Adios Motherfucker recipe

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Highball Glass
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1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz rum
1/2 oz tequila
1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
2 oz sweet and sour mix
2 oz 7-Up® soda

Pour all ingredients except the 7-Up into a chilled glass filled with ice cubes. Top with 7-Up and stir gently.

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Good as a shot too!

posted by Colleen @ 01:26PM, 5/04/06

Just remove the soda and you've got a good recipe for like 4 shots.
Should rename it as...

posted by ljs @ 11:21AM, 5/31/06

This should be called the 'acid reflux'

Should go with a maalox chaser.

posted by Colleen @ 01:25AM, 6/11/06

This drink is amazing! I love it and you can never go wrong. I've never had a bad AMF. And I think it's funny that another Colleen made a comment on this drink. Colleen's must like AMFs.
AMF is the answer to lifes problems.

posted by Cullen @ 07:15PM, 6/16/06

I've had AMFs in all sizes and variations. All of them are good. Some of them do not have tequila, but they still will rock your world. After about 3 of them, I like to top it off with a "Mind Eraser" shot, which totally takes your mind into an state of chaotic bliss. Girls also like AMFs, and become very giggly and wild.
Ahh. a real thing of beauty

posted by Justin @ 02:28AM, 7/14/06

I had my first just last night. I loved it. I think I found a new favorite drink.
The variation

posted by MP F'N @ 12:40AM, 7/21/06

The AMF is amazing, yet I prefer our version the "Welcome to Sarnia, Motherfucker" better ;)

Swap out the sprite, replace w/ redbull :)
Be prepared to pass out

posted by Chris @ 11:13AM, 8/03/06

This drinks are soo good that I decided to chug a few. I passed out on the beach and woke up knocking on someones back door at their beachhouse!!! It was a good one!!!

posted by chachistef @ 11:33PM, 8/22/06

They dont call it ADIOS for nothing!!.. I had three of these.. and a shot of something else... I was gone!! I totally blanked out at the club! I was lucky I was good friends!! lol...

posted by JM @ 06:48PM, 8/30/06

AMF's my fav! I like to have two of these with a shot of parton and I am feeling good and happy with no hang over the next day!!

posted by Erika @ 05:13PM, 9/08/06

This is one damn good drink!!! It taste like Kool Aid and gets you fucked up...hence the Adios, cause you will be gone!! =)
AMF you can never go wrong with this choice!

posted by Amanda @ 06:41PM, 9/11/06

I don't think you can ever go wrong with an AMF. Whenever I'm drinking I like to have a lot of different drinks, but this is the basis for them all. If I have a lot to drink, 75% of what I've had will be AMF's....Once you've had two or three you can drink anything to follow....They're amazing!
#1 Drink

posted by Rachel @ 11:20PM, 9/12/06

This drink is a perfect drink to get fucked up with or just have a few and chill.
They're good......

posted by Crystal @ 02:37PM, 9/22/06

BUT IT MADE ME SICK. Well if i had just had a few AMFs I would have been fine....but I'd had 8 shots of SoCo, a Kahlua and Cream, a shot from the bartended, and a Margarita before was my 21st birthday and i went a little crazy...drank it wayyyyyy to fast......I must've downed it in less than 30 seconds. Tasted like coolaide.
Drink of choice

posted by Sam @ 02:03AM, 9/24/06

By far my favorite drink. Only because I like to get messed up rather than than taste of alcohol. A few of these and you are on on the floor. Best part is, believe it or not, it doesn't tast too much like alcohol. My drink of choice.

posted by kube @ 09:06PM, 10/11/06

Reminds me of a long island iced tea, just my opinion,but pretty damn good.
Seen it before

posted by Alex @ 12:30PM, 10/17/06

This is exactly like a long island ice tea just with 7-up and curacao instead of coke and triple sec. This mixture has been the basis for many a good night!
Amf's are the best

posted by thomas @ 01:30PM, 11/09/06

You can never go wrong with an amf, i can drink bout 13 and whoa lol.
Very good drink

posted by Maethos @ 04:22PM, 11/11/06

I was not familiar with this drink until a few guests mentioned it. Everyone at our place since has quite enjoyed this drink and it remains a favorite. It's similar to a Long Island Ice Tea, with about the same bite, but a little smoother in my opinion. It can easily be strengthened or lightened depending on your tastes, and works just as well poured and stirred as it does shaken in a shaker then topped with the 7-Up. I recommend (as with all drinks in fact) quality alcohols, as several of these in one night can yield a nasty hangover otherwise.

