

posted by Kate @ 10:53PM, 7/25/06

Hi all. I had a sake mojito at a Japanese restaurant. It was awesome! I went again and they don't make it anymore. I asked for the recipe and they couldn't remember it!

Does anyone have a good sake mojito recipe?

Lovin' the rum in WI.
Mint Substitute

posted by kelle " ) @ 04:23PM, 7/26/06

However much I love a Mojito in the summer, the acidic properties of Mint leaves can be disastrous on teeth and gums. Bartenders are now looking for other Mint substitutes to accent the drink, does anyone know what is mainly being used?
summer mojito

posted by deb @ 07:21PM, 7/30/06

I loved it, it was a great summer drink, I even find myself craving it.

posted by A @ 04:48PM, 7/31/06

I was never a huge fan of regular mojitos, but now we're on a watermelon kick as the restaurant where I bartend at, and I love the watermelon addition to the mojito recipe.

1) Muddle mint, lime, and watermelon with simple syrup
2) add ice
3) pour in gold rum
4) shake thoroughly
5) serve

The watermelon recipe leaves out the bitters and soda. Still tastes great.
Has anyone tried...

posted by Christine @ 09:57PM, 7/31/06

Has anyone tried putting Ginder ale instead of Club soda in the Mojito? I found it makes it sweeter..
My favorite drink right now

posted by Mario @ 03:56AM, 8/02/06

You cant beat a Mojito on a hot summer day...I used to be a margarita man until I tried a Mojito...Simply delicious.
Mo-ji-tos dude

posted by Murrayster @ 01:20PM, 8/04/06

Dude, I just love a tasty refreshing mojito in the summer man. Its just so refreshing on the pallet. Me and my best pal Tone drink them all the time at Cava, dude viva el mojito. Gotta have ICE!!
Powdered Sugar

posted by Anonymous @ 01:23PM, 8/05/06

Try powdered sugar! It is an alternative to the syrup since it dissolves quickly.
Quick raw sugar syrup tip

posted by JC @ 09:34PM, 8/08/06

I agree that mojitos taste best when made with "Sugar in the Raw" syrup and not table sugar. For a quick mix, I just put two tablespoons of raw sugar in a shot glass and add 3 tablespoons of water. Then, stick it in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds, stir to dissolve, and use! Good for one large drink or two regular-sized.

I also prefer to squeeze a full half lime into each glass, muddle with 5 large mint leaves (but leave the small leaves at the top of the sprig), add the squeezed lime half, fill glass with ice, fill glass 3/4 way with golden or white rum (don't be shy), top with 1/4 glass of soda, and stir. Garnish with the sprig.

I like bitters in my Manhattans, but not my mojitos.
It didn't say lemon

posted by danielle @ 11:30PM, 8/09/06

I don't know where this whole lemon thing started, because the original recipe dosen't say anything about lemons.

posted by Big D @ 12:58PM, 8/10/06

Most refreshing drink around. Better than beer or even cold water, that's right, take that water. Long live the Mojito!
GeeGee Mojito

posted by Glenbo Baggins @ 09:34AM, 8/11/06

Try this badboy.... use a little strawberry liqueur, and a smooth light rum rather than golden. Muddle this with all your lime and Mint (6 leaves and 3 quarters) only using a little sugar. One word.... Pornagraphic.
I Love Mojito!!!

posted by Lori @ 08:03PM, 8/11/06

Mojitos ARE the best summertime drink!! My friends and I drink them on the beach and are refreshed everytime!!!
Miami Vice

posted by ItaliaThug @ 02:42PM, 8/14/06

Mojitos are mentioned twice in the new Miami Vice movie. Afterwards Crocket tips the bartender 100. Great Movie.
Not bad

posted by jscstar13 @ 08:59PM, 8/18/06

I substituted splenda for regular sugar. I'm sure it would of been better with real sugar, however its is pretty good for low calorie!
Better mojito's exist.

posted by Jo @ 03:53PM, 8/20/06

I've had nicer mojitos, one in particular, which I can only get in a bar, is called a red mojito, made with lime, crushed/frozen raspberries, and morgan's spiced rum. That is a cocktail 2 top all others. I can't find the recipe for this anywhere.
Charleston place mojitos

posted by steve mcd @ 11:06AM, 8/23/06

White rum infused with sliced pineapple, served ice cold. Lots of well mashed fresh mint, best ever.
Try a "royal" mojito

posted by Michel Jouve @ 09:43AM, 8/25/06

Just replace club soda by champagne ...

posted by Flowerfchild @ 12:33PM, 8/25/06

This is the best new drink I've ever had. There will be a problem getting one in a bar in Paris, Tx. I guess I can bring my own mint. What will I do when my mint dies back this fall. WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT MY MOJITO!!!
Yerba Buena

posted by RM5701 @ 05:24PM, 8/28/06

Back in Cuba, mint leaves were not used. Yerba Buena which a distant cousin of the mint leaves were used. In Miami you can buy Yerba Buena ( the real thing ) In most Cuban families patio you will find Yerba Buena.
I had my first Mojito

posted by Chris @ 08:21PM, 8/31/06

My aunt made me my first Mojito at my uncles 50th b-day party and I am hooked. I couldn't remember what was in it but have found this recipe to be pretty accurate. Thanks all for the helpful suggestions and bottoms up!
Home Made Mojitos!!

posted by True to the core...myspace @ 01:40AM, 9/07/06

My home made mojitos are the shit! Two tall glasses and you are DONE!! Drunk off your ass! If you want a better than great mojito, come see ME!!!
Mojito ettiquette

posted by new to mojitos @ 01:30PM, 9/09/06

After you finish a mojito, do you get rid of the mint/lime and start all over or do you reuse it?

