Long Island Iced Tea recipe

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The Long Island Iced Tea (LIIT) is the basis of many elaborate mixed-drinks. It dates to the 70's, named after the continental USA's largest island Long Island, in New York. Although it doesn't contain tea, it's taste is similar. The drink sits in the top 5 of most popular cocktails and is regularly mentioned or seen served in television and films (worthy mentions are The Simpsons, Sex and the City and Cruel Intentions).

1 part vodka
1 part tequila
1 part rum
1 part gin
1 part triple sec
1 1/2 parts sweet and sour mix
1 splash Coca-Cola®

Mix ingredients together over ice in a glass. Pour into a shaker and give one brisk shake. Pour back into the glass and make sure there is a touch of fizz at the top. Garnish with lemon.

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Make it a Top Shelf w/ Pineapple Juice!

posted by N.Hanson 21 @ 03:33AM, 4/30/06

This drink is a KILLER! I have finally found a way to enjoy this drink. Use "Top Shelf" liquor, and instead of sweet & sour, use pineapple juice. (Forget the splash of soda... or use a lite colored soda)

Soo much better, taste the difference!
Keep it original

posted by CoolDre @ 11:57PM, 5/06/06

Use top shelf, but keep the sweet and sour.
Make them by the pitcher

posted by Mr.Pitcher @ 11:09AM, 5/08/06

Your friends will love in on a summer afternoon. Till they try to walk that is. Top shelf is the way to go.
Lime Cordial

posted by mixmiaster @ 03:34PM, 5/11/06

Fabulous on a hot day! Try Lime Cordial in place of sweet and sour. And yes, top shelf is the way to go.
Top Shelf and real Iced Tea

posted by Batanack @ 01:00AM, 5/15/06

It's a nice drink with some real Lemon flavored Iced tea instead of cola + Lemon and Lime in the pitcher.
Unreal Drink

posted by Rehab Steve @ 12:13AM, 5/16/06

The best drink ever..had them in Thailand with lime juice instead of sweet and sour mix. You only need 2 to get your night started and after that you dont care how many you have. Warning can become very addictive.
No need for Top Shelf use what you like

posted by Outa Rehab Forever @ 05:49PM, 5/20/06

This is the most refreshing drink ever. Surprised we don't have a Long Island Ice Teaville. Must be made with Coca cola only when using the cheaper brands. Coca Cola is way cheaper than top shelf and don't forget the lemon.
Keep it Real

posted by Mark @ 11:57PM, 5/21/06

Excellent tasting drink...and its pure alcohol...so you will be feeling it fast. Top shelf is best...dont use Iced Tea mix, the point is, all the liquor together tastes like tea...which does, and the Coke gives color.

posted by Dusty @ 12:18AM, 5/24/06

I had about 5 of these in a half hour. The last one I chugged down in just a few seconds. I was feeling pretty good.
Killer drink

posted by Raman @ 03:37AM, 5/24/06

After having 5 of these you are not on earth, maybe somewhere on the moon. So have it tonight!
Long Island

posted by Wo00t @ 07:44PM, 5/24/06

Awesome drink! Give me 2 and I'm set for the evening...give me more and it'll be a party all night!
From Slovenija

posted by Gjural @ 04:58PM, 5/26/06

It's my favorite cocktail, instead of coca cola I use ice tea ( ice tea taste peach ) and it really makes the taste better. Like there is little alcohol in it. Try it.
Tray and Bobby

posted by Tray and Bobby @ 05:36PM, 5/27/06

We prefer not using 'Top Shelf' but bar liquor. And yes, try the pineapple i/o sweet and sour. This is excellent.

posted by Kristal @ 12:00AM, 5/30/06

This is my tried-and-true take on this drink- a customer favorite of mine for nearly 20 years wherever I am tending bar: Take a long piece of lemon rind and twist it hard to release the oils in an empty glass, rub it around the inside of the glass, and throw it in the bottom. Fill with ice, spirits (use all "whites"), sweet & sour, and top with Coke. Mix well with stir stick, add straw and serve. Should look and taste like iced tea, with no strong alcohol taste.
A Great Flaming Lamborghini chaser

posted by JuLziLLa @ 09:42PM, 6/01/06

Have one of these after the infamous Flaming Lamborghini, they go down nicely, a true 'inhabitations loser' drink, you wont care what anyone says, your always right :P....also after you one your second long island, slam down a few gurana drinks "redbull"....gets you going :D
Start traditional

posted by hungover @ 06:54AM, 6/02/06

Start with this traditional recipe and then try any other variation you like. After 2 of these, you'll won't notice the difference anyway. :-)
Take care

posted by pb woo @ 10:30PM, 6/02/06

My son drank several of these and was killed on his way home. Crossed over the median, hit another car, flipped over. Killed almost instantly. If you drink these, please have someone else drive you home.
Oh come on

posted by mep @ 08:14AM, 6/05/06

Is this really the most appropriate forum to voice your concerns about drinking and driving? Also, your emphasis should not be on "Long Island Iced Tea" IF you drink any alcoholic bevy you should not drive yourself home.
48-hour hangover

posted by still hungover @ 05:08AM, 6/06/06

I love this drink, but forgot after the first two how much alcohol they actually contain!!
Go easy on LI Iced Tea

posted by Pistol Pete @ 03:06PM, 6/06/06

While you're sitting, have as many as you like and they won't hit you. Stand up and experience the rush of a lifetime!
Powerful X1000

posted by skian88 @ 01:28AM, 6/07/06

Wicked drink. I used to be a waiter at an Outback Steakhouse and our bartender would always make these on accident (he mixed up the recipies for these and another popular drink) so it was my job to "get rid of" the unwanted beverage... suffice to say, I got fired with a smile on my face!
Awesome drink

posted by jess @ 08:35PM, 6/11/06

The best drink ever! 2 of them and your good. Makes for a cheap date.

posted by Jo @ 01:38AM, 6/14/06

This is my fave drink ever. Expensive but you only need 1 or 2 :)
Long island iced tea

posted by Ed @ 11:31AM, 6/14/06

Great drink to sip sitting on the veranda at Ocean Ciry and watching the people and the Ocean. Cannot believe it took me 65 years to be introduced to this wonderful smooth drink. I agree with one of the other commenters that the pineapple juice is a wonderful variation.
Long Island Ice Tea

posted by The Guy @ 07:41PM, 6/14/06

I've had these out at bars before but I'm going to try to make them at home tonight with this recipe. Thanks!
Long island iced tea

posted by Ryan @ 09:35PM, 6/14/06

I had a few of these at a Ron White concert and, WOW. This stuff is courage in a glass and from now on it is the only mixed drink for me.
Wicked drink

posted by alexander seth riley @ 07:30PM, 6/15/06

You just cant go wrong with it.
Long island ice tea

posted by Jennifer @ 05:45PM, 6/16/06

I had a friend try these one night. Now it is all she will drink. I think they are the best drink and it doesn't take you many to feel pretty good.
Is it good???

posted by Just me @ 02:45AM, 6/18/06

I think so, I can't honestly remember.
There were 11 glasses at the table when I came to, so I guess I liked them. But how did this bra get on my head? And who's this chick next to me? Where's my pants at? Did my wife leave already? Where am I? Can I have another?!
Change it up a bit

posted by Mattsmom @ 08:47PM, 6/18/06

Use Sprite instead of Coke and add a shot of Hypnotiq...good stuff!
A new twist

posted by Melissa @ 09:43PM, 6/18/06

Add Chambord to this instead of cola and you have a New Orleans iced tea. SOOOOOO good and deadly.
Tasty drink

posted by Jay @ 12:11AM, 6/30/06

Very tasty but costly drink ($6 where I had one). That's okay cause after 2 or maybe 3 you will feel it.
New personal record

posted by Mike @ 05:00PM, 6/30/06

I set a new personal record last night by drinking 7 of these throughout the night. I was in outerspace! Best drink ever!
Cooool drink

posted by Ivanka @ 07:13AM, 7/02/06

This is the best drink I've had, it's very popular in Wien....especially for a crazy night.

posted by An Irish Bartender @ 12:40PM, 7/03/06

We aren't talking about one shot or two shot drinks here. This a five shot drink and there are states that actually limit a bartender to as little as 2 per customer per "night out" because of the potential danger of alcohol poisoning and death.

