Washington Apple Shot recipe

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Pour Crown Royal canadian whisky, DeKuyper sour apple pucker and cranberry juice into a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a shot glass. Add a splash of 7-Up if desired, and serve.

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Washington Red Apple

posted by CORONA @ 02:00AM, 5/08/06

Had this as a drink instead of a shot because it was soo tasty and delicious! Very, very good! Almost tastes like an apple.
Awesome $5.5 Shot

posted by Roberto @ 06:48AM, 6/02/06

Probably one of the best shots I have had while at a bar. Usually pricey though.
Washington Apple Shot...Mmmmmm

posted by Iowa State Girl @ 01:50PM, 6/06/06

Ever since I was first intorduced to this shot, it is my preferred choice to start the night out right.

posted by HapyMan @ 10:11PM, 7/01/06

Good tasting shot but usually still pretty strong. Most shots like this are kind of girly but a few of these added to your evening can put you on ur arss.
Washington apple maddness

posted by Ricky @ 12:18PM, 7/08/06

Shots are good but drinks are better. The best way to enjoy this drink is at home because it does' not cost an arm and a leg. If you have not had this drink I suggest going out and buying your bottles tonight. Get to it.
My favorite shot

posted by UC-Boulder kid @ 04:36PM, 8/02/06

Hands down, my favorite shot! Tastes the same as a juicy Washington apple.
Washington apple............give me a double

posted by shay @ 07:44PM, 8/11/06

Washington apples are the greatest shots ever. The first time i tried it i couldnt believe how sweet they were. Its not your usual throat burning shot.
Canadian Whisky huh???

posted by Caligurl1979 @ 09:49AM, 8/15/06

I've had the drink without the whisky and I get the same apple taste...hmmm.....
Something Yummy

posted by Atiza @ 02:19PM, 8/25/06

My most fav. I recommend it to all my girlfriends.
Washington Apple WOW

posted by Marc @ 07:50PM, 8/31/06

You would never know Crown is even in this drink! One hell of a drink!

posted by Heather @ 05:54PM, 9/29/06

A friend bought this shot for me and I can't enough. I'm not a fan of Sour Apple Pucker or Whiskey, but yummy!! Love it!
Las Vegas Yummy!!!

posted by SS @ 11:01PM, 9/29/06

1st time in Vegas oh sooo Yummy.....
I had a good time with this one

posted by ally @ 10:10PM, 9/30/06

I got wicked drunk and didn't feel sick.
Washington Apple Martini

posted by crazy girl @ 02:01PM, 10/02/06

Forget the shot glass & the 7 UP..... mix it in martini shaker with ice and pour into a martini glass...I had 16 last Saturday!
Best one yet

posted by Cat @ 11:53PM, 10/06/06

If you want a shot that gets the job done, tastes great, and doesn't get you sick...go for one of these!!
Washington Apple Shot

posted by Karen Grano @ 02:24PM, 10/07/06

Washington Apple to wash it away

posted by EP @ 06:00PM, 10/12/06

This shot is damn good....always a party favor.
Best drink ever

posted by cary @ 05:57PM, 10/23/06

First had this drink about 8 months ago...most bartenders can't make it correct, but if they do, one of the best drinks...like above can be a little pricey, but very good as 10oz drink.
Love this shot!

posted by Patty, washington state @ 07:08PM, 10/28/06

After having it recommended to me at a bar, it is now the drink I dream about! Delicious.
Vegas Style

posted by Marie @ 03:31PM, 11/12/06

Had this at a Las Vegas bar for my 21st and it was absolutely delicious!!!
Smooth and tasty!

posted by Maria @ 09:06PM, 12/31/06

This is the only drink I get now when I go out. Best served in a martini glass as a shot. I make these at home now too! It is smooth, sweet but still has a little bite from the whisky (if made properly). It's easy to drink these, they go down almost TOO well!! Enjoy.
Washington apple shot

posted by alona whatchawnat @ 11:20AM, 2/04/07

Ohh yeah one of my favorite shots..goes down smooth and dosen't come back up;)
This shot is sooo good@

posted by j.l. san diego,ca @ 01:11PM, 2/17/07

From MIAMI to SAN DEIGO it's always a good choice. Even the guys will drink them.... it's soo MIAMI...
Preferred shot

posted by owen @ 12:45AM, 2/20/07

Most bars give this out as free shot on birthdays, wish i had a birthday everytime i went out.
Its just so good once it hits your lips<3 haha

posted by Anna @ 02:13PM, 2/22/07

My #1 choice at the bar.. i cant belive i ever drank w/out it.. it'll hit you pretty hard, taste wonderfully, & you dont need a chaser.. how can you beat that?