posted by Neil @ 09:13PM, 9/11/06

Bit of this and your mojito suddenly transforms into roast lamb! Bizarre but rather nice.
Mojito madness

posted by Mojito Mama @ 06:51PM, 9/27/06

Great and stuff. My roomie Jenna and I are making them now. College chicks get crazy cuban for mojitos dude.
Cranberry, too

posted by Camden Ridgeway @ 02:29PM, 10/06/06

Mojitos are the staple at most of our parties, and although I'm a purist (using a recipe pretty much like the "Hotel Nacional" recipe above), I have an alternate if you're serving to people who don't like to taste much (or any) alcohol in their drinks:

Get a can of frozen cranberry juice concentrate and scoop a couple teaspoons of the frozen concetrate into each glass after the drink is made, and then mix it in. It sounds crazy, but it changes the taste into something that light-drinkers (particularly girls) really groove on.
True Mojito

posted by Daniel pro bartenter in s. florida @ 03:20PM, 10/06/06

If you're interested...this drink was made famous in Cuba and subsequently southern Florida by Ernest Hemingway (who owned a home in Cuba).

Do what you like best but a mojito does not have any soda or fillers;
Fresh lime juice
Gomme syrup (simple syrup) (dissolve two cups sugar per one cup of water and remember to skim the top)
add two table spoons gomme syrup, mint, and 2/3 of an ounce of lime juice to glass and muddle (rough crush) together. Then add ice to glass and pour on 1 and 2/3 ounces of light rum. This is about as close as you will get to a true mojito! ENJOY!

Opinions may differ, I encourage you to try different ones and enjoy the one you like best.
Been making them for 20 years....

posted by Cuban bartender @ 09:06PM, 10/12/06

The Original Mojito is indeed the closest to the truth. Finally someone remembered the bitters! And yes, you can make a mojito with lemon if you prefer.

posted by henry @ 11:40AM, 10/14/06

You're all wrong. A mojito is cuban therefore you use havana club 9 rum.
My Mojito

posted by Rita Schrage @ 09:42PM, 10/15/06

Oh my!!! This is the best drink ever.
Mojito girl

posted by 10 and A+ Drink! @ 03:22AM, 10/16/06

Love, love, love the recipe that drinksmixer gives! The best so far! We also use green apple bacardy instead of light rum. Awesome twist! Try it.
Love It!

posted by Paige @ 09:05AM, 10/27/06

Light, fresh, great with dinner, especially summer bar b que.
I'm in love with Mojito

posted by Jemma @ 08:23PM, 10/30/06

I first tried mojito in Thailand and have never looked back. No other drink now compares to my beloved mojito!

Plus when I first tried it I thought it was pronounced (Mo gito) but later found out its pronounced (Mo hito) but I still like to say MOJITO more.
Use one packet of EQUAL instead of sugar if your diabetic

posted by MJA @ 10:00AM, 11/20/06

I used a good Vodka in place of the rum (NOT A BIG RUM FAN), 8-mint leaves, muddle to bring out the mint oils, fill glass with ice, use 1 whole fresh lime and use a lime squeezer, add 2-3 ounces of a good bottled water, 2 ounces of Vodka, then top the glass off with club soda, not to much just enough to get that fizz, then because I have diabetes I used 1-packet of EQUAL, then stir. I LOVED IT, had 4, made my friend one she loved it, she had 2 more. Great drink for anytime.
You should try

posted by Casey @ 01:03AM, 11/21/06

Using powdered sugar. It makes it even better (even tho it's not the "real" way to make one.) :]
No sissy drink here.

posted by Ed Daniel @ 05:10PM, 11/22/06

Refreshing and easy to drink- lots. I used limon rum and it worked out fine.
The Best Mojito Recipe (or so I've been told)

posted by Derek @ 06:08PM, 11/24/06

- Muddle together: crushed ice, three lime quarters, four mint sprigs, one (1) tablespoon white sugar. This bring the natural flavors out of the mint and lime.
- Add white rum (never dark rum) and shake.
- Pour into a tall glass and fill the top third with Sprite or 7 up (Do not use club soda)
- Garnish with mint and a stick of sugar cane

posted by DJ @ 07:54PM, 11/24/06

This is a great drink, even James Bond 007 likes them.

posted by ash @ 07:58PM, 11/26/06

I tried just adding sugar but it didn't dissolve, so next time i'm trying the syrup. I wish I was back in cuba enjoying the real thing!!
It's in the cane..

posted by The Boss @ 02:35PM, 11/27/06

Syrup or cane, do it.
Mojito madness

posted by Brandy @ 12:56AM, 12/01/06

I have found my new favorite drink. I just went on a cruise to ensenada and Mike the bartender at the Bolero Bar on the Royal Caribbean made the most awesomest drink, haha for lack of a better word.
Not just summer

posted by Angelica @ 11:40PM, 12/01/06

Grreat for anything.
REAL Mojito

posted by Lazaro @ 04:15PM, 12/09/06

All of this talk about a REAL Mojito is nonsense. A mojito doesn't use lime or lemon, it uses naraja agria(sour oranges) and aguardiente as the alcohol and with brown sugar.

posted by Mark @ 02:00AM, 12/18/06

"Best drink ever!"
Cane and lime

posted by biljap @ 03:19PM, 12/19/06

Try a lil cocaine on the side of the sugar caine. It is refreshing and helps you study.
Very nice, although...

posted by ben @ 04:51AM, 12/22/06

A mojito should be served in a hiball or other large glass (such as a milkshake glass) over crushed ice! Makes it much more refreshing!
Play with the recipe

posted by Charles @ 10:42PM, 12/22/06

Excellent Drink. Just have to mess with the recipe a little here a little there until you got the exact taste you want. But great drink overall.
Hey Rm5701...