5 in a half hour is without question equals alcohol poisoning. 11? We're talking death. In a bar, even the seediest of bartenders wouldn't serve a single individual that many and one that would needs a new line of work...ASAP.
This drink would put on a island!!!

posted by cyberhuster @ 05:00PM, 7/06/06

I love this drink it's better then drinking others. 1 or 2 drinks will sneak up on you. Like the other person said that it's a wicked drink...I love it!!!
Great Drink

posted by cassey @ 07:26PM, 7/06/06

My husband has been drinking this drink for years and just love it. We finally bought all the stuff and are now making it at home which is so much cheaper this way. No better drink in the world.
Have tasted nothing else better...

posted by Nicola @ 09:58PM, 7/10/06

No matter what you mix it with (top shelf only though) this drink will sit you on your butt whether you want it to or not. Just be careful not to have too many, otherwise you might find yourself regretting a lot in the morning! Bottoms up!
Long Island Ice Tea

posted by KS @ 11:25PM, 7/13/06

Make it the way it is supposed to :) This drink cant get any better.. makes you feel AWESOME.
Don't drink these and drive

posted by Long Islander in NY @ 07:45PM, 7/15/06

I got a DWI in Long Island, NY after drinking 2 of these. Being in jail over a $10 drink is not worth it. But the drink is fabulous, just don't drive!!

posted by Janeeh @ 11:58AM, 7/16/06

Tried my first one last night. Forget my old fav, Bloody Mary. From now on I'm an LIIT girl!!!
Premium Pour

posted by James Michaelson @ 02:23AM, 7/17/06

If your bartender mixes this drink perfectly, it will taste exactly like Grandma's iced tea. The perfect combo is not easily mastered. Most importantly, request a "Premium Pour" with cointreau NOT triple sec...trust me!
Set it free

posted by inhibited @ 10:20AM, 7/17/06

This is the only drink that clears my inhibitions... and no regrets in the morning only good PARTIAL memories and a slight hang over :) I don't know where the energy comes from when I drink it since I am always tired, it's like 94 octane unleaded. I am surprised crystal meth is not one of the ingredients. How many types of Liquer does it take to find the right receptacles in the brain? 5 in Long Island Iced Tea.
Best drink ever

posted by Sir OJ @ 11:28AM, 7/17/06

Best drink ever. No matter which bar you go to: drink three of these and every waitress looks stunning.

posted by marko polo @ 09:00PM, 7/17/06

Reallllllyyyyyyy great drink.. I drink it at work all the time.

posted by VT_Hokie @ 08:00PM, 7/19/06

I ordered three of these at a bar and got wasted pretty quickly. I got kicked out of the bar for nodding off!
My favorite drink!

posted by John Galt @ 05:51PM, 7/20/06

These drinks are not only tasty, but they make you feel good after only having two. I prefer the traditional recipe at bars since I've had some awful variations. At 12 dollars per drink, it better be good.
Long Island Low Carb, Low Cal

posted by Bill @ 08:22PM, 7/22/06

Use sugar-free 7-Up with a hit of lime and lemon juice instead of the sweet & sour, and sugar-free cola instead of regular cola. My local liquor store clerk says "it can't be Long Island Iced Tea," but it fools me -- with about 80 percent fewer calories and about 1/3 the carbs. Beware of LIIT -- the first time, my wife and I left our car at a garage for repairs and started toward a shopping center to waste time. Stopped at a bar, saw a cola-colored drink on the bar and said "What's that?" Skipped shopping and don't remember much about walking back to the garage.

posted by Avix @ 08:50AM, 7/23/06

Any suggestions as to what type of liquors to use in this list? White or gold tequila? Malibu rum? Skyy vodka? And what are people suggesting I replace with Top Shelf, or is this just an addition?

I love this drink but sometimes I get it and it tastes horrible or it doesn't have hardly any affect on me (low alcohol content). What can I tell the bartender to do to make sure it's a good one?
Great for your club at home!

posted by steph @ 08:56AM, 7/23/06

Me and my fiance tried these last night and we were hammered! we pumped the music, had two each, it was a great time...love to do this at home alone, no need to call a cab!
The best of all time

posted by Jenny @ 07:50PM, 7/23/06

There is nothing that tastes better and will get you drunker quicker. The alcohol blends so smoothly that I can hardly tell my drink is potent- even the first time!
Best ever

posted by pbineau @ 10:28AM, 7/24/06

This drink is definitely the most refreshing.
Grateful Dead

posted by K-C @ 11:02AM, 7/25/06

Adding chambord makes it a Grateful Dead (taste like raspberry iced tea).
A nice twist

posted by I just drank one @ 03:14AM, 7/27/06

You might have heard of a twist on the long island iced tea, called "tokyo tea" - basically it's the same as the LIIT, but instead of sweet and sour and cola, you add midori melon liqueur and sprite... i'm telling you - it's fabulous!
My new drink

posted by d a g @ 03:21PM, 7/31/06

Very tasty and refreshing drink. I am going to get the ingredients tonight , no more than three of them.
Bottom shelf works just fine

posted by Emily @ 01:01PM, 8/01/06

I served these at a party a while back. I had my close friend bring a bottle of something to throw in. Of course, everyone brought bottom shelf liquor. I was told that they were the best Long Island's ever by several of my elite drinking friends. Bottom shelf works just fine.

posted by Kingsnake @ 07:25PM, 8/01/06

It will put the cock in balls.
Who took my car?

posted by Duckman @ 10:32AM, 8/02/06

After the second of these (much stronger than the watered-down first one I think) I gave my keys to someone knowing I couldn't drive. I danced like never before and she drove me home. She was gorgeous! Now where's my car....and who took my wife? Do it again? Absolutely!!!
Does any one know?

posted by Stormin' @ 08:18PM, 8/02/06

I had these in a great bar when I was in Munich, Germany. Best one ever. There they used something else besides tequila. Does anyone know of a subsitute for the tequila?
I Love Long Island

posted by Sierra @ 05:25PM, 8/04/06

This is my favorite drink! I get at least one every time we go out... It can be made so many different ways by different bartenders... It's fun to try different bars and try mixing your own! I like mine with a lime.
A man for a night ... and more!

posted by Rock t'Nite @ 03:53AM, 8/07/06

Hit town with a girlfriend after a lovely dinner and red wine bottle. Got there at 10 pm, we were offered a Long Island Ice Tea by a friend of hers that night, met my future man a little while later and went home after that long island and 3 tequilla sunrise around 2 am... we had a great night and just woke up laughing in the morning, we're still laughing a few months down the line. :oP so enjoy, always protect yourself, and dont do anything I wouldnt do !!
Designate a driver

posted by Teeve @ 02:57PM, 8/07/06

Make sure you have something to eat before you partake. It'll go straight to your loose tounge.
Looks matter

posted by john @ 03:17AM, 8/10/06

It is important to have the soda at the bottom to create a two coloured blend, often this drink is simply made like a normal double and coke.
Can't beat a classic

posted by Lance @ 12:56AM, 8/14/06

THE best drink to kickstart your evening with! Remember, if you tip your bartender well they come out even stronger the next time!
Oh boy, what a hangover!

posted by Not-so-inexperienced Finnish drinker @ 01:00AM, 8/14/06

I just had to come here to check what on earth is in this drink. Last night my friend gave me two of these here in Thailand and wow, what a start for the evening! I've had these before too but I guess a bit lighter versions. The taste is so good that you really don't understand how much alcohol there is. I ended up "talking on the big white telephone" when I got home, something that hasn't happened for years. This morning I was very surprised not to have a hangover - well of course not as I was still drunk! And when it started, oh boy. The mother of all hangovers... Be careful out there! :)
Grateful Dead

posted by Jes @ 11:43AM, 8/18/06

Adding chambord and a splash of hpnotic pumps up this already lethal drink, sooo good!
This is my drink of choice

posted by Ryan @ 03:11PM, 8/20/06

All you need is two or three of these and you are feeling good my friend.
As a bartender

posted by Daniel Diaw @ 09:08AM, 8/22/06

For this drink I would recommend a pint glass with crushed ice and 2 parts of all liqueur and lime juice instead of sweet and sour mix or even midori and top of with cola light. Prolly one of the best drinks ever made :D
What a way to spend the day!

