Absinthe Liqueur recipe

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1 pint vodka
2 tspcrumbled wormwood
2 tspcrumbled anise seeds
1/2 tsp fennel seeds
4 cardamom pods
1/2 tspground coriander
2 tspchopped angelica root

Steep wormwood in vodka for 48 hours. Remove, add the rest and steep for one week. Age.

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posted by jdBal @ 11:01AM, 8/06/06

This stuff tastes like mouthwash, goes down rather easy, however the aftertaste left feels like its buring your mouth. A couple of my friends just sucked on a wedge of lime and it helps a lot.
The green fairy and her clouds..

posted by PGtastetester @ 06:26PM, 3/17/07

You need to do the clouding effect!

Get a plastic/paper cup, poke some holes in it, get about 1 cup of absinthe in a glass, (i prefere 1 cup) put the cup with holes over it, put a couple cubes of ice in the top cup, pour some cold water over it, and watch it cloud up, once the whole glass gets cloudy, your ready to drink the fairy, this clouding effect brings out the better flavors of this drink.

If you drink it too fast, you will get too much alcohol and you won't feel the effect of the wormword, so sip about 1 cup, relax for 10 or 20 minutes, and have another. This way the wormword wont be over powered by the vodka.

I've never made this with the angelica root.. but this is actually an ok recipe for absinthe, seeing how classic recipes are very difficult to come by, check out france, they are bringing the green fairy back.
Not absenthe

posted by joe @ 02:15AM, 5/22/07

This is a tincture of most of the stuff that goes in to absinthe and that is all it is. It becomes very different when it is distilled properly when it comes to flavor, and aroma.

My advice: don't try this at home. If you live in a country that does not allow absinthe go for Absente. It's allowed in the US and I believe Canada, not so sure on Australia though.

Spirits stating to be like absinthe should not taste like "mouthwash".
Recipe for the gullable.

posted by dejoured @ 10:22AM, 6/02/07

The person who wrote this is retarded, and is trying to sway the simpleminded. i agree with joe, this is not authentic absinthe.

As for the cup thing, thats a pretty good idea, but normally its done with a special spoon. Theres a site online that gives away free spoons if you post their add somewheres on a site which you have access to the html. It works because ive done it.

So yeah, whoever reads this and really wants absinth, DONT do the above recipe. If you cant find it, buy some anise liqeur or some zambuka, they arent the same, but closer then this stuff will ever be.
Not true absinthe

posted by steve @ 08:32PM, 6/26/07

Agree with joe and dejoured. True absinthe is much, much stronger than most will believe. It's normally diluted 5 to 1 in sugarwater? i think (not positive there). I made the mistake of drinking true absinthe straight. That was an experience. One friend vomited after the first shot due to the extreme burning. Afterwards: incredible experience
Consuming Wormwood is DANGEROUS!

posted by RA @ 07:52PM, 6/29/07

Wormwood contains thujone, which is a poison that produces hallucinogenic effects. Someone that does not know what they're doing can accidentally have too much thujone in their fake absinthe, which can lead to renal failure and possibly death.

There's a reason why absinthe was banned in the U.S. Don't try to make this and wait for a trip to Europe to try the real stuff. Their thujone levels are too low to do any harm.
Dangerous, yes, but only in large doses

posted by the scientist. @ 03:46PM, 7/26/07

People like RA is the reason absinthe was banned in the first place. While in large quantities wormwood can be fatal, it can also be used to aide stomache problems, mainly indigestion. Studies have concluded that thujone is NOT a hallucinogenic. Actually, no study thus far has found absinthe to even be hallucinogenic. People are just going be hearsay and old wives' tales.
Adding on

posted by G @ 09:38PM, 8/14/07

I've read articles that thujone isn't even an active ingredient in absinthe, and yes, I do agree, people like RA ARE the reason absinthe is banned. Get your facts straight buddy.

posted by Mike @ 03:32AM, 9/08/07

Define active ingredient. Absinthe isnt banned, only high thujone absinthe is banned. low thujone absinthe is legal, french, and called absente.
Do your research

posted by Suby @ 10:52PM, 11/23/07

I don't think anybody in here really knows what they are talking about when it comes to Absinthe. This is not true absinthe. Do not try this, unless you want to make yourself sick by gagging on a nasty swill. Real Absinthe does NOT cause hallucinations, and it does NOT make you go insane. Trust me, I know. I've had vintage Pernod Fils, along with several of todays popular brands (Jade PF 1901, Edouard 72, Serpis, La Clandestine, Duplais...) Since typical Absinthe is 60%-72% alcohol, it just gets you really drunk, really fast. Thujone does not cause hallucinations, but in high doses it is a neuro toxin. However, if one were to attempt to ingest enough Thujone to cause problems (i.e. death) that person would succumb to the effects of alcohol poisening much sooner. And Mike, Absente is not real Absinthe either, and Absente is not made in France. There are high thujone level Absinthes for sale, but generally these are Czech made, and taste like crap. All thujone does is make the Absinthe extremely bitter and unpleasent to drink. The most popular Absinthes of today usually have very low thujone levels, as do the vintage samples (usually <10mg for vintage and most modern brands) There are however, two brands of REAL Absinthe for sale on the US market now, approved by the FDA; Lucid, and Kubler 53. Search for them online, they are slowly making their way onto store shelves, including Bevmo.
So much idiocy

posted by Annoyed Absintheur @ 10:38PM, 12/16/07

Do half you people do any research before before spouting off? Mike, Absente contains NO grand wormwood or thujone. ABSENTE - get it... ABSENT.. the thujone/grand wormwood is absent.

This recipe is crap (not absinthe) if not distilled, which takes alot of knowledge to get just right. The people talking about RA have it right. Thanks guys, someday the truth just may become mainstream enough so we don't have to hear this 100 year old hoogie-boogie crap.

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