posted by The Hatman @ 09:19PM, 12/23/06

Your mint will grow inside your kitchen just fine all Fall and Winter long... there is just no reason for us Texans to be without our mojitos year 'round! (Try Myer's dark rum and Turbinado sugar for a more "robust" flavor)
In love with the mojito

posted by T.E. @ 03:03AM, 12/29/06

Fell in love with the mojito in miami beach, just like i fell in love with the beautiful cuban women. Verry nice.
Mint simple syrup

posted by wunder bar & co. @ 03:24PM, 12/29/06

Being in the bar catering buisness it saves a great deal of time by infusing simple syrup with mint. I set a colander with mint in it so you dont get any mint bits in your syrup. Then when making a drink add nice fresh leaves for a good looking drink with all flavor you could ask for.
Mohito what?

posted by pogl @ 12:08PM, 1/04/07

I see that even after all the complaints about the lemon, they still refuse to chage it. I would say that it is best to have it with more lime, but not so that you can't taste the mint- that's vital. weirdly, i first encountered it at a trendy ski-bar in Lech, Austria. No going back once you have had a mojito.
Cruzan Citrus Rum

posted by Andrea @ 06:25PM, 1/05/07

Using Cruzan Citrus Rum makes this drink the best! Do NOT use Bacardi Rum that is for tourist. If you are a realy rum drinker use Cruzan only. Use sugar cane for a better taste.
I love it

posted by Jeff @ 09:21PM, 1/06/07

Tried this drink after seeing it being made by the pitcher full on the Food Network. It is my new drink of choice now.
I love girls

posted by Mister Fabulous @ 09:41PM, 1/12/07

Had about 8 Mojitos one night in Bangkok. Add 4 beers and I have no idea how the night ended. Serious hang over the next day.
The best

posted by Daria @ 11:10AM, 1/13/07

When you make mojito, dont stress, make it slowly and good. And remember to crush the mint really good.
Mojito or Sexito

posted by Juicey @ 08:36AM, 1/23/07

AHHHH, it's hot outside very hot out. As the glass of ice makes the glass so chilled you put it on your face. A few drops fall on your chest. You start to cool down and sip the liquid. There is nothing like it on a hot day. As you finish you are ready for the mint sprig and that lovely drink of water standing at the counter. I think I will get her a mojito we will cool down together.

posted by Doc Tom in Madison, WI @ 02:12AM, 1/28/07

My first REAL mojito was in Miami... DELICIOUS!!!!

But what can we northerners do during the cold-winter of the upper Midwest until the lush-green mint of spring comes in!? I used mint tea bags infused into small amount of boiling water and then added enough sugar to make syrup. Add that to white rum, lime and selzer water, pour over ice and yes, you really do have a Mojito!

It really did turn out pretty good... at least good enough to get me to spring!

Still, I'd rather have one made with fresh mint and lime while I sit listening to the waves lap up onto a warm Carribean beach!
The best Mojitos.

posted by Crocodile Bay Pool Bar Floozy @ 09:06PM, 1/30/07 my opinion use either raw or organic (coarse) sugar. Mint leaves are muddled (with a muddler, which looks like a melon baller, but is instead heavy, round & solid) - in other words, mashed & ground into the sugar - that process releases more oils from the mint.
I like to drink the mojito through the sugar muddled in the bottom of the glass - I used to avoid tropical rum drinks because they were too sweet, but Mojitos are great - a drink & a breath mint all in one!
Brazilian mojito

posted by Ivan @ 12:17PM, 1/31/07

Try this mojito with the new Bacardi Limon:
-3 fresh mint sprigs
-2 tsp sugar
-3 tbsp fresh lime juice
-1 oz Bacardi Limon
-1 oz light rum
-1 splash of Sprite
-1 splash of champagne
I Invented the Mojito

posted by Papa Fidel @ 03:26PM, 2/02/07

Yes, that's correct. It was me. Glad you enjoy them. You're very welcome. Come again please.
If you love a Mojito, you'll also enjoy

posted by Threnody @ 12:59PM, 2/15/07

If you love a good Mojito, then you should also try a Mint Julep.

You will need:

2 cups granulated sugar
2 cups water (branch water is ideal)
Fresh Mint
Crushed Ice
Kentucky Bourbon (2 ounces per serving)

Make a simple mint syrup* by boiling sugar and water together for 5 minutes; cool. Place in a covered container with 6 or 8 bruised mint sprigs. Refrigerate overnight.

Make a julep by filling a julep cup* or glass with crushed ice, then adding 1 tablespoon of mint syrup and 2 ounces of bourbon. Stir rapidly with a spoon to frost outside of cup or glass. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig..

*This makes enough syrup for about 44 juleps.

Extra tips:
Always use a premium Kentucky bourbon, I prefer Knob Creek or Maker's Mark for this recipe. Use crushed or shaved ice and pack in cup.

To bruise mint, place in a cup and gently pass the back of a spoon between cup and the leaves a time or two. You want the mint to release some of the fragrant oils.

Add a straw cut to protrude just above the rim of the cup and serve. You should be able to get a faint whiff of the mint sprig when you're sipping.