posted by Roberto @ 07:50AM, 8/24/06

Best drink ever, I do use all white spirits, have tried the real tea, but it's best original! My friend and I, drink these all the time, and I have become very well trained in the art of TEA MAKING! Helps one to forget about all the World Conflicts, infact, maybe everyone should drink some Long Islands and forget about fighting!

posted by rachel @ 12:03AM, 8/31/06

This drink is my absolute favorite..after 1 I cant taste the alcohol and after 4 im done for the night, any more and I might be dead.
My favorite drink of all time

posted by teatime @ 11:09AM, 8/31/06

I usually have these, top shelf, at family oriented restaurants such as Red Lobster. After 2 or 3 I need help getting to the door to leave, laughing all the way!
No cola

posted by fred @ 01:52PM, 8/31/06

No cola, use blue curacao instead!
Lipton Ice Teasers

posted by Georgia Girl @ 09:30PM, 8/31/06

Mix 1 Lipton Ice Teasers according to directions and then add 1 cup of each of the following: Rum, Triple Sec, Vodka, Gin, Sweet & Sour. This is the best version of Long Island Ice Tea I have ever had. One will give you a buzz, two and you are high. Enjoy!
Georgia's Best

posted by Georgia Girl @ 09:37PM, 8/31/06

Mix 1 Lipton Ice Teasers and then add 1 cup of each: Rum, Vodka, Triple Sec, Gin, Sweet & Sour.

You'll come on vacation and leave on probation with this mix.
Yeah baby!!

posted by drunk @ 12:56AM, 9/05/06

Drinkin one right now! Thanks for the recipe!
Best drink

posted by Cookie Monster @ 03:52PM, 9/08/06

A simple true L.I.T. is a shot of each (first 5 ingredients). Bar stuff is fine (absolut, cuervo, bacardi, and tangueray). For very casual parties, this drink fits perfectly into those big plastic solo cup (more commonly used for keggers) - fill it up with ice, throw the 5 shots in, and top off whatever space is left with cola. Don't even need the sour mix. The mixture for some reason just ends up tasting delicious. And potent of course.
Love at first sip

posted by Heft @ 08:28PM, 9/11/06

I'm in love.
Long time favorite

posted by Rowdy @ 09:42PM, 9/11/06

I love the LIT. Just a SPLASH of sour and coke though. Even if you use cheap liquor, just squeeze in some fresh lemon and its ok. My friends, enjoy!
21st Birthday....

posted by slrobley @ 10:36AM, 9/12/06

I love this drink, yesterday was my once in a life time 21st Birthday. I didn't like anything else I tried, except this. It's cool and refreshing, good times. 1 or 2 will hit the spot... enjoy, be safe.
I began the trend in the 90s

posted by Frances from Houston, Texas @ 11:19PM, 9/12/06

Still my favorite drink! I was always very timid when it came to dancing at the club. A guy introduced me to it. Actually, bought me one. I loved the wavy glass it came in... I've been drinking them since... I've slowed down a lot though. I would have 5 in one night at the club, now I just enjoy 1 or 2 at our local sports bar and I'm good. Still, NOT too many know how to make a GOOD one... I'll try the pineapple juice next time I get me one.

JUST BE CAREFUL, they are a killer!

Long Island Ice Tea

posted by Victor @ 09:31AM, 9/13/06

I really like Long Island Ice Tea, it is the best drink ever.

posted by Nick @ 11:19AM, 9/13/06

This is one of my favourite cocktails! That's what I usually drink when going out !
Redneck Version

posted by Mike @ 05:40PM, 9/21/06

Make it by the pitcher, 3 double shots each of Gin, Triple Sec, Tequila, Vodka, and Light Rum,

12 oz. of orange juice, and 4 can cokes.
Mix the alcohol and chill with ice before adding the coke and Orange Juice.
It keeps for days in the fridge.
Great drink

posted by TVL from San Diego @ 03:42AM, 9/24/06

I had like 5 of these in about 1 1/2 hour time while I was playing pool at a local pool hall. Me and a friend got very drunk and were loud and laughing. We were actually still able to play pool! We had a great time DID NOT drive home drunk.. we drank like 10 waters and DID NOT suffer a hang over.
The dogs bollocks

posted by tanster @ 07:21AM, 9/28/06

Quality top shelf, none of that cheap crap. Peninsua Beach Resort Bali, Sports Bar, 2 years there, indulged in this beautiful drink on many occ.
LIIT is for me!!!!

posted by db-tgnd @ 11:03PM, 9/28/06

I like the lemon wedge collection idea...I'm going to try that with top shelf stuff next liit...(long island iceds tea;;just the acronym tells you something LIIT...yes you will be LIIT...hahahah...
Drunk in Bahamas!

posted by Josh @ 03:50PM, 9/30/06

I drank about 5 tall glasses of these in the bahamas ! Whew what a night to never remember. Awesome drink - kicks hard!

posted by Clint @ 03:06AM, 10/01/06

You have no idea about pitchers, me and my friends hooked up a pitcher of Long Islands up at Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul Korea...60oz. of greatness a piece, now that was a damn I gotta stand now? Drink!!

posted by udit @ 09:01AM, 10/03/06

This is one hell of a recipe. Same as the best I have had anywhere.

posted by Gareth @ 04:55PM, 10/05/06

Don't attempt to talk on MSN after two of these ;-)
Introduced early

posted by martha lew @ 10:35PM, 10/05/06

I had my 1st LI ice tea at a bar at the age of 20. Took only 2 and that was it. Been looking for the exact recipe for years... had variations but nothing as good as these.
Extreme Tea

posted by The Mad Drunk @ 04:03PM, 10/07/06

I love Long Island Iced Teas, its my drink of choice, however I stole a recipe from ESPN Zone. They use the same ingredients, except they substitute the sweet and sour mix with Rockstar Energy Drink. I have actually made it with both Rockstar and Red Bull (on seperate occasions) and its pretty good. With that being said, nothing beats the original!
Not a virgin of the Long Island any more

posted by GEEGEE @ 09:36PM, 10/07/06

I love this drink, never knew what it tasted like, now it's the only thing I'll drink! thanks for the recipe.
Agree with "Take Care"

posted by God @ 03:24AM, 10/08/06

Good drink but please always have a designated driver.

posted by Luce @ 01:29PM, 10/19/06

I had one of these for the first time last night. It was amazing. I slammed down two of them.

Sadly the bar I went to was lame and only used a half shot of each alcohol and the rest coke and/or sweet and sour.

I felt decent but not as good as I should have.

Whiskey finished that for me.

posted by msuspartan22 @ 03:21PM, 10/20/06

You have got to try this drink! Use the same recipe as stated above and you can't miss! Top shelf will make it the best, but middle of the road stuff makes pretty good tea too! 3 or 4 in a night and you're kosher!
Try a purple haze long island

posted by wes @ 08:34PM, 10/20/06

Just like a long island but instead of sweet and sour use raspberry liquor and sprite instead of coke. Got this at a bar in kenosha wisconsin, it was killer!
Try this one...

posted by crazyjv69 @ 08:58PM, 10/23/06

Try using 1 1/4 part sweet and sour mix and 1 1/4 part of pineapple juice with thsi recipe and its a little different....I really enjoyed it.
Give em hell!

posted by Marc @ 08:48AM, 10/26/06

I'm farkin' trashed now baby!
#4 and they're still rollin'

posted by MArc @ 08:50AM, 10/26/06

Best farkin' mix in the world! Go go go.
Hang over -less drink

posted by D.D. @ 05:11PM, 10/27/06

I have had Long islands on quite a few occasions (and quite a few each time may I add) but in the morning I have never had a hang over with the long island. They're grrrrrrreeeaat. If they weren't so expensive these are the only thing I would drink.
Had the best 2 last night

posted by Longislandman @ 05:53PM, 10/28/06

I had these at a restaurant believe or not, the bartender was awesome. I had two in half an hour and felt pretty good, simply my favorite drink since forever. As I watched him make them, with top shelf of course, he used a mix that was kinda greenish yellow. I asked him what kind of sweet-n-sour it was and he said they mix it out of a concentrate, but it was incredible! A+++
Try this twist!!

posted by Ryan @ 07:06PM, 10/28/06

This is called a Grateful Dead. Use Sprite instead of Coke and add a shot of Chambord (rasberry flavored liqueur). It adds more alcohol to a already knock-out drink but the rasberry and extra lemon lime flavor makes it even easier to drink. DANGEROUS!

posted by marina @ 08:13PM, 10/29/06

It doesnt take 5 shots.. its a lot less than that for each kind of alcohol, otherwise people would just be falling on their asses after the first one.

