Red Death recipe

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Collins Glass
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Pour all ingredients (except orange juice) into an ice-filled collins glass. Fill with orange juice, and serve.

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Optional Variation

posted by Anathema @ 09:02PM, 2/01/07

You can make a Red UN-Death by replacing the OJ with your favorite energy drink.

You'll be a wide-awake partier, at least, until the alcohol wins the battle with the energy drink. At which point, you'll suddenly be trashed off your butt.
Red Meadow more like it

posted by cfmb42009 @ 11:52PM, 3/19/07

Give it a seven b/c it tasted good, but death was not knocking at my door. Instead a baby lamb with flowers was, real fruity.
Wow drink

posted by gretchen martin @ 12:07AM, 5/30/07

This is the best drink I've ever had and it got me drunk way quick. You can't taste any alcohol in in either. I was the happiest drunk ever that night!

posted by niwtsol @ 08:22PM, 6/17/07

I did not use the orange juice, and it was very good, I gave it a nine only because it kind of tastes like cough syrup on the first few sips. Gets you very drunk, very fast.
You're right!

posted by erwnerve @ 01:59AM, 7/22/07

Doesn't taste like alcohol at all... but yummy and gettin me high already :)
Best drink ever

posted by The One @ 11:31PM, 8/03/07

Most of the comments are on THE
do NOT feel anything!! tasty hangover...
drink as much as you like smoking weed. Gets you high!!! really it, not weed, but the drink!!..yeahhh
Everyone likes this one

posted by Stryker @ 10:52PM, 8/13/07

This is one of my most popular drinks to serve. I also serve it as a large shot by cutting back a little on the oj.

posted by woo-hoo @ 07:53PM, 10/18/07

I don't like alcohol that tastes like alcohol and this drink is like knocking back Hawaiian Punch. You don't even realize what its done to you until you try to get out of your seat and you realize your legs don't work anymore. Best end drink ever!
Death Be Served

posted by Belinda @ 05:55PM, 10/20/07

This drink is da bomb! No one can hang with me when I drink this one.
This drink sucks ass

posted by Al Kohalic @ 01:28AM, 10/26/07

I like drinking... my fav drink is straight bacardi 151 on the rocks. I tried a friends red death and I have to honestly say it tasted like cat piss. I couldn't even swallow it... I immediately started gagging and had to spit it out onto the floor. Who the "f" invented this disgusting drink
One of my favorites

posted by JJ @ 08:32AM, 11/04/07

Yeah, it is fruity but I don't know about "baby lamb with flowers". It has 5 kinds of alcohol. Better tasting than a long island any day of the week and it'll get you just as trashed.
Red Death -when made Correctly-

posted by ~ Wen ~ @ 08:51AM, 2/01/08

Red Death when made correctly will taste fantastic. You use the same ingredients used to make a kamakazi & an alabama slammer... but HEAVY on the So Co & light on the OJ. If you get someone to make it the exact correct mix, it is Great!

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