Keep the covered syrup in the refrigerator (after removing the mint leaves) if you don't plan on drinking all the servings.. Enjoy later....
Yes, Lemons work well

posted by Leroy @ 06:49AM, 2/17/07

The Mojito was originated at the La Bodeguita del Medio Bar in Havana. They use LEMON Juice already mixed with sugar in this cofavorite bar (along with La Floridita of Daquiri fame) of Ernest Hemingway. I guess you just have to go to Havana to really search out the truth.
Patron mojito

posted by Jayven Miller @ 04:11AM, 2/20/07

3 fresh lime wedges, 1 oz. simple syrup(sugar& hot water) a generous portion of fresh lime sprigs,(MUST BE MUDDLED) 2 oz. patron silver, shaken and topped with club soda. The BOMB!
One of the greats

posted by mackenzie_uk @ 03:41PM, 2/24/07

As mentioned above, golden rum is highly acceptable as a substitute for light or white rum in mojitos. When I visited Cuba I found quite a few bartenders to in fact use golden rum, although I find light rum to be best. I love them so much I just had to bring back some light rum to make my own authentic cuban mojitos at home :)
Ernest Hemingway

posted by mackenzie_uk @ 04:18PM, 2/24/07

As mentioned above, Ernest Hemingway had a role in the promotion of the Cuban Mojito. As he wrote him famous novel "For whom the bell tolls", Hemingway used to visit the local bar "La Bodeguita Del Medio" in Havanna. I have visited the bar recently as it still stands and serves great mojitios everyday :)
Need something more in this recipe

posted by Vikram Khanna @ 12:08PM, 2/28/07

Add monin mohito syrup to this recipe.

posted by Willy @ 06:59PM, 2/28/07

Try this with ginger ale instead of the club soda.

posted by gran meastre @ 03:40AM, 3/02/07

My first mojito, was my best mojito. It was in a city where the latin presense was very strong, and beautiful columbian mujers. The mojito is very refreshing for dancing to pulsing beat.

posted by Jane @ 10:41AM, 3/04/07

When I was in Cuba there was nothing but Mojito with lemon and cane sugar.
Relax it's ok!

posted by jacuzie @ 07:11PM, 3/06/07

The mojito is not new, and has been around for a very long time, it's a gimlet with rum and mint with a splash of soda or what ever.. Make mine Vodka on the rocks no fruit please, thats drinking!!!!
My new favorite drink

posted by Allison @ 01:51PM, 3/08/07

Saw this made on a food network tv show (can't recall which one) - usually I hate rum as it brings back not so nice college daze memories ;o) BUT love love love this drink! i grow my own mint in the yard just for this drink!
Mojito with pineapple!!!

posted by sharon @ 12:42PM, 3/09/07

Can anything be better then the original Mojito? Yes! Add some fresh crushed pineapple and it's a winner.

posted by Stan M @ 12:28AM, 3/21/07

Here is the best version:

Sour apple pucker liquor
Bicardi Limon'
mint leaves
handful of limes
2 packets of sugar

Squeeze limes and then muddle both the limes and the mint leaves.
Recipe for mint syrup?

posted by Boolah @ 11:52AM, 3/24/07

Does anyone have a recipe for the simple syrup infused with the mint? Also, I'm wondering how much of it I would use, and should I also muddle fresh mint if I use an infused syrup?

posted by karen w @ 01:13PM, 3/27/07

I tried my first Mojito recently and all I can say is, oh my gosh!!!!!! What a wonderful refreshing drink.

posted by Mojito Mija ;.) @ 07:02PM, 3/31/07

Mojitos are the best/most refreshing/tastiest mixed drinks...hands-down! I order one in bars & restaurants w/ bars whenever I can! Unfortunately,a couple times I was told that the bar didn't have ANY fresh mint leaves... to my disappointment! (Bartenders, keep that fresh mint on hand!) They taste best when on the strong side-you know, a little "kicky"... never-the-less, they are always super tasty & refreshing.

You can never go wrong when you have an awesome-made Mojito in your hand! And that goes for ANY time of the year-not just a great summer drink. I wish I had a nice tall one right now!
Best drink ever

posted by Chatin @ 08:13AM, 4/09/07

I do love the Mojito. Love it so much i bought myself a mint plant and always have the necessary ingredients on hand so i can make it whenever i feel like! How ever i can never match the taste of Mojitos i get in bars...still perfecting the art.
Club Habana Charleston SC

posted by SG05 @ 03:05PM, 4/09/07

If you're ever in Charleston SC first go to the Citadel and then check out Club Habana an upscale martini and wine bar for your Mojito. Best in town.
Mojitos are increasingly popular

posted by Drou @ 03:15PM, 4/12/07

... and with good reason! I like the classic sort in the recipe above, or occasionally make 'em orange-flavored with Bacardi O and fresh orange slices. Mmm.

posted by Cudaman @ 06:00PM, 4/12/07

If you are ever in Miami go to the Dolphin Mall to Mojitos cuban restaurant. That is the real MOJITO.
Club soda?!

posted by Howdy @ 08:37AM, 4/17/07

Try it without the soda water.

The mint sugar and lime juice will take away the strong alcoholic taste of the rum.

posted by Rose @ 12:46PM, 4/26/07

I was a Mojito virgin until I made my first batch. Easy and tasty. I was told mine were better than ones made in Cuba! It will be a Mojito summer!
There's only one

posted by eldee @ 09:33AM, 4/27/07

THE BEST ever mojito is served at PF Changs the Asian Pear mojito is the one and only. Does anyone have a similar recipe (if you have had a mojito at Changs).
First Time Mixer, Long Time Drinker

posted by Robyn @ 09:29AM, 5/04/07

I love mojitos, and will be trying my hand at making them for the first time this weekend. Thanks for all the great ideas!

Regarding the comments about lemons was only mentioned as a garnish in the original recipe. If that doesn't appeal to you, just garnish with lime instead! :-)
New twist with Lemon Grass

posted by Debbie @ 11:20PM, 5/05/07

Loved this drink!! I added a lightly crush stalk of lemon grass to the mix with gave it a lemony kick.
Punch recipe is best

posted by susie - bermuda @ 09:06PM, 5/06/07

Just another twist on the original mojito.