But, besides that, its amazing how it doesnt taste like it has all that alcohol in it.. just awesome =D
Had a great drink called Grateful Dead

posted by diva doc @ 10:09PM, 10/29/06

What is the recipe for the "Grateful Dead"? I heard that it is a Long Island Iced Tea with Chambord. I had it at a restaurant and it was great!!! I tried it at another restaurant and it was called a "Purple Rain". What is the recipe for it? It gives it a sweet taste and is now my new favorite drink!!
Different twist

posted by Louie @ 10:26AM, 11/03/06

Try using peach schnapps instead of sweet and sour mix, tastes delicious.
One was the limit

posted by Gloria @ 06:35PM, 11/06/06

My husband's favorite drink - but while dining in Portland Oregon recently, one Long Island Ice Tea per person was their restaurant's limit.
Long Island Iced Tea frozen

posted by Mark @ 07:17PM, 11/10/06

After mixing an Iced Tea put it in the freezer for 6 hours and it will really knock your socks off. The ice mixture is more like a dessert than a drink and its much stronger since no ice is watering it down. A hot day by the pool or cool night by the fire & watch out.
The better

posted by the LIIT drinker @ 07:02PM, 11/11/06

The better the spirits, the better the LIIT will be.

I had bombay sapphire, Belvedere, Jose Cuervo, Cointreau, bacardi white and it was out of this world.
Hottest drink ever!

posted by ~Sexy lil Thing~ @ 03:30PM, 11/12/06

This drink is the best bar/club drink ever! Drink a couple of those and have a couple shots of tequlia and maybe a shot or two of whisky and you have got your self a good night!! No regrets....
A different recipe

posted by Tiffany P. @ 11:03AM, 11/15/06

Use all the same alcohol ingrediants and shake them with ice. Strain into new glass full of ice. Then, add about 3 shots of orange juice. Mix. Then add a splash of cola until "iced tea" color is obtained. Serve with a lemon wedge or a splash of lemon juice. YUMMY!!!
A little twist

posted by Juston @ 09:37AM, 11/16/06

At the local bar I frequent they take the long island and add a twist they use top shelf and the sweet and sour and instead of the splash of coca-cola they use melon liqour. Best drink i've ever had.
Just got my R.S.A

posted by Kiki @ 09:10PM, 11/26/06

Hey all, I just recently done my r.s.a and landed a job in a local pub... Am 19 yr old girl and never pulled a beer in my life untill 5 days ago lol... anyway i can tell you pulling your own beer always tastes so much better =) And the boys thaught I couldnt do it----o---> easy as! On the Long Island Iced Tea issue--> never had to make one (as yet).. but had one in my recent stop over in Sydney and found myself talking more and giggling lots after the very first (and only might i add) drink... they are a great drink of choice if you can stomach them and only want a cpl of drinks lol =)

posted by Joe Guy @ 04:42PM, 12/01/06

Never shake anything that has carbonation....
Trash can

posted by trash man @ 10:53PM, 12/01/06

Make it without the sweet and sour and coca cola and add Blue Curacao and Red bull.... its called a trash can here in Alaska and man are they ever good.
Real killer

posted by Danilo @ 02:32AM, 12/07/06

I am a heavy alcoholic and I drink straight vodka (Absolut or Grey Goose) nothing else but when I tried this killer for the first time in a GREEK club in NYC I couldn't finish the first one - I was knocked out. My gilrfriend finished it. I can drink 1L of straight Absolut and be in driveable shape but after this I couldn't drive, I don't know what she mixed it with but it was pricy $15 in NYC, and one of the best drinks I have tried.
My fav drink

posted by Mike from Nova Scotia @ 07:34PM, 12/08/06

I lovvvvve getting plasterd off these. Doesn't even feel like you're drinking alcohol, goes down smooth and after 6 or 7 you're in the bag and it's party time!! :D A+
Long island short night

posted by red fox @ 12:43PM, 12/09/06

I used to drink these all the time, favorite drink. Once at a bar me and a friend asked for a whole pitcher of it, the girl looked at us then said ok. We had 5 pitchers that night! We were way out there! Excellent.
The ultimate block party

posted by kevin @ 08:03AM, 12/10/06

If you really want all your friends and neighbours to have a blast, have everyone you know throw in money to fill an empty keg shell with the ingredients for a long island. See if anyone on the street remembers what happened.
Best night ever

posted by shell @ 03:40PM, 12/12/06

I was feeling good after the first 2 drinks i was dancing round and everything, but next thing i know is i'm on the floor and the table is broke in half. I set a record of 8. This is the best drink ever and it doesnt take much to get knock you down. I will never forget that night.
Best drink ever

posted by king kong @ 08:57PM, 12/12/06

I had a half yard of one of theses and it was the most expensive best drinking night of my life.
Sneak attack

posted by Binky @ 10:25AM, 12/13/06

I downed one in about ten seconds, not really tasting any alcohol. When I tried to stand up, though... wow.
Leave this out

posted by domvinny @ 05:43PM, 12/16/06

When drinking these, please don't do any jager bombs. This mix will make you soooo sick.
But what if...

posted by Steve @ 08:43PM, 12/17/06

I love a long island. But I wonder what happens if you use regular tequila, and dark rum. Then you wouldn't need the cola for the color. Right?
Great drink

posted by The Cool Guy!! @ 09:25PM, 12/19/06

All the comments above are completely valid. If you would like a NICE variation on this drink (and I believe this is the ORIGINAL recipie), replace the sweet & sour mix with the juice of a fresh lemon (approximately 2 oz.) The result is a lemon cola flavored beverage that you can't taste the alcohol. This drink originally appeared during the prohibition period as a recipie to fool the cops into believing it wasn't an alcoholic beverage. GREAT drink but be CAREFUL.....these are very intoxicating! Cheers!!!!
Top drink

posted by Steve O @ 08:20AM, 12/24/06

Top quality drink, in fact my all time No 1!!
Fresh lime is a must!!
Long island tea

posted by mick @ 10:09AM, 12/30/06

This is my favorite drink - I've always loved them, but several years ago I went to Mexico - where they served it with lime instead of lemon, IT WAS GREAT, I didnt think you could improve this drink but the lime changed everything -now when I order or make them I grab the LIMES OVER LEMONS anyday
Long island ice tea

posted by arobinson21 @ 07:50AM, 1/02/07

If you want this drink to come out perfectly use this recipe;

1/2 oz light rum
1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz triple sec
1/2 oz silver tequilla
2 oz sour mix
splash of cola
Don't remember

posted by Mike @ 10:31AM, 1/05/07

Don't exactly remember how I got introduced to a L.I.I.T but it was way back in the mid 90's and have been drinking them when I can afford them ever since. GREAT DRINK!
Happy hour favorite

posted by Gooch @ 12:12PM, 1/07/07

Everyone is on target with how many to drink. Two gets you rolling, three you start slurring and four you are talking caveman. Damon's Grill in Middleburg, OH. Has happy hour ice tea for $3.85. It's like Christmas!!
Beverly Hills Iced Tea

posted by King Cruise @ 04:09PM, 1/09/07

For those who can handle it (in other words girls+bubbles=early night) Forget the cola, top up with Champange. Now that's a drink.

posted by Shalik @ 06:32PM, 1/10/07

These are good but with too much of something can be nasty as hell. So be careful when mixing these.
Long island ice tea

posted by borat @ 07:58PM, 1/27/07

We used fizzy drinks and it still went down a treat.
Quick buzz

posted by gigi @ 07:37PM, 1/29/07

Goes straight to the head, make sure you keep sight of your girlfriends as you're going out because this drink is POTENT; fun drink if your friends are with you.

posted by MagnoliaMoth @ 08:51PM, 1/30/07

Never tried it, drinking it right now, completely delicious!!!
What a night!

posted by The Big Show @ 11:07PM, 1/31/07

After my friends and I found out that college is closed due to the ice strom we have. Made like 5 of these, very interesting night!
First drink

posted by fox @ 01:30PM, 2/01/07

I had one of these in Mexico except it was called a mexican iced tea. When I saw the bartender putting all those strong drinks in a glass, I thought it was going to taste like pure alchohol. When I tasted it, however, it was indestinguishable from a normal glass of sweet tea. If this recipe is anything like what I had then 10 stars!

posted by Mandurah WA @ 11:03PM, 2/07/07

Well I didnt know it had that much alcohol in it or that it didnt even have real tea in it until reading these reviews.