posted by Dub @ 10:57AM, 12/09/06

First time i had this i was in vegas. the bartender told me to try this, i did and i loved it.
Great Drink

posted by Korey @ 03:34AM, 12/11/06

No soda, takes away from the flavor, serve in snifter. I know I know but it makes a huge difference.
-- It takes what 7 or 8 cocktails to get a slight buzz.
I can have 3 of these guys and feel it and not feel bloated by the time I am feelin a good buzz.
Jim Beam

posted by Jed Nurly @ 08:26PM, 12/16/06

I like to drink Jim Beam while I beat the shit out of my wife. Sometimes I use the bottle I just drank. That's what she gets for bein there when I'm drinkin. Stupid bitch.
I love it

posted by Fernie @ 04:36PM, 12/30/06

This is my favorite drink ever, I absolutely love it, if you haven't had one stop reading this and drink ASAP!
The name doesn't lie!

posted by Melissa @ 01:35AM, 1/05/07

This drink tasted pretty awesome, but the after effect was pretty harsh, plus with 8 beers on top of that.. that was a night of not remembering!!!
Wait a Minute

posted by Skitzy @ 04:58PM, 2/05/07

This drink is commonly known in the Midwest as being the Electric Long Island Iced Tea.
Good social server

posted by snipes83 @ 09:45PM, 2/08/07

I like serving this to friends who are just getting into the cocktail world. It's what I like to call a "show-off-drink". Showing knowledge of liquers and mixing combos.
This drink...

posted by kittycat @ 10:42PM, 2/15/07

Its my favorite! Every time I go out I have to have an adios!!!!!

posted by Al C Holic @ 06:00PM, 2/24/07

If you want to get sauced, and don't want to take your time; this is your drink...tasty, smooth, and colorful.

posted by sarita @ 07:40AM, 3/14/07

I had this drink, and damn it was the best ever! We got free ones too cause the manager liked us to be in his place. Three of these drinks and we went swimming in our undies.. and apparently i jumped off a ledge twice my height, im 5'7''! hahaha i thought it was about 6 feet! It was a crazy night! hmmm.. i think ours didnt have blue curacao, it was just sprite with blue flavoring.
Cocky mother fucker

posted by -Allison Parker @ 08:59AM, 3/21/07

Thats the shit!! Better than sex!
Love this drink

posted by Claudia @ 02:59AM, 3/22/07

This drink is awsome, perfect for drinking at clubs.
Sound familiar

posted by kabuto @ 11:41PM, 3/22/07

Without the gin...some people call it blue valium.

posted by Nick @ 02:46PM, 3/25/07

Hell i had one of these in a big glass and downed it and passed out in the bathroom!!! That is one hell of a drink!
Hell ya

posted by Big Rich @ 01:07PM, 3/26/07

All I know is in one night I drank 17 of them and let me tell you, one hell of a night.
Techno Club monkey drink of choice

posted by ShaoLin @ 02:43AM, 3/30/07

I love this drink. It is my drink of choice any time I'm clubbing. It works fast to get you loose and dancin, but I never knew what was in it which leaves me at the mercy of the bartender's experience. Now I got it in my phone, so no matter how gone I am I can always whip it out and get gone. Adios indeed.
Filo version

posted by big_rena01 @ 02:29AM, 4/01/07

I had this one in the Philippines, and it was better made slightly different - white rum, gin, tequila, vodka, triple sec and blue curacao as the alcohol with lemon and plain soda - it will knock you out but it tastes awesome!
And i need all the love i can get

posted by Bonobos @ 09:28PM, 4/03/07

Good mix, will fuck you up like a goddamn car crash. Far out.
Fun Times

posted by Brooke San Diego, CA @ 08:40PM, 4/18/07

Me and my crew ALWAYS order these bad boys when we go out!!

posted by Jtstrickland @ 10:28PM, 4/26/07

Amazing drink....makes a great double.
Last nights haze

posted by Keith @ 06:23PM, 5/06/07

All I will say if you have a couple jack n cokes in between and then get to this drink.