Crush up mint (3 sprigs)
Bacardi limon (dont be shy with it)
a splash of vanilla bacardi (just a splash)
original barardi (not as much as limon)
4 wedges of lime (squeezed)
Simply syrup (dash of)
Roses lime cordial (good dash)
All in the cocktail shaker with plenty of ice. Shake it well. Iced high ball glass fill 3/4 full then top up with club soda and stir well. Sit back and enjoy, this cocktail wins hands down over a pimms on a hot day!!!!!
Cuiban Bartender

posted by jonarmor @ 02:09PM, 5/07/07

This is pretty good, but I don't understand why everyone is hung up on light rum. The drink is far better with a good, solid, dark rum like Bacardi Select. Lemon is okay, but you're getting into different territory.
If you have no mint or limes

posted by Phil @ 04:11PM, 5/07/07

In getting ready for Cinqo de Mayo, tried the Mojito Tampa found on this site, but as I hadn't gone out to buy the fresh ingredients on Friday night, made the best use of what was in the bar and refrigerator:

2 oz Barbados Mt. Gay Eclipse Rum (really the only one to use for any rum drink)
2 oz Metro Spearmint Water
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp key lime juice
ice to fill the glass

Its quick and easy, which may not be in the Cuban spirit, but you get to enjoy your Mojito that much quicker and in any season, particularly when and where fresh mint is difficult to find.
Reminds me of Tampa

posted by Granite Yankee @ 11:59AM, 5/08/07

I grew up a few blocks from little Havana in Tampa. What I remember most was the great food. Cuban sandwiches, Black bean soup and Fried Plantains. Expresso with lemon in the morning, Mohito in the afternoon. Why did I ever leave?
I'm not feeling your approach

posted by T @ 11:27AM, 5/17/07

The mint should be muddled with sugar or simple syrup and pieces of lime (not just lime juice). I find that the drink mixes better if you shake, not just stir.
The Mojito Twins

posted by Mojito Mama Sue and Jesss @ 04:37PM, 5/18/07

My daughter is on the west coast, I'm on the east. Jess told me about the Mojito, and she and I enjoy long, although for me chats while sipping them. I came up with the simple syrup boiling it with lots of mint. I do still muddle the lime and mint for the "real" effect, rum, and just a splash of club soda. It works well w/tequilla, and I loved toping it with champane as suggested above.

To think I was mad at my neighbor for planting that mint years ago. Oh the syrup is great for Mint Julips too, lastsforever, beware so do the hangovers if you don't use a premium rum, or whatever you like...OW!

For all Mom's out there, try sipping some with your daughter, tastiest "truth syrup" you'll ever have, lmao! Beware, there are some things you may not want to know, too much information can be a bad thing!
Mojito recipe additions

posted by Dani @ 03:07PM, 5/19/07

I float 1/2 jigger of 151 on top and use Key limes mmm.
Not a fan of mint

posted by eva hollywood @ 12:02PM, 5/23/07

I don't like mint but I love love looooove this drink!!!! So good on a hot summer day!!!! :)
Mojito Night

posted by rp @ 04:13PM, 5/23/07

We have a monthly mojito night and listen to mostly cuban and carribean jazz. Great drink!
Not a fan of mint either

posted by Caliblnd7 @ 09:01PM, 5/24/07

If the scale could go to 100 that would be my vote. I also tried this drink for the first time a few months ago and agree I love love looooooooooove this drink!!! and I'm not a mint lover. This is the most refreshing drink and will be on my list for entertaining!

posted by Danforth Forthright IV @ 07:44PM, 5/26/07

swb: MMM. Delightful.
pmr: MMM. Lovely.
stw: Quite.
khm: What a refreshing summer drink.
zoey: woof.
World Mojito Tour

posted by Mojito-san @ 01:03AM, 5/27/07

My first mojito was in Tokyo last November...the muddling was almost zen-like. Since, I've tried mojitos in Del Mar, California, Singapore, Wash DC, Nice, France, Geneva, Switzerland, and Copenhagen, Denmark. The mojitos in Copenhagen (Scandinavian Radisson SAS) were by far the best....not too sweet, hint of lime and mint, cold clear rum taste....I could have died right there a very happy man.
For a twist...

posted by chick cats dig me @ 03:00PM, 5/28/07

...substitute the rum indicated for a jamaican rum, ie; meyers's or wray & nephew. You'll thank me ;)
My Fav Drink

posted by marsbars1227 @ 09:57PM, 5/29/07

I love love love this drink!! Perfect for summer on the beach!! My first time I had it was Puerto Vallarta, awesome!!!

posted by superbarman @ 07:07PM, 5/30/07

You shud use a muddling stick to "muddle" the mint and limes with brown sugar.

posted by Tony G @ 08:45AM, 6/01/07

Wasn't actually cuba my friend.. although you thought it was.... that shot was from the james bond movie alright but shot in Cadiz spain... how do i know, i live there! ..and no mention of Halle Berry, sod the mojitos... !! :)

posted by Pollywog @ 05:37PM, 6/03/07

Add a few more mint leaves and switch to simple syrup definitely!! For a switch, add a little pureed mango to the mix!

posted by C @ 10:29AM, 6/05/07

Now that sound amazingly good! I will have to try that.
Cucumber Mojito

posted by Shell and Ed @ 09:39PM, 6/05/07

I totally fell in love with Mojitos but we tried adding cucumber. When you muddle the lime juice and mint add some cucumber slices and muddle as well. WOW, totally Loved It!! Gotta Try!!
I Love Mojitos! My Fave Recipe:

posted by FS @ 07:01PM, 6/08/07

After many experiments, I have come up with my very favorite mojito recipe. I make these in a huge glass. First I cut a lime into eight pieces, squeeze the juice into the glass, throw the limes in, and put about 7-8 good sized mint leaves in there. Then I put in a heaping tablespoon of demerara sugar (trust me on this!). Then I muddle these. Then I fill the glass with crushed ice, pour in 2-3 oz of rum -- depends how strong I want it-- 2-3 oz of Rose's brand mojito mix, top it off with club soda --IT IS TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!! Very sour, very minty. Excellent.

posted by Brian the brave @ 08:36AM, 6/09/07

I love this drink it is the business on a hot summers day. oh yeah, you know it!
Manly Mojiyo

posted by Tom @ 10:48PM, 6/09/07

I'm not sure why the chicks dig Mojitos. I will keep that in mind when I throw my next summer party. Anyhow,I just wanted to stress the use of fresh ingredients.