I was introduced to Long Island Iced Tea last night on a date. Now I am in love.
Long island ice tea

posted by jean M @ 08:02PM, 2/09/07

My absolutely favorite drink. If you want to buy the boozes already mixed, be sure and get Desert Island Long Island Ice tea mix. It's the best. I've tried other brands (Phillips, & New York) and they were horrible. Desert Island is the only brand to get. I'm not a fan of sweet & sour, so I mix equal parts of booze and coke and then add a little more than a splash of Tom Collins mix. It's great. It's not as sweet as the sweet & sour.
Makes a good make-up drink

posted by Educator @ 01:23PM, 2/10/07

My fiance and I had a few of these at a hotel once and we had the best sex ever. We crashed afterward, but we were like animals. Needless to say, it's our favorite drink.
The best ever

posted by ryan bka bigbub @ 06:51PM, 2/11/07

After having a couple of them... you'll have the best nite ever!!!!!

posted by jess @ 10:47PM, 2/16/07

Long island ice teas will knock you into happiness real quick! The first one I ever had was in canada, and wow they put so much alcohol in it!

So amazing.
Hail, Long Island Iced Tea!!!

posted by charmed @ 12:24AM, 2/22/07

Since I've been introduced to this drink, I understand why they say 'Drink and be merry!' 'Tis the drink to have, u should try!!! Just the right drink for a great time ahead...can't think of anything else to have! :-) It helps when you are in your regular bar though, you can always ask for the drink to be made extra strong!!!
This drinking is fucking crazy

posted by bob sagget & nancy the realator @ 08:20PM, 2/25/07

...and it got me a damn DUI

No fuh real though... i dont like the dui part but that drink is slammin on all angles.
Long Island Ice Tea

posted by Melisa @ 10:37PM, 2/25/07

I absoloutly love this drink. It is my #1 drink when I go out! I make sure I can at least get 2 throughout my night! I love them! Not strong and gets you right. If you drink 2 you will be good. Everyone should drink them there great! I want one now lol.
First impression really lasts....:-)

posted by grey :-) @ 01:17AM, 3/01/07

I can't think of having any thing else everytime im out partying....just the right drink to have a good time!!!

posted by KEV @ 10:39AM, 3/01/07

This is the only drink I will have when i go out. About 4-5 of these and am set for the hole nite. THE BEST DRINK EVER.
Change it a tad

posted by midimajik @ 04:19PM, 3/02/07

Well you're right about the recipe, however i under poured my liquors one night and was very busy. So I went ahead and topped it off with some sprite. I was told it was the best long island they had ever had so of course i had to try it out. They were right the sprite is great to top it off but dont forget that tiny splash of coke.

posted by jay @ 10:08AM, 3/03/07

So now I know what the heck I drank last night... jeje
Smooth drink

posted by sophistication @ 11:18PM, 3/05/07

Although I'm only 19, I'm a sophisticated drinker and i must say that a long island iced tea is a great drink for any occasion. It's smooth and tastes great. I had three of them once and when i stood up i was immediatly humbled. Two thumbs up.
To much of a drink for me

posted by whimp @ 12:15AM, 3/09/07

Ordered one of these at the bar drank, half and gave the rest away. Too much for me...
Heck yeah

posted by Brit @ 07:36PM, 3/13/07

I had this drink one night a couple of years ago, and then retried it on my 21st b-day a couple days ago. I am glad I rented a room, cause it was fun, then crazy, then lights out! Best drink ever!!!!!!
Excellent Drink for ANY occasion

posted by Chip fom Michgan @ 03:41PM, 3/17/07

This is one of my favorites. If you use TOP SHELF you will be much better in the morning after a couple of these.

Middle line alcohol will be just OK, and you pay the next day. It is a fun drink for serious drinkers only.

Be careful, they will kick your butt if you drink to many.
Leave the Tequila OUT !!!

posted by ManassasMa @ 02:12AM, 3/19/07

As posted above (I am SO sorry; I grieve with you, mep), this drink (while wonderifishly delicious) can be a TRUE KILLER.

I, personally, enjoy the flavors of vodka or gin and tolerate the flavor of rum (in moderation). I also understand the how's and why's Triple Sec is used (almost as a "garni") in many, many alcoholic beverages.

At the same time, my "constitution" has never been able to cope with Tequila (in any amount; damn, that stuff is ROCKET FUEL!). Therefore, if and whenever I order or make Long Island Ice Tea (either for myself or for a group of friends), I MAKE IT A POINT to either request my drink without tequila or make my batches without it.

And you know what? It is just as flavorful (if not moreso) and just as enjoyable (if not moreso). But NOT as "toxic".

In my experience, add tequila to this recipe (or any other) and you are falling off your chair (or otherwise embarrassing yourself) after 2 or 3; ELIMINATE the tequila, and you can be "good" for either an afternoon or an evening without either horrific consequences or horrendous repercussions.

Just My Thoughts (JMTs)
Good for a hot summer day

posted by Jackie D @ 07:42AM, 3/19/07


posted by slap man @ 01:34PM, 3/20/07

I drink alot of these, like them alot. but they have to be mixed well, on my last holiday to dubia, there i found the best mixed drink i have had.
Long Island after a long day

posted by K @ 05:01PM, 3/23/07

My friend and I had just experienced a long day doing social work; kids abandoned by parents, then family. Placed them with neighbor after a wait of four hours and twenty -five phone calls. Top the evening with being caught in the crossfire of a semi-automatic drive by. We easily drank five of these Long Island Iced Teas before we felt calms
Long Island

posted by Hi @ 06:53PM, 3/24/07

I've heard good shit about it, but although i found it okay, I've tasted better.
The Bowery Bar

posted by Long Island Resident @ 12:21AM, 3/26/07

Head to the Bowery in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia for the best Long Island you will ever have!
Darn good recipie

posted by jim @ 07:07PM, 3/31/07

This recipie is dead on for a very tasty drink. I've always heard of the deadly LI. After following these instructions I mixed a few it is obvious why. You are drinking a friggin GLASS of liquor and it OHHH so delicious.
Best drink

posted by lindsay @ 05:27PM, 4/01/07

This drink is soo great to drink in the summer. 2 is good enough.. I think. And after that you dont need much more.
A NICE Hard Drink

posted by George the bar tender @ 10:30PM, 4/05/07

This drink is very good but i must warn you this isn't a drink you would want to be drinking all night.. it's very strong. Unless you drink long island all the time.

posted by your momma @ 12:45AM, 4/06/07

I tried this drink at the bar at a bowling alley. It was really strong but i ended up bowling a really good game and had a blast! this is honestly my new favorite drink. I only need one for a good buzz. THANKS!
The shit!!

posted by JWads @ 12:12AM, 4/10/07

I'm not much of a liquor drinker, i'm more of a rolling rock and bud light kind of guy, but these LIIT are pretty dang good. The cool thing is it only takes 2 or 3 instaed of 8 or 10 beers to get me feeling pretty darn good...

posted by Drou @ 09:52AM, 4/12/07

You don't have any idea how strong these are until you have a couple-- and then you try to stand up, and the floor moves. Yeah.
Great drink - easy to 'assemble'

posted by multiflex @ 08:43PM, 4/13/07

I'm drinking this right now (3rd) to be honest, it's one of the greatest I've ever had.. thumbs up.
Beautiful Drink!!

posted by Mike @ 10:35AM, 4/14/07

I drink these baby's all the time, and if mixed right, you cant get better!!
I go with Bacardi, Smirnoff, Bombay, Cointreau, and Olmeca (the only tequila i can get really), lime cordial, and a dash of coke for colour. If you mix this right, its just like normal iced tea with a bite!!

