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Shake or stir ingredients, and pour over ice in a tall glass. Sprinkle nutmeg on top, and serve,

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posted by Scotti Z @ 11:16PM, 4/28/06

This is the best drink on Earth.

posted by Robby F @ 11:43PM, 5/25/06

I agree this is the best drink on the planet. The only reason it doesn't get a 10 is because I cannot be at the Soggy Dollar Bar every time I get the craving for one!

posted by KA @ 03:08PM, 6/14/06

Ahhhhh to be at the soggy dollar having a painkiller.. what I would give right now to be there again..
Easygoing in a Glass

posted by Island Physicist @ 01:16PM, 6/23/06

I have to take a boat to Jost Van Dyke every couple of weeks because swimming to the Soggy Dollar makes the Painkillers so much sweeter!

posted by eli @ 01:43PM, 7/07/06

I was literally at soggy dollar 5 days ago, and it was awesome. Hard to be home again :(

posted by Cshellgirl @ 02:43PM, 7/15/06

You all are killin' me way too much with your Soggy Dollar talk. A painkiller and trying to hook that darn ring on the tree...Ohhh, how I'd give anything to be right there!!!
Warm afternoon

posted by dhtrain from Michigan @ 05:07PM, 7/17/06

Was just at the Soggy Dollar in June 2006, comming ver on vacation from St. John. Great drink and so wonderful on or should I say in the bay. Can't wait until this winter for another visit. The best!

posted by steve @ 07:33PM, 7/22/06

The nutmeg is key. Without it you are missing out on the full experience.

posted by ninon @ 09:55AM, 9/14/06

The best in the world! Wish I could be back home to enjoy one or two.. COLD in maryland.
Master crew member

posted by Martijn @ 03:53AM, 11/02/06

After a few of these my pain is gone..
Best drink in the US Virgin Islands

posted by Amanda, Fairfax VA @ 04:39PM, 11/06/06

We recently enjoyed this drink on St. John, USVI on our honeymoon. We recommend Cruzan Dark Rum from USVI for an authentic Caribbean Painkiller. *Garnich with a slice of pinapple and a maraschino cherry.

posted by JD author of Runaway Yacht @ 02:08PM, 12/02/06

Just got back from JVD, and miss the Soggy Dollar Bar and Painkiller's already. They are the best, and for some reason, the Soggy Dollar version is much better than the copies others try to pass off on Tortola.
...and then there's Foxy's Taboo

posted by The Infamous Haggis @ 08:30PM, 12/16/06

See Louis at Foxy's Taboo on Diamond Cay. He'll top you up with Gosling's to make the perfect Painkiller. In my opinion, WAY BETTER than the Soggy Dollar.
Keys castaway

posted by ckb @ 12:50PM, 12/26/06

In toronto, in the keys, wherever, this is the absolute favourite drink for bringing the Soggy Dollar back to us-and I agree Nutmeg is the key!

posted by Platinum crew @ 08:47PM, 1/02/07

Painkiller at payne's dock - block island, rhode island is like no other painkiller on earth.!
Pain killers are the best!

posted by johnny molasses @ 02:05AM, 1/11/07

MMMMmmm it's good.
Recipe variation

posted by Sean Matthew Rampacek @ 01:55PM, 1/13/07

For those who can't find pussers;

1.5 oz mailbu coconut rum
dash pina colada mix
pineapple juice
sink a little grenadine
2.0 oz top with meyers dark rum
sprinkle nutmeg

Gives a great layered look as well -
courtesy of my bartending boss Mike McGee.
Mango Painkiller

posted by Leighway @ 11:00AM, 2/04/07

Just flew in last night from the BVI's - this week the Soggy Dollar was making the Painkillers with Mango flavored rum instead of Pusser's - WOW! A neat twist on an ole favorite.
The best

posted by Texas Admiral @ 03:11PM, 2/04/07

I need to get my boat back into the harbour, go ashore and have a few painkillers. I miss the whole place.

posted by Rita @ 03:17PM, 2/04/07

Best drink in the world - just mellow's you out - was on St. John for 11 days and drank the Painkillers at Woody's. My partner and I never had an argument - as I said - it just makes you happy, happy, happy. Making a batch now for the Superbowl. Will be back to St. John and Tortola soon!!!!
Nutmeg is VITAL!