Fresh lime and fresh mint should kick off each drink. Don't reuse from first drink...yuck! Also, avoid store bought lime juice or things "infused" with lime... unless of course your making it at home. Secondly, the soda ingredient IMHO should be used to ignite and lift the flavor. Don't use 7up, ginger ale, etc. They only bastardize the drink. Stick to raw, fresh ingredients and club soda. BTW growing mint is an absolute breeze, try it, use it and enjoy! Also, I like the idea of getting creative with fresh fruit, strawberry, raspberries, mango or watermelon.

Half the fun is making the drink with friends. Later mojitoheads.
Miami Vice

posted by iceman @ 09:28AM, 6/15/07

Someone mentioned Bond ordering it in Die Another Day, i will have to look out for that, thought he was a Martini man! more notably, its Sonny Crocket's drink of choice in Miami Vice.
Tommy Bahamas Raspberry Mojitos are out of this World!

posted by Joan @ 03:03PM, 6/15/07

I was in Palm Springs, CA a couple weeks ago and Tommy Bahamas had real mojitos with fresh raspberries crushed up into it with the lime. It was amazing, I can't just have the regular mojito now!

posted by Fritz @ 07:07PM, 6/15/07

Thanks to my son's college graduation I was exposed to a muddled cucumber slice in a mojito. Very refreshing.
South Texas

posted by Me @ 08:57PM, 6/17/07

I had my first mojito with the love of my life in puerto rico and loved it. Came back to s.texas and introduced it to my friends and now they all love it. It is always good have one on a hot summer day by the pool.
Clean, refreshing mojito

posted by nathaniel @ 08:25AM, 6/18/07

The way I make mine is to take around 10-12 mint leaves and around a tablespoon of granulated sugar in the bottom of a martini tin. The granulated sugar acts as an abrasive agent that really gets the oils out of the mint leaves. I muddle it with a bar muddler for around 15 seconds or so then add half of a lime. I muddle it as well, then I add 1.5 oz. of golden rum and ice. I shake it vigorously, then strain it into a collins glass filled with crushed ice. It should fill the glass about 3/4 of the way - then i top with club soda until the glass is full. Put in a straw and mix it a bit .... HEAVEN !!!
The Original, First, Only Correct Mojito

posted by DB Cooper @ 02:20PM, 6/20/07

I had this Mojito in a little bar in Baden Baden that only red-headed left handed locals knew, or was it Kuala Lumpur, no no it was Cleveland. Instead of Rum use Jaegermiester, replace mint with sage, use carrot juice in place of Club Soda, beets are used in place of limes, and a few drops of vanilla extract instead of bitters. Bring to a boil and drink very hot.
Mmm Sweeter

posted by Stevie @ 04:36PM, 6/25/07

Instead of sugar try honey, its deeeelish!
UK Style

posted by ciaranmurray @ 06:45PM, 6/25/07

We use syrup de gom and brown sugar. makes it that little smoother on the way down.

posted by summer time @ 04:05PM, 7/03/07

Ice is over-rated.
miny mojito

posted by becky @ 07:06PM, 7/03/07

It's delicious i love it!!
The Captain's Mojito

posted by gigglesis 1 @ 11:14AM, 7/05/07

It is truly best with Capt. Morgan Spiced Rum! Lime, simple sugar and muddled mint! Yummmm! You can also use any limeade at the market for your mix. Mint is so easy to grow you can pull the fresh leaves from your garden and enjoy!
I Love Mojito's!

posted by heidiroad @ 08:48PM, 7/07/07

I just started drinking these, but I already love them!
Mojito Madness

posted by christian brown @ 10:06PM, 7/07/07

Can easily improvise recipe!

posted by ktulu @ 03:23PM, 7/08/07

I just threw some mojito's together with bare-bones supplies, I won't claim they beat the original but for what I used I thought they came out excellent:

2 packets splenda, 1 packet lime-juice substitute (powered stuff), a few mint leaves torn into small pieces, 2 shots tortuga light rum, ice, few cups of limeade, top off with seltzer.

I want to try w/ a mortal & pestle and sugar in the raw (natural brown packet stuff) to see how they come out.

posted by Mighty Mandroid @ 11:13AM, 7/11/07

Just made my first ever Mojito (first time I've tried it too). Used a VERY tall glass and kept topping up recipe (put about 70ml of rum in it in the end). Was basicaly 2 mojitos in one glass. ANYWAY, this drink is bad to the skeleton.

I used Havana 7yr rum, 1 lime, 12 mashed mint leaves, ice & soda water (club soda to you yanks). Long Island iced tea USED to be my fave cocktail.... RIP iced teas!!!!