I drink 7-8 of these along with a few tequila shots regularly, and apart from a few lost passages of time, have always been fine.
Verdict: Unbeatable!!
Three Tweaks!! And- Top Shelf Liquor is Key

posted by tipsy Mcturbo @ 09:40PM, 4/16/07

Tweak #1. Add a splash of premium tequila. Por ejemplo, Patron Anejo. Do not even think of adding cuervo.

Tweak #2. Use equal parts of the other 4 liquors to fill your glass within 1/2 inch of the top. Then splash of Sweet&Sour, splash of Coke. You could fuel your plane with this stuff.

Tweak#3. Teaspoon of real lemon juice, more or less to taste.

I used to drink these "Topshelf long Islands" exclusively-the barkeep would start pouring it as soon as I walked in-one girl would catch my eye, throw the glass to the ceiling, catch it, scoop ice and start the pour before I even got to the bar. Good thing I got a discount, which I just added to the tip. Anyway, great drink...I'm thirsty...

posted by youngster! @ 11:30PM, 4/17/07

I just turned 21 and this was my first drink of choice. Mine had a bit much vodka, but it was still good. In fact, i drank my friend's too! I was happy the rest of the evening!
Don't waste good liquor

posted by Garland @ 12:59PM, 4/19/07

The Long Island Iced Tea is a delicious drink, however, unlike many I advise against using "top-shelf" when making this drink. The bottom line is that you can't make out the individual flavors of each liquor in this drink so there's no sense in using top-shelf when making it. Instead, go mid-shelf. Always use white tequila and be careful not to use overly high proof liquors. Homemade sweet and sour mix is far better than the store bought stuff and I recommend adding just a little more than a splash of coke at the top. This will better color the drink and also ensure it's not too sour while not impacting the flavor of the drink.

posted by Don and Robin @ 05:18PM, 4/19/07

My husband and I felt like a long island tonight, so we attempted to try your recipe, although we ran into problems when we couldn't find the sweet and sour. *(It was sitting on our kitchen table out of sight) so we tried to fix it with extra triple sec, wow, enough booze to kill a horse, but yummy!!!!
Ah those summer nights of 2006

posted by hou2007 @ 01:50AM, 4/20/07

I'd have 2, and couldn't resist not having a 3rd. I was set for the night. They were the first drinks I started off with :D I have yet to make em myself. Just wait till my 21 birthday lol. They taste great and go down smooth.

posted by Carlos @ 05:12PM, 4/20/07

Never had one before, so i made it myself. It tastes very good but perhaps i did something wrong because the alcohol is still very noticeable.
Saved the Day

posted by Loralee Tibbs @ 08:18PM, 5/08/07

When I ordered this at a bar I knew it just wasn't the correct mix, but knew not how to advise. NOW I DO thank you.
Ratios are off!

posted by Mike @ 10:29PM, 5/11/07

That is waaaaaaay too much triple sec! The pineapple is a good suggestion, it mellows out the sweet and sour taste. Also, probably should double the ratio of sweet and sour.

posted by John cochran @ 10:47AM, 5/17/07

This is a badasssssss drink. The only down side is i broke my phone at the bar when i had this. Thats how badassss it is. I plan on making it myself tonight with me newbie of a friend of raleigh!!!
Ohhh sooo goood

posted by Lady Sipper @ 09:33AM, 5/19/07

I love this drink. It is so smooth. I leave out the rum (because the the nasty hangover I get from it and double the tequila) The hangover is really not that bad--'course I usually only have one a night and am out danceing. Tastes just as good! Since I don't care for lemon, I add lime and would like to try the pineapple verison. Maybe tonight:)!
ol school

posted by Hog @ 06:52PM, 5/21/07

Had 7 of these on my 50th birthday last year no hangover just lots of fun and of course lots of water. The key is water. Kiddies favorite all time.
Super bartender

posted by leipett @ 07:59PM, 5/22/07

I serve about 50 of these a night. People love this drink. Where I work they cost $8.50 each... but they sell like crazy.
No need for Top shelf

posted by Nat @ 09:46PM, 5/22/07

Use any type of liquer you want just make sure to do as listed above, you will get it right.
Blue moto

posted by bob @ 12:21PM, 5/25/07

That's called a blue motorcycle my friend. Love them.
The best

posted by tarzig @ 03:03PM, 5/25/07

Usually I dont drink hard liquor but after having this drink for the first time in vegas I am hooked. This is the best drink I ever had.

posted by ff/emt @ 03:38PM, 5/27/07

Awesome drink! Haven't quite perfected it yet though... not as good as when I go to the bar...

posted by Drunken Bob @ 01:02PM, 5/28/07

Best. Drink. Ever.
Loved the drink

posted by Ivana @ 05:15PM, 5/28/07

I really loved it untill the morning hours - I was vomiting like crazy (it's ok though since I don't really remember it). I had five of these babies and don't remember anything after #3. I am petite so that might be the reason or because I though that it was so easy to drink I didn't think there was so much alcohol in it! Oh yeah, the next day I have heard about me falling into the Chrismas tree!

posted by 805girl @ 03:38PM, 6/01/07

Wow...this drink will creep up on your ass, so be careful! I got pretty faded off 1.
L.I.I.T. will get you LIT!

posted by :) @ 01:24AM, 6/02/07

Had my first before a Billy Joel concert as a tribute to Mr. Long Island himself. After a second, I was ready to go alllll night long. I was dancing, singing, and just generally being obnoxious and completely uninhibited all the way through to Piano Man :)

Good times, great drink!
No gin

posted by drunk @ 01:46AM, 6/04/07

Try no gin, double up on the rum and ALWAY use top shelf!
In Vegas.......

posted by Ben @ 11:56AM, 6/11/07

WOW!!!!!!! What a drink, feels like your drinking a summer fruits drink....How deceiving ! Great fun
Yummy....... :D

posted by thirsty ppl @ 01:56PM, 6/12/07

Man this stuff is the best after a long day at skool.... It just helps you kick bakk N enj0y



Ice tea's in dunedin snow

posted by shane @ 04:39PM, 6/15/07

Had these in dunedin nz, it was snowing and very cold outside. Had about six ice teas went outside and yes it hit me. Very nice drink - very addictive.
Hard to find Sweet and sour

posted by Jay @ 09:40PM, 6/17/07

I've tried to make my own sweet and sour after finding none in canada but it still did not taste proper. A recent trip the US and i found something called Finest Call, needless to say i brought a case back with me, and some premix LIIT. Perfect.

I cant say anything about there other products but the sweet and sour is top notch.
Pineapple instead

posted by J.Fal @ 08:22PM, 6/22/07

Its hard to improve on the original recipe, but try using pineapple juice instead of sour mix. My wife and all her friends are self proclaimed experts on LIITs and they all say that these are the best ever. Call a cab though!!
Trying your recipe

posted by r.crickman @ 11:23AM, 6/25/07

Been drinking liits for a long time...got fav restraunts where they make great ones...also$$$$$ but worth it...going to try this recipe...tired of gin and tonic everynight (retired and can get away with it).
Top Shelf

posted by miles of corn @ 03:29PM, 6/25/07

Top shelf is the only way to go and in addition to that I would ensure that the vodka you choose is a potato grain,(rather then corn) It makes all the difference in the world. I have been drinking these for over 20 years and they are the best.

posted by Ciccio @ 06:39AM, 6/29/07

I use bacardi rum, smirnoff vodka, cointreau(triple sec), any good gin, and jose cuervo tequila and tastes awesome.... i use lemon instead of sweet and sour also... if you want an extra kick use bacardi 151, if its in your budget. You will not be disappointed.
Response to 5 in a half hour

posted by sophistication @ 11:52AM, 6/29/07

The person who said they had five of these in a half hour is ridiculous. 5 long islands in that time span would absolutely ANNILIATE you onto to the floor. But good drink never the less. Drink 2 or 3 and ur havin a great night. I use captain morgan's spiced rum instead of light rum i like it better, and if you have patron instead of jose cuervo tequilla..use it. Stronger and smoother.

posted by McGock @ 01:11AM, 6/30/07

Two of these and a few shots, and you'll be quite alright.
Over 20

posted by Tom @ 10:46AM, 7/03/07

I have been drinking these for over 20 years. Best drink out there. But you have to find the right mix. Somes bars and restraunts nail it while others don't. And I have tried them in every state in the lower 48. Can't beat them.
Try Dale's long island recipe

posted by miturbansdrty @ 04:24AM, 7/10/07

Try Dale's long island recipe on here. It is much better than this one taste wise.

posted by rob @ 04:23PM, 7/11/07

Very refreshing and does the job in little time.