posted by Cat @ 03:49PM, 3/03/07

I first had one of these a couple years back (suggested by a friend of mine) and have been thinking about it ever since---I finally remembered the name of it and I now have the pleasure of enjoying one as we speak.
Washington apple

posted by Cameron @ 01:39PM, 3/26/07

The crown royle makes it too sweet, to make it crunchy....Use some Jack Daniels!
Sooo drunk

posted by Meet me at the bar @ 05:19PM, 4/20/07

Had this shot and about 10 others and they all tasted so great.
Damn good apple

posted by becca @ 11:21PM, 4/23/07

I turned 30 on April 14!!!! I went to the local bar and drank one wit two friends and I was hooked!!!
It's great as a drink too

posted by midwest grlz @ 08:29PM, 5/02/07

Screw the shot! We make it as a drink.
Lovin it

posted by Teresa @ 10:01PM, 5/15/07

Messes you UP! Had as a drink because it tasted so good. It tricks you into thinking it's not strong, but everyone at my party figured that out.
Also really good with vodka

posted by Teresa @ 10:03PM, 5/15/07

We didnt have any more money so we mixed it with vodka instead of whiskey. Turned out really really good. I say you try it tonight.

posted by ann @ 07:56PM, 5/16/07

Good friend treated me to these. TASTY! My local bar of choice only charges

Feeling thirsty, gotta go.....
Best shot ever !!!

posted by MistyRose @ 08:11PM, 5/29/07

I got this shot for free on my 21st birthday and it was the best shot I have ever had!
Try adding Vodka!!!

posted by DaveK. @ 12:44PM, 6/09/07

Add 1 part Vodka to 1 part Apple Schnapps and 1 part (ANY TYPE) of Canadian whiskey with a splash of cranberry juice.
Then this drink is Primo!

posted by Shannon T. @ 07:21PM, 6/16/07

This is one of the best drinks you will ever have. You don't even have to shoot it. I just love to sip it. It's also great to make at home, especially when you have a free bottle of crown to make it with.
Just tried last night..

posted by Amanda @ 08:10AM, 7/01/07

and LOVED it! Dont know what took so long for me to find this, but I *think* we had 5-6 each last night. The bar we went to charged $3 which isnt too bad. I belive I found my new shot!
Something New

posted by Sexbar @ 10:44PM, 8/21/07

I had a party this weekend and I must say that I had trouble deciding what I wanted to drink. All night I kept making mixed drinks but I didnt feel shit until one of my guest made the Washington Apple shot. Needless to say I drank 20 of them bitches and I was on the floor. WOW!!!! My favorite shot of all time.
Carmel Washington Apple

posted by DJ Shawn @ 05:53PM, 10/01/07

Have your favorite bartender put a splash of Butterscotch Schnapps in the mix, taste just like a carmel apple(if it's done right). A sure hit!!
Tasty Tastyyyyyyyyyyyyy

posted by Lindzaboo @ 07:39PM, 11/03/07

My friend and i went to the bar one night and decided to get some free drinks from guys...always fun. Well-we see a random sign for these washington apple shots and try them...and end up getting them the rest of the night.
we didnt know what they contained. and now we know why we had such a good time that night.
Kick Out the 7up!

posted by Moomba Mark @ 02:26PM, 11/14/07

I have found that if you kick the 7up out of the shot and add a splash of amerretto it really kicks the flavor up a few notches!!!!
Favorite Mixed drink

posted by mel @ 02:57PM, 11/17/07

I make Washington Apples as a mixed drink, on the rocks (no soda) and use Seagrams 7 instead of Crown.
with CC

posted by kchat20 @ 09:43PM, 11/28/07

Crown does make it too sweet- Try it with Canadian Club instead.
Add cinnamon

posted by Bella @ 04:06PM, 12/02/07

For an even better taste sensation, rim the shot glass with cinnamon sugar. yumm!!
Try This

posted by The short gamer @ 05:07PM, 12/07/07

Fix a Washingtion Apple with real apple schnapps instead of Apple Pucker, then add a 1/3 shot of Hot Damn. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be careful--don't drink too many. You can use diet cranberry juice instead also.
Completely disgusting

posted by MDH @ 03:37PM, 12/26/07

Drink this if your sole reason for drinking is to get drunk and you don't actually have any tastebuds. Like cherry kool-aid, for amateurs and kids only.

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