Forgot to mention, I used 2 tbl spoons of sugar syrup (apparantly, this is how Hemmingway enjoyed it). Used white sugar though. Also, I'm from England, just in case you were wondering. (I know my rum though!!!).

posted by Roman @ 11:52PM, 7/11/07

It is excellent but I use 7-up instead of club.

posted by Stephanie @ 05:00AM, 7/17/07

Nothing beats a mojito on a hot summer day!

posted by tonys @ 06:30AM, 7/17/07

Fantastic taste.

posted by Liz @ 09:23AM, 7/17/07

I am trying to get a recipe for Mojito - in a large quantity. My Daughter in law wants this served as a punch (alcholic) for their wedding. I have a 5 gallon container How can I make this drink in a large container or can I?
Easiest Mojito

posted by Jody @ 05:27PM, 7/26/07

Fell in love with this the first time I heard the ingredients!
Want it simple? Try..
3/4 oz MONIN Mojito Mix
1 1/4 light rum
1/4 fresh lime jucie
4 oz. club soda.
Pour over crushed ice and enjoy!

posted by Tino @ 05:59PM, 7/26/07

I could not find mint for a good 3 weeks around where I live, and finally found some the other day. This is the technique I found worked the best and tasted freaking great. I like my drinks a bit stiff.

start with:

1 lime cut into quarters, then diced into little pieces (use a sharp knife as not to loose alot of juice.
5-8 mint leaves, coarsely chopped (with a sharp knife)
1/8 cup of sugar (i just dumped a bit in)

Place these ingredients in the bottom of a shaker and muddle to hell. I muddle the crap out of it to get all of the delicious oils out of the lime. By the time you are done muddling, the sugar should be completely melted. Now add:

2 1/2 ounces of your best rum
half a handful of ice

Put on top, and shake that sucker up for 10 seconds or so. Fill your serving glass with ice and pour the mixture in. Now, here is the important part that makes it awesome:

Once you've drained the mixer and the opening is still facing the serving glass, open up the mixer. Turn the bottom of the mixer around and squeeze the lime/mint/sugar/alchol out of the limes/mint through the opening now at the bottom. Add a couple ounces of club soda, stir, and enjoy the best mojito you've ever had.
Turn don't shake

posted by emcc @ 10:04PM, 7/30/07

I find if you zest the limes before muddling it gives it a nicer overall taste. The recipe i find best is...

4 lime slices
brown sugar two tablespoons
5-10 mint leaves (depending on preference)
dash of gomme or sugar syrup
50ml of havana club 3yr old
crushed ice
Turn cocktail shaker a number of times rather than shake (i find shaking with the crushed ice tends to water down the taste)
pore into glass and top with crushed ice adding only a little soda to release the flavour

I then garnish with a mint sprig and a lime.
So many choices

posted by Luis Knickerbocker @ 12:44PM, 8/01/07

I been meaning to make a home made mojito and it seems like I came to the right place, everyone seems to have their own way to make'em which is pretty good. I dont know about the James Bond movie but I been wanting to have one ever since I saw Miami Vice, is summer here in New York and I'll try my best to make one this weekend, wish me luck.
Club soda..

posted by lindsay l. @ 04:34PM, 8/01/07

Usually how much club soda would be added?
No one really actually says how much...
they just say "club soda".

posted by crystal @ 12:46AM, 8/06/07

Add some fresh strawberries or blueberries for some added flavor.
Club Soda

posted by Jody @ 05:00PM, 8/06/07

I use 4 oz of Club Soda. Refer to the Easiest Mojito.
Original Mojito

posted by jef_the_bartender @ 06:48AM, 8/16/07

Originally .....mojitos are made with fresh coca leaves not mint leaves... with coca paste, muddle the leaves in alcohol and you'll make the perfect cocaine... hemingway just find it better with mint leaves that's why...
Lebanese one

posted by hay-sam @ 02:42AM, 8/18/07

Come and try mojito at the lebanese beaches... then believe me guys you'll adore it!!!

posted by 1324562 @ 02:13PM, 8/18/07

good drink!
Watermelon mojitos

posted by Mister 2 @ 05:56PM, 8/20/07

A great way to add flavor to this amazing drink...add some fresh watermelon cubes in the drink!
Club Soda with Lime

posted by S @ 01:26PM, 8/24/07

Just in case you have this at your local grocer's, try the Club soda with Lime flavoring to give your mojito that extra kick (brand I've found is Arrowhead club soda with lime flavoring). It gives it that extra zing that regular club soda does not. I don't like mine w/ 7-up or lime sugared soda. That's just me though.
Long live the mojito and glad I found this site. I had my first mojito in Miami and am hooked. Will try these different variations when I get the chance.
Love It

posted by Alex @ 12:47PM, 8/29/07

I tried out this recipe and didn't like it a whole lot - a little too much lime, and played around with it and ended up making a pretty good one...

10-12 Mint Leaves
2 tbsp Lime Juice
2-4 tsp Brown Sugar
Throw into a tall glass and muddle (on personal preference I muddle quite a bit for a great taste)

Add Ice, Bacardi Puerto Rican (White) Rum (to your preference), and Club Soda, and stir gently.
"Papagayo" Beach Bar - Nerja, Spain

posted by Shella Bella @ 12:48PM, 8/31/07

The best EVA Mojitos served by the sexy french barman Bastude... He had sexy eyes and looked even better after a few of these fab beverages!!!
Made 'em as above but with "brown/raw" sugar and dark rum, lotsa lime and fresh mint leaves.... very tasty!! Love this drink for life!!!! Mwah!! x
Oh Yea!

posted by Sewell @ 06:47PM, 9/01/07

The Wynn Casino & Hotel has a pineapple Mojito that everyone should try...DAMN there good!

posted by mojito drinker @ 10:06PM, 9/03/07

I don't know where anyone even saw lemon! This recipe does not call for lemon anywhere, only lime! someone must be seeing a different recipe than me.

posted by maria alicia @ 01:26PM, 9/06/07

try using a flavored rum, like raspberry - to die for refreshing!!!!!!!!!
Mojito kits

posted by nlm2383 @ 11:31AM, 9/07/07

I recently found a Mojito kit at Bed Bath & Beyond for $20. It includes six 10 1/2-ounce highball glasses, one 20-ounce mixing glass, one strainer and one wooden muddler. We plan on using it tonight, I'll let you know how it goes.
Passion fruit mojito

posted by N&T @ 10:05AM, 9/08/07

On holliday on zanzibar we cleaned out the hotel's stock of lime by drinking mojito's all day. as an alternative they started using passion fruit ... yummie!!!!! great alternative to try out.
make it with Splenda!