The only drawback is that when it is not put together well the taste of alcohol is very much present but when it is, it's quite the trickster.
Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful

posted by josh @ 07:23PM, 7/13/07

I usually never order these at the bar due to the fact that they are kinda pricey and so this evening I went out and bought Stoli, Tommy Bahamas (White Sand), Bombay Sapphire Gin, 1800, Triple Sec, Pineapple Juice and Coke and this is so much better than anything I have ever had at any bar! This is my first time making it at home so I was also wondering if there is a difference between using silver tequila and regular tequila? I really enjoy the taste of 1800 and figured there can't be too much of a difference. So far this combination seems to be working just fine. Does anyone know of a better mix than this as far as the names of liquors to use?
Mac Dre Long Island

posted by Thizz In Peace @ 08:02PM, 7/13/07

Fuck a long island... I want my own island.
Strawberry LIIT

posted by Hanz @ 01:16AM, 7/14/07

Instead of Cola, use strawberry daiquiri mix (use more of the mix than you would the cola). Mmmm mmm mm. They go down soooo smooth. A few of these and I am fine like wine.
Long island all the way!

posted by sez @ 08:16AM, 7/18/07

This drink is a KILLER!!! 1 glass and im going ass over tits lol!

Great drink though lol i use lime instead of sweet & sour.
Long Island Ice Teaville

posted by chica @ 08:47PM, 7/18/07

"Surprised we don't have a Long Island Ice Teaville" we do - it's called Chico, California... several bars there (Panama's and Normal, just to name a few) are like the 31 Flavors of LIIT varieties... though trying more than a few different kinds in one night is a rookie move (you'll be communing with CSU kids as you worship the porcelain god the next day :)
Better taste with cheap alc

posted by Tiger @ 03:15PM, 7/20/07

I've found the best way to make these taste better when using cheap brand alcohols is to add more cola.
True Story...

posted by Dino @ 10:02PM, 7/20/07

I and Friends went to a mexican restaurant and when asked what I wanted to drink I asked for a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea, the waitress was about to leave when I stopped her, and said, "No thats what I want, I don't know what these guys want!" the look on her face was priceless, it was even better when I asked for a second pitcher half way thru the evaning!!!

You only get one chance at life take what you can, enjoy what you can, cause you may not get the chance tomorrow.

posted by Phanlorask @ 12:38PM, 7/21/07

Does this drink still taste good if it's pre-made with The Original Long Island Iced Tea 30% liquor? Then you just add the sweet and sour mix and the coke splash?
Or does this recipe taste 100 x better?

posted by taz baby @ 10:30AM, 7/25/07

This recipe is for the mexican iced tea. LIIT dont have tequila in them.
A better Long Island & a lot of other drinks too!!!

posted by Steve C. @ 09:53PM, 7/27/07

After being asked by about 20 of my friends "why are the drinks at my house are so much better than at anyone else's house?" I told them my secret, don't use coca-cola, use R.C.cola or a generic grocery store cola. Try this in all drinks that call for a cola in the mix. The reason is the cheaper cola's have almost twice the cola flavor & half the carbonation, great for mixed drinks since you want the cola flavor & not the carbonation. It's amazing what a difference this little change makes in all mixed drinks that call for a cola. Another little trick for those of you that like more of an Iced Tea flavor, try a little instant iced tea mix, start with just a half teaspoon & adjust to your liking. BROAST!!!
Promoters know how to drink

posted by Damien @ 04:53PM, 8/02/07

This is one of the best drinks that I have found if you have it mixed right (get a girl bar tender to do it!!) Do you wanna get the best drink.. ok write this down...
1/2 shots (thats half shots of)
Barcardi 151
Vodka (Smirnoff)
Add fresh LIME!
and to finish off add coke.

To make it a Toyko Iced Tea.
Instead of Teq add Midori
Instead of Coke add Lemonade.
De Soto, Si

posted by De Soto, Si @ 10:27AM, 8/03/07

This drink gets you wasted. Instead of spending your money on $8.00 dollar beer all night just get 1 long island ice tea for $15.00, thats already like 3 beers. Then after 3 long islands, put on your seat belt, chew some winter fresh gum, and pop like 3 altoids and be ready for the swervest ride home. Cheers.
Anyone seen my liver?

posted by so thirsty @ 01:23AM, 8/06/07

I've learned to take it easy on these. One of the best drinks ever although a little harsh.
Put a pro to shame

posted by Gonzo @ 12:08PM, 8/12/07

I've always drank boilmakers i.e. Jim Beam and beer and thought I knew what was what...but after 2 of these on a Sunday morning I got ripped! They're the real deal.
Well, this is how to enjoy it

posted by babyxhyper @ 07:07PM, 8/12/07

Use premium brands and fresh sweet and sour. Not the ones that come in the pre-made bottle. You gotta make the sweet and sour yourself. Pretty awesome!

posted by me, mice-elf and eye @ 01:06AM, 8/16/07

When properly made it tastes easy and smooth... I tried mixing my own today and experimented with amounts of the liquors. After 3 my shoes were on me upside down and EVERYTHING looked blurry. 4 and I was ready to mow my lawn with a pair of scissors... let's just say I tried a few more tries and woke up with my pants around my ankles hanging from a tree branch... wow... where did all these smurfs come from and why are they worshipping me?

......just kidding, but this drink does put the 'lick' in liquor!!! sing along with me "yeah I like to drink liquor cuz it gets me drunk quicker, when I fall down on the floor shouldn't have too many more, YEE-HAW!! YEAH!!!!!

posted by I forget who I am when I am this drunk @ 01:04PM, 8/16/07

For vodka Grey Goose is top notch (and high price) Svedka is just as good (i used to swear by Stolichnya, but changed to Skyy, which is much smoother) and I use Bacardi rum with Seagram's extra dry gin. Equal parts of triple sec and gin and vodka and rum and sweet-n-sour, one tiny little splash of top-shelf (Jose Cuervo Clasico) tequila and Coca Cola for colour to finish...also one splash of lemon juice and slightly smaller splash of lime juice. One ounce shots (and proper proportioned smaller parts) will equal a pint or slightly more (with ice) and will be KILLER!!! Keep all your liquors in freezer for BEST results and your ice won't melt so fast! Tequila only adds a bitter bite (plus more hit-you-in-the-head-like-a-hammer alcohol) so you can skip it for a sweeter drink, so keep that part small..... when you fall down on the floor, you shouldn't have any more! Have someone pour you into a car and hope you remember where you live.. or at least a safe place to pass out! I love you (after drinking a few) YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite drink of all time

posted by KOAL @ 02:01AM, 8/18/07

I pound these while sitting on the slot machines in Atlantic City (and getting pretty fucked up in the process).

Good times.
Put a pro to shame II

posted by Gonzo @ 05:34PM, 8/20/07

I want everyone to be careful with this, O.K.? If you want a refreshing but strong drink follow all the recipes, but if you just want an easy tasteless buzz this has worked for me.