My god does it live up to its name.
Add Triple Sec

posted by Janet @ 11:14PM, 5/11/07

Add a 1/2 shot of Triple Sec and it's even better.
Been there done that

posted by Debbie @ 11:29PM, 5/14/07

On my 35th B-day I was treated to 4 of these pretty blue drinks and I dont remember anything after the 2nd one! They are very good tasting but they do a sneak attack!
AMFs is fantastic!

posted by AMAY @ 05:05PM, 5/15/07

My first night out after having twins, this drink has made me feel so good with just a couple, thats all it took!!!

posted by Jammie with 2'ms @ 07:37PM, 5/22/07

Ewwwww. Amf have way to much alcohol in them. I had one and it was so bad and so strong i could not even finish it. Those drinks are a bad hangover waiting to happen. WHY would you set yourself up for that? I perfer to drink a nice Dirty martini with gin in it. It is very classy drink.
Good drink!!

posted by Moukie @ 04:54PM, 5/23/07

This drink is the bomb!! My bestfriend and I love these and share them with everyone we meet. We now have followers!! AMFs are good for parties also, mix them by the punchbowl - your guest will love you!
Also Called Blue Saint

posted by Iris @ 01:50AM, 6/06/07

It's also called a Blue Saint I'm pretty sure. They taste about the same!
The Creeeeper

posted by YoungCloser @ 12:11AM, 6/07/07

Man... the Best Adios Motherfucker ever was by the finest barkeep ever.... if you been to Club Roc in costa mesa for an indie show you know what im talking about... in the RED PLASTIC SOLO CUP... OMFG wasted...
TJ Hookers

posted by Flaco @ 10:36PM, 6/15/07

I first tried this drink in TJ, my friend told me to drink em slow or ill be thinking of him when i wake up. Hahaha i should of listened.
Wild night

posted by Brig @ 07:09PM, 6/17/07

I was out one night and had 2 liquid cocaines and 1/2 a pitcher of miller lite on top of four adios.... No idea how i made it home. This drink is awesome and very popular here in El Paso.
Not for the weak

posted by FC magnet @ 03:42AM, 6/22/07

A female friend of mine had 2 of these the other night and was passed out in 30 minutes.
A Classic!!

posted by Anthony @ 04:29PM, 8/15/07

My first AMF was in1996, Baton Rouge, La from a Red Ribbon. The only reason I remember is because I have the picture of me drinking it. Still my 2nd favorite drink, not to a Walk With Me (Sweet Jesus)

posted by brian @ 04:11PM, 8/21/07

I am trying to perfect this drink, having never had one i was wondering what type of tequila, rum, gin and vodka give the best taste for this drink.....
should i use yellow or white tequila..
dark or lite rum...etc
Very nice!

posted by Joel B @ 02:24PM, 8/24/07

So i turned 21 the other day, we're at Bostons pizza and bar and my buddy is like, "Have you ever had an AMF?" I go "An AMF, whats that?" wow worst mistake of my life. From what I remember I had 5 or 6 of them, along with 3 shots of patron, a supermug of bluemoon and a long island ice tea. Needless to say I was blacked out and passed out by 10:30. Good times!
It's a must...

posted by Sedd @ 02:32AM, 9/03/07

It's the only way to end a good night of drinking....
My Opinion

posted by Brian @ 11:33AM, 9/07/07

I've had a few of these, and I love them, but IMO, (for the other Brian)..

I would use gold tequila, and light rum.spcied rum is too overbearing, and doesn't mix well.

Vodka -- smirnoff will work, but if you want to take the edge off a bit, use grey goose, but might be too much for this drink.
all you need...

posted by johnny colorado @ 08:37PM, 9/19/07

this is the one. 2 or 3 of these and you're set for the night..
Have you tried

posted by Cuttlefishery @ 11:46AM, 11/14/07

A mountain dew AMF? It's a must try for you dew addicts.
i went adios motherfucker

posted by hawaiian woman @ 11:08PM, 12/04/07

i had this for the very first time on saturday and i swear i will have it many more times to come! but the funny part was i went adios motherfucker wheni fell on the dancefloor while laughing my ass off the whole dam time. I LOVE THIS DRINK!
It's a tradition...

posted by jezykah @ 09:22PM, 12/07/07

Everytime me n my amiga go to the club... we order one for each n chug that shizzznits.... n in 5 min we are already feeling da buzzz... theeeeen wit 2 more of them... we are good! yarrrai-hoLLa!!!
Pretty good drink

posted by Nosferat @ 01:46AM, 12/14/07

Made this drink at home,had a few friends come my place. About 3-4 glasses are enough to knock out the usual drinkers. For the heavy drinkers maybe 5 and some other drink and they will be knocked out cold. For the initiates,watch out,the drink tastes pretty good,so you will not feel when it hits you. But when it does,it will hit you fast. Even though it does not have so much alcohol in it. I'd rate this drink as an a+ or something like it. It tastes good,it will not make you puke your guts out,and it is not high on alcohol.

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