posted by thetravelmom @ 04:58PM, 9/16/07

Instead of sugar syrup, make splenda syrup..... just as yummy, I swear!
Splenda Simple Syrup?????

posted by CherShug @ 11:33AM, 9/17/07

Does anyone know if you can make the simple syrup with splenda instead of sugar? It is so easy to make & very good with the simple syrup but too many carbs. If you have tried to make a simple syrup with Splenda PLEASE share.
Mojito best drink

posted by Michell @ 04:20PM, 9/19/07

Finally found a drink that I love. Had one in Mykonos Greece cost 15 euros $23.00 Canadian. Didn't care it tasted so good!
First time

posted by susan kirkpatrick @ 08:14AM, 9/27/07

I have just had my first mojito and and think this the best mixed drink I've had maybe ever. Have suggested this drink to many friends.
mojito special touch

posted by eugene @ 08:22PM, 9/27/07

used fresh mint from our garden. Excellent flavour and aroma
Bacardi's Site has it right.

posted by Fortimir @ 11:13PM, 9/30/07

Actually, Bacardi's Mojito site has a great basic recipe.

12 mint leaves, two lime quarters, 1oz. sugar (i used powdered)
add ice half way up glass, 2oz. rum, 6 oz. club soda, stir. Done.

I had one in St. Maarten in the Caribbean, and this matches it.
Alternate recipe

posted by Y T @ 09:28AM, 10/13/07

I didn't have any mint....or limes, sugar or ice. Still, a nice little cocktail. Tastes similar to the rum and Coke I make when I don't have Coke
Lime wedges

posted by c @ 08:52AM, 10/16/07

You are supposed to muddle the mint leaves with lime slices.
'cause jamaican's know rum...

posted by mojito, jamaican style @ 04:08PM, 10/20/07

Okay all, appleton's light.. by the half gallon. that is the rum of choice in this south florida house. Now, the mojito recipe.. however you like. I use 2 sugar cubes, 8-10 mint leaves (muddled), 1/2 medium to large lime, and club soda... all in a short glass w/ ice.. the rum gets more plentiful the more i have... hahah.. enjoy the mojito's ladies and gents.. no need to argue the recipe.. just make 'em how you like and drink 'em up!!
Best Mojitos

posted by Craig @ 08:57AM, 10/24/07

Best Mojitos in the world made at Coastline Cafe in Ibiza!!!!
The question of mint

posted by ant @ 11:45PM, 10/26/07

You shouldn't use mint sprigs, as that means the stalks are still attached. When you muddle the stalk of mint, it is surprisingly, even scarily bitter, which is why any good bar will use mint leaves. Adding a good half an hour onto your prep time, but its worth it. Then you should muddle the mint only enough to bruise, as this releases the menthol without the bitterness. My personal favourite way to muddle is to get the mint in the palm of your hand and lightly rub your other palm and then drop in the glass.
PF Changs Mojito Secret

posted by Burne in Jacksonville @ 08:48PM, 11/21/07

This is how you make 1 serving:

1 Tblspn Superfine Sugar
3 Lime Sections
5 Leaves of Mint
1 oz. Sour Apple Pucker
1.5 oz. Bicardi Limon Rum
1 oz. Pineapple Juice
Club Soda

Muddle (mash) the lime, sugar and mint leaves together. Add the Sour Apple Pucker, Limon Rum, & Pineapple Juice and shake with ice. Pour into a tall glass (highball or collins) top off with the club soda.

Sold these by the hundreds and still making them for the hundreds of friends.


Burne in Jacksonville

posted by Andrew @ 07:49PM, 12/10/07

Mojitos are the greatest in the world!! What I know about them is the dark rum, preferably Appleton's, sugar in the raw in a simple syrup form is the best way to make them... it's 40 degrees outside and rainy, but it is summertime in here! Cheers to the best drink ever made!
Question about pre-making mojitos

posted by AA @ 12:33PM, 12/20/07

Hello, does anyone know if I can make the mojito drinks ahead of time? Like make a huge bucket full before the guests arrive, so Im not making glasses over and over again.
Tried my own Mojito!!

posted by Vinay @ 12:06AM, 12/24/07

Tried my own Mojito with equal parts of White Rum and Smirnoff Vodka in some crushed mint and lime with some coke and club soda. Guess because of mint we still call it Mojito but this drink was awesome and refreshing! Best for summers!! Try and do let me know!!
The Real Deal

posted by Didi @ 02:36AM, 12/28/07

OK, Very surprised that NOBODY has this right. Real Mojitos are made with YERBABUENA, Spearmint, NOT Mint. The flavor will be perfect with the lime and brown sugar, a splash of soda tops it off in a tall highball glass. Mint and Spearmint are cousins but are not the same herb. If you want original, crush the sugar with the whole lime after squeezing the juice out in the bottom of the glass, use spearmint sprigs and get ready to be delighted, gold rum is better than white. Hey, it's a great drink, prepare it as originally concocted and vive la difference...!!!
Mint Tea Ice

posted by Bob @ 09:43PM, 12/29/07

Crush mint leaves, boil into a tea, strain, freeze into cubes. Then follow regular recipe. ;)
Simple Syrup

posted by Ray @ 07:59AM, 1/04/08

The key is the simple syrup not sugar.

posted by Cathy 1/14/08 @ 10:25AM, 1/14/08

I tried my first mojito over this past summer and I am hooked. I am leaving for Aruba next week and that is my drink for the time I will be there

posted by Sikiwawa @ 07:01AM, 2/04/08

Perfect drink coooool ;) I adore it

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