Use EXACTLY 2oz of the whites except tequila. Top with Sprite and a squeeze of a real lemon. Tastes like water with a slice of lemon and can guzzled but watch out!

posted by DrunkMan, the superhero! @ 08:51AM, 8/24/07

I am a midnight shift factory rat by profession and semi-pro alcoholic! The ULTIMATE way to mix this is with high-quality, top-shelf liquors! Equal parts (clear) Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Gin and TripleSec equal part Sweet and Sour mixer with equal splashes of lemon OR lime juice, (i prefer lime) and tart cherry juice concentrate, and of course splash of Coca-Cola. Top-shelf is more expensive, but worthwhile and the lemon (or lime) and cherry improve a mostly perfect perfection. Quality is always better than Quantity. and be careful don't drive drunkm don't hurt yourself and don't hurt anyone else!!!!! peace!
Give me ten beers

posted by d4m4$74 @ 12:07PM, 9/08/07

and i'm fine

give me three of these

and I will fall of my chair

great stuff (too bad they didn't have tequila at that bar and they had to leave that one out)

posted by rioma @ 01:53PM, 9/08/07

have one, start exploring you subconscious, have 2, start thinking about how life should be(with a long island by your hand), have 3, become a new being with super powers(effects may vary, ex. shift things from one place to another or read other drunk people minds),have 4, puke, have 5, think about how life sux or if in presence of a woman about your impossibility to have a sexual experience without reapeating the 4th experience. if you want to have a 6 you could probably have an afterlife experiece, read the future, become an insect with 9 legs or maibe become god. anyway you wont remember the next morning from 4th on.
The best drink ever

posted by scott @ 08:24PM, 9/15/07

Drank 11 of these at a bar one night. well, at least thats what the bartender told me a few days later when i could leave my house without feeling like i was dying. lol
LIT Vs Jack

posted by lysser321 @ 12:26AM, 9/16/07

I tried one for the first time tonight, actually i tried like 4 or 5 tonight but whatever. I used to drink jack but this is the shit. It tastes so good you dont even know that you're drinking liquor, 5 shots i suppose. Its a much more pleasant drink than jack i have to say and i used to be loyal to that shit.
Fresh Lemon Juice & Simple Syrup

posted by Spencer @ 04:17PM, 9/21/07

My two cents?

1) Using 1 part fresh lemon juice and 3/4 part (or more to taste) simple syrup* instead of sweet & sour mix (yuck) is more important than using "top shelf" liquor

2) Since this is more of a "get wasted drink" than a connoisseurs or sipping cocktail, use "mid shelf" liquor (my pick: skyy vodka, bacardi rum, 1800 silver tequila, tanqueray gin). Cointreau would be best for the triple sec, but, again, a bit too expensive for this kind of drink

*Simple syrup: 2 cups water to a boil, ad 2 cups sugar, stir until clear, let cool, refrigerate
"Top Shelf"

posted by John Bacon @ 02:50AM, 9/26/07

I may sound like an amateur, but what is the meaning of top shelf, the more expensive brands?
Smooth and hard core!!!

posted by T-dog @ 05:04PM, 10/04/07

It'll cost you about $80-$100 bucks for all the bottles but well worth it, it'll last you quite a while. First time i tried it was about a year ago and after that i went on a couple month binge, i made one for everyone who came over and got them all drunk. Its been a year now and today is my friends 21st birthday...guess what were going to be drinking?.
Best ever

posted by KPrice @ 03:19PM, 10/06/07

This is an awesome drink... I love mixed drinks, but definitely this is my favorite. I still haven't found anyone that can make a Long Island Ice Tea like good old Rod down in Mesquite, Texas.. Keep up the good work Rod....
LI is the BOMB!

posted by str8narro@yahoo.com @ 08:25PM, 10/10/07

Take it easy folks too many and your screwed literally......
LIIT vs. Texas Tea

posted by Lahona @ 06:37PM, 10/13/07

Just wanted to make a little correction. Someone said if you add tequila it becomes a "Texas Tea". That's not right. Actually the liquor in a "Texas Tea" is vodka, rum, gin, tequila and bourbon. Either way, after one you will be feeling mighty fine.
Try frozen!

posted by Brent @ 12:54AM, 11/01/07

I agree with the majority that you want to go with Top Shelf.

When I was a bartender, these were a favorite. However, once while experimenting, instead of using sweet and sour mix, I put all the ingredients in a blender with two ice cream scoops of fresh lemon sorbet and blended. They became so popular in the summer that people came to our restaurant just to get the famous frozen LI/IT.
LIT is for Me

posted by Amandaleebee @ 09:24PM, 11/09/07

I have a very hard time getting drunk because i dont like the taste of alcohol and i get bored of the few drinks i can drink but i will never ever get bored of long island ice teas!!!

posted by T-mac @ 08:16AM, 11/14/07

I am from the US and currently living in Sweden for 6 months. Came over here drinking long islands and have been making my friends here try these (since they never have). They wake up hating me the next morning. HAHA. Classic drink and is excellent! Definitely are a wicked drink though!

Question: I can't find sweet and sour mix here and Im not sure I can find pineapple juice. Any suggestions on what to use?
Top Shelf for me

posted by SeattleJoe @ 12:31PM, 11/16/07

I've had good Long Islands and bad ones (that tasted somewhat like gasoline). Someone suggested the Top Shelf concept and I have enjoyed every Long Island since.
No gin, instead bacardi

posted by ercan nehir @ 02:07AM, 11/18/07

Instead of gin it should be bacardi.
Real Good Dri-zank

posted by Kirk Lyons @ 12:10AM, 11/22/07

Mix it up at least midshelf and you will have one bomb ass drink! And if you add in a bli-zunt you are in seventh heaven.
Great Recipe- Revel in the excitement

posted by John C Brown Jr @ 03:59PM, 11/23/07

Use this recipe and you cannot go wrong. And if ya add a lil tree, all da betta!

posted by Cathy @ 04:04PM, 11/28/07

I have drank a variety of liquers through out the years and frankly i get tired of drinking the same old thing after a while so i went on line to look at cocktail recipes and found this one for the long island iced tea, I looked in my liquer cabinet and low and behold i had all booze i needed to make one, and it is delicious!!! but i think one is all i will need.... I will make them for my friends when they come over I think they will love it too..
Its like a Drunken Uncle...

posted by glenh @ 08:27AM, 12/23/07

This will touch you in places you have never been touched before. Be warned.
Ronman the drunk from way back

posted by ron @ 05:02PM, 12/23/07

I love these! Usually kinda expensive to buy them at a bar but worth it. If you get a good bartender that knows what he/she is doing these don't even taste like you're drinking alcohol but they sneak up on you and WHAM!!!
c'est magnifique!

posted by the fugitive @ 04:54AM, 12/29/07

When i first studied hotel mgmt, my senior recommend me LIIT,he said it rocks...
haven't really got a chance to try it til now...[yes.5 yrs later] after i have my entire collection of spirits unfortunately, my dad got me bacardi gold...so the taste is slightly off
but nonetheless, its better than graveyard. You seriously can't feel the alcohol in it...i just tricked my lil sis[17 yo]into drinking it...hoho
and i'm halfway there...

posted by Fay @ 04:12PM, 12/29/07

I love long islands - i'm not a big fan of strong drinks and being able to taste the alcohol - i like it cause it literally tastes like i'm drinking ice tea :) but if i have more than about 4 i'll know im not drinking ice tea because i'll be passed out on the floor :)
the best drink on earth

posted by x0megan0x @ 08:21PM, 12/31/07

i must say this is the best drink ever. i love it. everytime i go out to a bar or restaurant this is all i get. i even make them at home i love them so much. haha oh an its a really good new years drink. haha i totally recommend this drink.
My first time

posted by bill @ 06:25PM, 1/13/08

I'm from long island ny and when i heard of this drink i ordered one at the bar and fell in love with it instantly. It tastes so good that you almost forget that theres alcohol in it.

posted by Mind @ 12:31AM, 2/01/08

Refreshing. Strong. Will keep you partying all night long :)

posted by Kate @ 11:35PM, 2/03/08

I like it as is -- top shelf of course, but isn't that usually true? :-) Good drink, it took about three other recipes before we tried this one, what a waste of time (and liquor)!

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