posted by emaperu @ 06:08PM, 3/04/07

Just got back from the Virgin Islands today and the 1st thing I'm doing (before unpacking even)is looking up this recipe!!I had them at a few different places(including Soggy Dollar) .The captain of our boat gave us the leftovers that they made, but we didn't have nutmeg at the house! It was good without it, but the nutmeg takes it over the top!!
Soggy Dollar??

posted by Carl @ 08:05PM, 3/27/07

Most places outside of Pusser's make painkillers with Cruzan rum. Kind of the anti-corporate thing. Stumbled onto a Capt. Morgan, coco loco, pineapple and oj blend out of necessity. Ahhh variety in life. Will ask Soggy Dollar to make one that way in June 2007.
BVI's or Bust

posted by Bristol Ri Crew @ 07:45PM, 4/26/07

Just Got back from BVI's best we had were in Norman Island after 5 in 3 hours no hangover the next day!! We call it the no hangover drink now. Having a Painkiller party this weekend to share the drink with friends.

posted by BVI lover @ 05:55PM, 5/26/07

I first had this is in BVI and fell in love with it. The only thing that would make it better would be sipping it while sailing through the crystal blue waters!
Vega Star 2000

posted by Erik and Shelley @ 08:48PM, 6/09/07

Ahhhh...Soggy Dollar Bar, and a bunch of painkillers.....a real life Corona commericial, but, better....good times. Not so bad at Willie T's long as you don't belly flop off the top deck!

posted by TLo @ 05:32PM, 6/21/07

Thinking of all of you! I am going for my second trip at the end of July! Cannot wait!!! I wiill have a pain killer for all of you, maybe even two!
Annapolis too!

posted by Wish I was in the BVI @ 07:02PM, 6/29/07

There is a Pussers in Annapolis too! Same great drink, much shorter commute!
Bamaha's the place

posted by Mitchico @ 12:22PM, 7/06/07

The best Painkiller is at Pusser's bar in Freeport/Lucaya Bahamas. As the name implies, they use Pussers rum. There are 3 different strengths, and if you order the strongest, you won't make it past three drinks!!!
Painkiller? how bout PAINCAUSER

posted by T C Cole @ 04:48PM, 8/16/07

After 8 days on a private boat with captain and chef thought we had it made until I discovered painkillers(causers). I did not bring enough Tylonal on the boat to handle all the stops and the must have drink to start the evening. I agree, about the third one and you are ready to launch -- we did this at all stops in the BVI but already have the boat and drinks reserved for St Martin in May 08. Go Dawgs!(as in Gerogia Bulldogs).
Missing the Caribbean

posted by Travel Writer SCB @ 02:56PM, 10/06/07

Came back home to Memphis, TN after a glorious week in the Caribbean. Asked a bartender to make me a painkiller and the drink he gave me made me want to cry. Bring me back to the Caribbean and a painkiller on the beach!!
P.S. At least I have the recipe now and can experiment at home! ;)
Annapolis Pussers during the boat show

posted by George P. @ 12:35AM, 10/22/07

3 extra strong painkillers and any pain you walked in with is truly gone... Maybe it's not and you just don't care, ..... hard to tell which.
Vissions of Tortola

posted by JT @ 12:39AM, 10/22/07

This drink is great! I think having one while in the BVI really makes this drink as special as it is. Visit the Bomba Shack on a full moon while you are there.
Twist it up?

posted by Matt Fitz @ 11:19AM, 10/23/07

Can you use white rum.
Painkiller's In the BVI

posted by DDM @ 07:48PM, 11/20/07

We just returned from our 4th trip to the BVI's and painkillers from Soggy Dollar Bar to Festiva Yachts. They all compete on making the best painkiller and testing the competition is fabulous!!

posted by John @ 08:53PM, 12/01/07

Yes the nutmeg is key and it really HAS to be freshly grated. Buy some at the farmers market in Charlotte Amalie or at a little ma and pa grocery on tortola...grate it fresh over the ice...the key to the whole delicious mess
Foxy's vs Cinnamon Bay

posted by Jim & Lisa @ 03:57PM, 12/23/07

Had several good ones at Foxy's last week but the best was at Cinnamon Bay on St. John. There's an outdoor deck near the beach where they serve great jerk chicken sandwiches and awesome Painkillers! That's the great thing about the VI's, you can drink *anywhere* and even the public beach concessionaires serve liquor!

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Nutritional Information

(per 8 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

1.3 g
25.4 g
1.5 g


0.4 g
3 mg
63 mg
22.7 g

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